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Deadly Flashbacks
Chapter 1

"Come on Haruka. Keep your eye on the ball." The female coach yelled from the first base coach's box.

Haruka dug her back foot into the ground, waiting for the pitch from her opponent. The pitch came, high and inside, Ball 1. She stepped back into the batter's box, practice swung the bat a few times, and looked at the pitcher. She watched as the arm went under and behind her, and she brought the ball forward, heading right for her thigh. She wasn't able to get out of the way in time and the softball hit her in the leg.

"It's alright Haruka. You'll get 'em next time." The coach said to the 8 year old girl, who stood on the base, straightening her helmet. But unknown to her, she was being watched angrily by her father.

Haruka's best friend, a 7 year old Michiru, came up to bat after her. Michiru watched as Haruka took a small lead off the base, then went back to waiting for her pitch. She connected with one, driving it between the center fielder and the right fielder. Haruka took off around the bases, and was waved to go home.

The throw came hard from a 10 year old center fielder, and she was gunned down at the plate. She hung her head when she walked back into the dug-out. Her teammates patted her on the back and told her that it would be O.K...

Haruka's team lost the game by one run. Her father had been disappointed throughout the whole game.

The car ride home for Haruka had been silent. Yet, she didn't know that her father had been angry with her performance.

He pulled into the driveway of their house and Haruka climbed out, anxious to change and play at the park down the street.

"Stop with there young lady!" her father's stern voice echoing through the empty house. Haruka stopped on the first step and turned around. "You played horrible today Haruka." he started moving toward her.

"I know dad." she hung her head, knowing what was coming.

He backhanded her across the mouth. "Don't speak unless I tell you too." she nodded at him. "Even that Kaiou girl did better then you did. And she's nothing but a bastard."

Don't talk about my-" she was slapped again, harder then the first time.

"I'll talk about her anyway I want. Just like you. You're no good for anything." he thought to himself. "Well, maybe you could be good for something. Go up and change into old clothes, I don't want to have to waste perfectly good money to buy you new ones."

She ran off, up the steps, not exactly knowing what her father had in mind.

When she finally returned, he grabbed her by the collar and threw her onto the sofa...


That's it for this chapter, hope you liked it, I already have a few more chapters done, I'm going to try to keep up with this one. I'll be able to finish this before my other ones, I've got a lot of anger and depression built up inside, so I'll be able to write in this one.