Lia watched as the Skitter came around the corner, giving her a once over before proceeding with the rest of the harnessed kids. She was still strapped to an operating table, shivering from the pain of the scalpel that was embedded in her thigh.

The Skitters had stopped pumping her with their brand of steroids, but she could still feel the aftereffects. If she didn't make it out of here and grab Jess in time she'd be forced to endure another training session.

The skitters seemed intrigued by the skills she and her sisters possessed, along with their courage and stubbornness, they had been turned into warriors, to fight for the skitters, against their better judgement and against their will. It wasn't something she would wish upon her worst enemy.

Struggling, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, but when her blue eyes snapped to the nurses station, there was nothing. Rolling her eyes at her stupidity, Lia struggled to moved her hands until they were facing palm up, before painfully pulling her fingers closer to the locks the skitters had made.

A small gasp of pain tore through her throat as her wrist cracked, but she didn't pay any attention to it, she reached up and ran her finger through the straight line in between the cuffs, silver against the black material.

The cuff snapped open and she leaned up on her elbow gratefully. Her hand clamped down over her mouth in pain to stop the screams as her leg lit up in pain, feeling like fire had spread all through her leg, she couldn't feel anything from the thigh down.

"Get a grip Lia." she whispered fiercely, opening the cuff on her other hand before leaning down quickly to put her fist around the scalpel. "One..." she stopped, hesitating for a few seconds, "Two!" she cried, yanking the scalpel out, biting down hard on her jacket sleeve to stop from screaming as the scalpel ripped through layers of muscle.

"You shouldn't have done that… and you forgot three." a voice said, as warm hands came down to cover the blood that was rushing out of the wound. Her head snapped up, shocked at hearing a normal human voice. "You're not harnessed? And I surprise myself by doing it on two, trick my Mum taught me." she whispered, staring up the handsome boy, his brown hair and dark eyes appraising her slowly.

"No, but my brother is. The skinner just took him in there." he motioned to a door to a children's ward. "So once I get you off this table, we're going to get him and we'll get you out of here." he said, giving her a slightly cocky smirk.

Lia rolled her eyes as the cuffs on her legs came undone. "You go. I need to grab my sister and my guns and we'll come back to the room. Count on it." she said, pulling her jacket off and taking her shirt off, leaving her in a white tank top.

She pulled the jacket back on and began splitting the shirt into one long line to wrap her leg with, it had been all of 5 minutes but she didn't care that she didn't know this boy, or that he didn't know her, she just wanted out, she wanted to get away from the misery that was being controlled and trained by the skitters.

"Are you sure?" he asked, coming to stand in front of her. She nodded, "I'm not leaving Jess in here. I'll meet you back in that room, I promise just... don't leave without me." she added on as an afterthought. He laughed slightly, which made her blush, he had a nice laugh, bubbling out through his throat.

He held his hand out. "I'm Hal Mason." he whispered, she blushed, but took his hand, "Lia Morgan" she said, he smiled brightly, "Nice to meet you Lia… your accent?" he asked, trying to place it, she smiled back and let him help her down off the operating table, "Australian. Born and raised." she said, giving him a small mock salute. "Australian eh?" he asked, looking her up and down, realising now that her tan wasn't fake. "Wow. You're far from home." he said, Lia winced but nodded, "my Mum had family over here, we came to visit them, and three days later the whole world went down." she said, rolling her eyes. "You sure you're okay to walk?" he asked, looking down at her leg. "When in Rome." she said, earning a small glare from him.

She smirked at him before walking off as best as she could without limping, her sister had been chained up a floor below in the cancer ward, which scared her a little, all the old machines remained, and the fact that so many little kids had died here of such a terrible disease... it left stains on the hospital, the echoes of children in pain and the whispered conversations that doctors had with parents.

She took the stairs quickly, trying to ignore the burning in her legs and the shoots of pain that running through her veins, the door pushed open with no creaks, which she was grateful for, rounding the corner she poked her head out, scanning the surrounding area quickly before walking out into the open.

She took a hard left and pushed open the door to the room her sister was being kept in, clenching her hands tightly as Lia watched her baby sister with her arms chained to the ceiling, swinging back and forth gently.

Stepping forward, she grabbed her guns, strapping them quickly to her back, her side arm onto her thigh and two more guns in holsters under her arms. Two knives slid into specially made boots, the knife points coming to rest in line with her ankles.

She grabbed one of the knives and reached up to cut Jess free, she dropped to the floor, only just saved by Lia jumping in and grabbing her around the back, Jess slumped forward onto her and uttered a small groan, shaking her strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Lia?" she whispered, looking up at her with big blue eyes. "It's alright Jess. I'm here, theres a human in here, he's gonna get his brother and we're gonna get out." she whispered, her heart swelling as a genuine smile spread across Jess' face for the first time since the attack.

Jess quickly grabbed her guns, strapping them on and nodded to Lia. Noticing her limp, Jess grabbed her under one arm and helped her limp back up the stairs, Lia's head snapped up and her gun came up to meet the person who had just stepped out of the ward.

"Woah!" he cried, holding his hands up. "I'm assuming you're Lia?" the man asked. He had black hair, a shade or so darker than Hal's and dark blue eyes, staring at her curiously. When she didn't say anything, he stepped forward, holding his hand out in a peace gesture.

"I'm Tom. Hal's dad. He said you'd be coming with your sister." Jess shot her a wary look, but she nodded slowly, a slight careful movement that no one else but Lia would see. Jess moved her right arm back behind her, pulling her sleeves down to cover the glowing blue veins, stretching all the way to her shoulder.

She stepped forward, grabbing his hand and shaking once. "We've collected all the harnessed kids in the building, we're getting them out." Tom said, leading her through the door. A startled gasp tore through Jess' throat at the dead skitter on the floor.

Lia spun, ignoring everyone else in the room and pulled her to her chest, pressing Jess' head into her shoulder. "Jess. It's fine. Every things fine I promise." she said soothingly, stroking her sisters hair as she drew in deep breaths, clenching and unclenching her hands around the back of Lia's jacket.

"You promise?" she whispered, pulling back. "I promise. I always get us out of the shit we get ourselves into, don't I?" Jess smirked a little and nodded, pressing a small kiss to the top of her head, she pushed her away from her gently.

Jess followed her to the window, Lia carefully boosting her out while a pair of strong hands gripped her from the other side. Sighing Lia grabbed onto the windowsill and threw a last fleeting look at the dead skitter.

"Serves you right for what you did to us jackass." she whispered, wanting badly to walk over and smash its skull in. She gasped as a pair of arms wound around her stomach, lifting her up and through the window, when she was out with both combat booted feet firmly on the ground, she turned.

"Hal?" she whispered, looking up at him. He smirked, "welcome to the second mass Lia Morgan." he winked, she rolled her eyes but smirked back, before unwinding herself from his arms, feeling slightly empty without them there and walked over to the truck, slamming down into the back of it next to Jess, pulling her close to her body to warm her up.

"What if they see it?" Jess whispered softly, looking up from the bed of the truck. Lia jumped slightly and moved her eyes down from the brilliant silver stars. She took a moment for her little sisters words to sink in, before a fierce desire to protect her arose once again.

"They wont." she said shortly, her intentions smoothing through her voice. "But what if they do." Jess said, clamping her hands down on her white t-shirt. Lia bit her bottom lip and looked back up at the sky, not noticing Hal staring at the quiet exchange between the two sisters.

"They wont." she said firmly, nodding her head, more to herself to reassure that nothing bad would happen to her baby sister. She had promised her Mum that she'd look after her before she passed.

And she would do just that.