About a week after Arrietty Clock left Shawn's house Spiller found them a new place to call home. It was down the street from the old house, and was on the same road that led to the city in one direction and the forest in the other. The house the Clocks had chosen was a simple two-story home. It provided a wide variety of borrowings. The beans that lived there were an old man and woman named Cybil and Henry.

Their grandchildren would visit every other weekend, and they always made a mess, which made it easier for the borrowers to take small things with them. If anything that had disappeared was noticeable borrowing, than the elderly beans would quickly rationalize that the children had lost it.

This made borrowing much easier, and provided a wider variety of borrowings for the Clock family. Despite this, Pod was always cautious and never borrowed too much at a time or anything too noticeable.

The Clocks had chosen a comfortable living space located in the ceiling above the kitchen. It provided room for a medium sized kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms; the Clocks had made a space for Spiller whenever he wanted to stay with them, a bathroom, and a nice sized store room. I was much smaller than their old home, but it was just as comfortable.

Arrietty was helping her mother unload their cups and plates when she heard something strange from Pod and Spiller's conversation.

"You're going to the Underground, then?" Pod asked as he began to unpack the quilts.

"Hn, for winter clothes." Spiller replied as he began storing the food. "Anything Pod want Spiller to bring back?"

Pod shook his head. "I didn't even know the cities still existed." Spiller nodded.

"What cities?" Arrietty asked, stepping closer to Pod. Spiller and Pod looked at each other for a moment.

Pod cleared his throat. "Some borrowers, like your mother and I, prefer to live in bean's houses and borrow the things we need to survive ourselves, but other borrowers live in cities with other borrowers. They own shops and trade for the things they need."

Arrietty felt her heart clench in anger for a moment. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know the cities still existed. Homily and I hadn't received word from other borrowers for so long that we didn't know if the cities were still around." Pod explained.

"But there are cities, right?" Arrietty asked, turning to Spiller.

"Hn." Spiller nodded.

Arrietty felt her heart leap. This would be her chance to meet other borrowers! "Oh Papa, can I go?" The small borrower clutched her hands to her chest.

Pod looked to Homily, who had a nervous expression on her face.

"When you're older Arrietty." Pod decided. Arrietty opened her mouth to argue but thought better of it. Instead she turned and continued to put the dishes away.

How old is 'older'? Arrietty wondered.

This is just the prologue, so that's why it's this short. The actual chapters will be much longer. So far I plan to show a little love to the American dub since I don't think it's that bad, haha ':). Anyways, please review! ^_^