Chapter 2:

Love And Stuff

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Humphrey's POV:

I pull out a chair for Lilly, and she sits in it. I scoot her in and then I sit down myself. The waiter is here in a matter of seconds. He gives us the menus and talks about their daily specials. Once we order I lean to Lilly, "The service here is amazing."

"Yeah, and there isn't close to as much people as this boat should normally hold, so everything will be quicker." she says back.

A waitress places two waters and a basket of rolls on our table, then silently leaves. I pick up a roll and butter it and hand it to Lilly. "Thanks." she says and she takes a bite. A bit of butter lands on her lip.

"I'll get that." I say and I softly dab her lip with a napkin, and our eyes meet. We break away after the most precious seconds.

The two of us sit in an awkward silence for a few minutes, then the cruise waiter comes by with a tray of steaming food. Lilly ordered a lobster bisque with a tropical fruit cocktail, and the waiter places her food in front of her. I ordered a juicy charcoal grilled steak and a loaded baked potato.

"That looks good!" I tell Lilly, eyeing her bisque.

Lilly dips it in her spoon in her soup like dinner and takes a sip. "It is!" she says. She continues to eat, and enjoy her six star worthy meal.

I take my knife and cut into my steak. Jucies erupt from the sides as my fork picks up a bite sized piece of heaven. As the bonifide bovine meat travels past my lips, flavor swirls around, satisfying every inch of my mouth. "Mmm! This steak is fantastic!" I exclaim, then take another delicious bite.

Eventually we finish our fabulous dinner, Lilly and I top it off with a small molten lava cake to split. The warm, melted chocolate over a slowly dripping scoop of ice-cream, on top of a chocolate filled brownie. It is perfect! Correction, was. We just finished it.

I get out of my seat and take Lilly's hand. She then gets out of her seat and rests her head on my shoulder. I look down at her, and get caught in an impenetrable gaze, her purple eyes staring deep into mine, as if searching for my true feelings. I feel a lump in my throat as I try to force out the truth. "L...Lilly?"

"Yes?" she smiles sweetly.

"I... I love you." I say. She studies my face, for what I do not know. Then a huge smile escapes her lips and she presses harder onto me, as if not wanting to let go. But, thankfully, it isn't in a creepy way.

"I love you too, Humphrey." she says so smoothly. I don't get it. How can she say something like that without giving in to the pressure and just say it? I guess it is something that girls find easier to do.

"Come on, it's getting late." I walk with Lilly right by my side, my long, rough hand firmly intertwined with her small, smooth hand. We make it to our cabin and climb into the very comfortable bed. I stay awake for a bit, listening to Lilly's almost silent breathing, and I'm a bit amazed how quick this unfolded. I go to sleep peacefully, knowing this will not finish as fast as it started.

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