Han solo the tramp

Pamde amadala sat down with her daughter leia "so what are you doing today?" pamde asked "I going to han today" she replied when leia hair groomer walked in "honey your in love with han solo he's a tramp let me sing ya a song"

She starts to sing

He's a tramp
But I love him
Breaks a new heart
Ev'ry day
He's a tramp
They adore him
And I only hope
He'll stay that way
He's a tramp
He's a scoundrel
He's a rounder
He's a cad
He's a tramp
But I love him
Yes, and even I
Have got it pretty bad
You can never tell
When he'll show up
He gives you
Plenty of trouble
I guess he's just a
No 'count pup
But I wish that he
Were double
He's a tramp
He's a rover
And there's nothing
More to say
If he's a tramp
He's a good one
And I wish that I
Could travel his way
bad dog!

"have dear" pamde called knowing that leia's father was just like han and she had turned out fine so that was the end of it