Prompt: Confessions

Pairing: Addison/Meredith

First shot: "You know, I could actually see us being friends." The words slip out of her mouth after she places her shot glass down. A smile breaks across her face and Addison smiles back at her.

Addison takes her shot after she says: "yeah, me too."

Second shot: "But maybe not," she adds in, she pauses, takes her second shot and then goes on. "I think that it may be too weird because of Derek."

"Huh? Derek and I are getting a divorce, he's all yours." Addison sighs and quickly swallows her second shot.

Meredith snorts as she pours them each another shot of tequila. "Uh-uh, I don't want him. I'm over him, so, so over him."

Addison takes the shot glass in her hand. "Wait, then why would it be weird?"

"'Cause you are still together, and he already didn't sign the divorce papers once, maybe he won't again, maybe you'll stay together."

Third Shot: "That wouldn't happen and besides I don't want to be with him anymore," Addison brings the glass to her parted lips after licking the salt off of her hand, she swallows the auburn liquid quickly and then bites into the lime. "And I thought you just said you didn't want to be with him, so why does it matter if we stay together anyways?"

Meredith swallows her shot and then looks at Addison with a smile on her face. The alcohol was doing its job, loosening her up and the words were finally ready to come out. "I don't want him to be with you." Addison's perfect eyebrow raises and Meredith continues. "I, uh, I like you Addison."

Fourth and Fifth Shot: Addison says nothing, just pours them both another shot and after they drank it she poured them another. They drank that one as well and then Meredith took the bottle out of Addison's hand, not wanting her to keep pushing alcohol down either of their throats. Addison finally looks up from the spot on the floor she was looking at, she looks into Meredith's eyes for a while and then she looks away. "What do you mean?" Her voice was a little shaky.

"I mean," the alcohol seemed to be slowing her thoughts down, she could barely think clearly. "I want to kiss you right now." The words come out as a shock to them both, to Meredith because that's not what she meant to say and to Addison because she didn't think she'd ever hear Meredith say that to her.

Addison says: "okay," in an almost whisper and Meredith just gapes at her. Addison waits awhile, but Meredith doesn't move. "Meredith," and before Addison could even finish her sentence, Meredith had pushed her down onto the floor and started to kiss her passionately. They kissed until they both lied there, breathlessly, panting and rubbing their fingers against each other's arms softly. It was Addison who took control that moment, rolling them around and unbuttoning Meredith's shirt. But it would be Meredith who took control the rest of the night and for many more nights to come.