Authors note: This is my first attempt at a fic, sooo...wish me luck!

Warnings: Slash, Mpreg

Disclaimer: I don't own, i just like to play!

Pairing: Undecided, but harry will be a Sub.

Center of the Hive Chapter 1

The room is dark, silent, and still, its occupants long since entered the dream land. However, not all was well for one among the sleeping boys. He whimpers as a warm but slimy feeling starts spreading from his toes, and he pulls his knees to his chest trying to get away from it. He grumbles loudly, as the sensation follows stubbornly, and curls in a tighter ball trying to stay asleep. " Harry?" Ron murmurs sleepily, " you alright mate?" But his friend is now peacefully asleep, his magic lulling him back into tranquility.

Ron frowns and stumbles out of his covers, feeling a strong sense of unease even after his best friend seems to calm. "Ron, wha'sa matter..?" Neville yawns, roused by the other boys clumsy attempts at getting out of bed. Rons frown deepens as he steps towards Harrys bed, the uneasy feeling magnifying.

" Something isn't right," the redhead responds vaguely, reaching for the crimson curtains shielding his friend from view. He hesitates but quickly gathers his courage and swiftly pulls open the bed hangings. "Neville, go get help." Ron orders shakily, his pale skin now a washed out white from fear. Neville peaks around his friend and promptly sprints toward the door, hollering for their head of house at the top of his lungs.

Harry Potter was slowly being engulfed in a silvery pod, his small body easily being hoisted to hang above the bedspread by tendrils attached to the ceiling and bed posts.

Author note: Sorry for it being short but it is my first time writing and im doing this from my phone, so let me know if i did ok.