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Chapter: 1

Written in Nodame's Point of view :

The morning sun shone on my head. I was walking through the parks, that lead to my house, with groceries in my hand. My house? Yeah. I guess you can say that. For 3 years I have been living there. So, apparently it's my house. But still...

Suddenly, the sound of giggling caught my attention. It was a couple. They were having a picnic I presume. We used to do that to. But not always. Sometimes. When he had a day off. And he couldn't win against me. Only then. Certain images flashed in my mind-

"Stop that, you idiot!"

Chiaki-Sempai pushed me away. But I still clutched to him, sniffing him contendly. I really loved to do that. I pleaded him to kiss me. But instead of kissing me, he slapped me hard on the head.


I screamed. I saw pain in his eyes. But still he averted his eyes away. After all, he'll never show his affection in front of our friends. But when everyone was gone & the park was nearly empty, he pulled me to a secure place. I pouted. I was so angry with him. I didn't even look at him. But I knew he was staring at me.

My body was pressed against the tree. And slowly I felt him whispering my name while moving closer. My heart was beating fast. It felt like it was gonna burst out. Before I knew it, he was kissing me. I couldn't stay angry anymore & kissed him back.

He was always like that. He used to push me away in front of people but when we were alone, he never hesitated to show his affection towards me. That's just how is...

I felt my vision getting blurred. I blinked several times to get the dampness away from my eyes. No. Nodame won't cry. Cause Nodame doesn't love him anymore. I tried to persuade myself. And started walking faster.

Soon I was at the entrance of my house. I used the keys to open the front door. When I opened it, I saw a cute little girl waiting for me. The girl had brown hair just like me. She greeted me.

"Mommy! You're back!"

She hugged me, smiling brightly. On reflex I hugged her back as well.

"Did you brought the candies?"

The girl tilted her head.


I responded, placing the bag on the dinning table. I handed the candy to her that was in my dress pocket. The girl's face lighten up like a christmas tree.

"Thank you, Mommy!"

She kissed my cheek.

"Go & play outside. Mommy has work to do."

I shoved her to the backyard. She ran off, leaving me alone. I sighed. I just lied to her. I don't have any work to do. I just want to be alone. Lately I've been lying a lot. It's not like I want to. But I have to. I have no other choice. I walked towards my room. It was quite dark. But I don't care. I'm used to this darkness now.

Sighing, I collapsed on my fluffy bed. It's supposed to comfort me. But I don't feel relax at all. My hands went under my pillows, searching for a particular piece of paper. Once I found it, I brought it to my eyelevel. It was simply a paper cut of a classical magazine. But to me, It was the only memory of him that I've with me. I felt my eyes were stinging. An emptiness enveloped my heart. Before I could stop it, the tear rolled down my cheeks, making them wet.

No matter how opposite we were, I always used to believe that we were made for each other. Used to? I mocked at my own thought. Cause I still do...

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