Her head was still fuzzy from the knock out gas. Was it stronger this time? It made her loopy. Maybe that's why today turned out differently than any other day.

"Where, oh where, could I be?" Roxanne interrupted the familiar sound of machinery humming with a sarcastic quip. She knew that Megamind liked her banter, it got him going. The familiar routine was likely a comfort to him, but it was growing dull to her.

She felt the canvas bag being lifted from her slightly perspiring face. Show time, once again.

However, she continued to keep her eyes closed to prove a point. His leather chair swiveled. The same brainbot gave a 'bowg' of recognition from atop his lap. Then, she could hear his intake of breath at her deviation from the plan. His evil speech had been halted.

Almost in an aside Megamind stated, "Roxanne, your mask has been removed now. You can open your eyes."

"Don't need to." She smirked.

"What do you mean?" She could picture his brow furrowing, his upper lip raising and his eyes shifting back and forth in confusion.

"I mean," she smiled, "that I've seen it all before. I can tell you what you'll do before you do it." She could feel him tense up at her accusation.

Clack, clack. "You're walking towards me with those custom baby seal leather boots," she continued, "ready to explain your latest devious plot to myself and Metro Man."

He stopped shy of her chair. She chirped in the direction of where she assumed the monitor was, "Hi there Metro Man, stuck battling a giant robot brain? Does it have lasers?"

Over the live video feed, Metro Man responded with a hearty heroic chuckle, "Close Roxie. That's a yes on the lasers, but this one's an alligator robot. Sit tight, I think there's a group of them."

"How exciting and, might I add, unexpected." She replied with her eyes still closed.

"Oh, you…" came a low growl from the blue, big-headed alien. She could feel his gloved finger pointing at her. "Minion!" He shouted, "Cut the microphones. I won't let Miss Reporter here do any more digging."

Her smile grew. "Well, time to head home? Should I wait for the gas?"

His voice was by her ear. "Not this time." She felt the breath from his words hot on her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open, "What?"

"Minion, code: step out for a while." He commanded whilst still staring at his prey. A mischievous grin appeared on his cerulean face. Last time she saw that happen, Metro Man was stuck in his trap for 24 hours. She swallowed, but tried not to show it.

The fish gave his friend a bit of a confused look. "Sir, Metro Man is still battling the robots, he hasn't won yet. Wouldn't it be better if we…"

Megamind returned the glance, "Perhaps you and the brainbots can greet him if he ever does show up. You know, out there, in the lair?" and nodded his dome in the direction of the door with a raise of his eyebrows.

Minion looked from his master to the door and back again. "You know best, Sir." The fish resigned. With an apologetic look at Ms. Ritchie, he was gone.

Still tied to the chair, Roxanne looked up at her captor as if she were seeing him for the first time. The break from routine was causing her to feel uneasy, but she didn't know if she could say the same of him. He looked confident in his decision, a face she had never seen before. Sure, she had seen the comically exaggerated fear, pain, defiance, exuberance, anger, and resignation. That's when it clicked. Those were stage emotions, so what was this?

It felt as if she had been kidnapped by someone else. "What's going on here, Megamind?" she struggled against the restraints as she searched his emerald eyes.

"I thought you could predict my actions, Smarty." He replied as he strolled towards her chair. He bent at the waist; both of his hands resting on the chair at either side of her hips. "You tell me."

Something about his confidence made hers grow as well. "You're good with words. If I had to guess, I'd say, talk me to death?" She smiled. He was harmless, wasn't he?

He let out a leisurely laugh that was much deeper than the one he used on Metro Man. "You think I'm all talk and no action?" Suddenly, his leathered hand was on her cheeks pressing her mouth into a pout. "I'll show you how active I can be."

"Time out, time out!" She mumbled through her pressed lips. He released her flushed cheeks. "What has gotten into you?"

He tilted his head, examining her flustered face. "Not bored anymore, are you?"

She didn't have time to answer before his periwinkle lips were pressed against her cherry ones. The kiss was hard and swift, almost as if testing the waters. Maybe he wasn't as sure as he seemed.

"I'd slap you if my hands weren't tied behind my back." She hissed. Maybe he would be so ashamed he would let her go.

"Why's that? Afraid that your boyfriend wouldn't like your mouth on his nemesis?" Megamind brushed his lips.

Oh, that old bit. For God's sake did anyone ever even ask? He's not my- "You bet he wouldn't!" To hell with it. Spurring him on seemed like the only way out. Or was she digging herself deeper?

"What about my hands? Would he like them here?" Megamind questioned as he casually placed one on each of her breasts swelling just above the rope.

Her mouth dropped. Did he really just? She could feel his hands pull away at her reaction. So he was still uncertain of himself. "You, bastard!" It didn't bother her really; she had a bra on and everything. She barely felt it. He'd actually been quite gentle in the way he'd cupped them. Yet, if she was going to get out of this, she had to throw in the theatrics. Crocodile tears rolled down her cheeks. The years spent in acting to be on television seemed to be paying off after all. This was kind of fun.

That was until his gloved hands were wringing one another. His face betrayed him, showing genuine hurt, uncertainty and apologetic remorse. Her kind and inexperienced blue guy was back. The man who played villain, but wasn't one in the true sense of the word. She felt happy and sorry at the same time. She was just startled by the way he was behaving. She would never call him predictable again.

She was about to explain herself, when Metro Man came bursting through the roof. The hero pushed aside the rubble to observe a dejected alien and a flabbergasted hostage. Something was up, and he wasn't so sure who to blame. Even with her hands tied behind her back, he knew how cunning Ms. Ritchie could be when she wanted something. That was something they had in common. When she gave him the wry smile, he knew who the culprit was. Just what had she done? Nonetheless, Megamind bowed his head and held out his wrists for cuffing. Did he feel guilty about something or was he following procedure? In a city where epic battles of good against evil happened daily, things were just starting to get interesting.