Harmless little Daine/Numair drabble I wrote for a friend after we had a wonderful little conversation about just how scatter-brained our dear mage is.


She was always cleaning up after him.

Daine was truly her mother's daughter, wild magic notwithstanding, and had clearly learned from a very young age to keep things neat. A place for everything, everything in its place and all that. And Numair's being without a housekeeper for some odd months – possibly years, he really wasn't counting – showed more than he remembered it to, or perhaps he was only now seeing how any sane person would see it. When he first brought Daine to his tower, late into her first summer in Tortall, the young girl was, well, rather appalled.

And she didn't drop it for the remainder of her stay.

"Odd's bobs! How do you know where anything is?"

"If it's fragile, it shouldn't be on the floor. What if you stepped on it?"

"Really, Numair, do you even have food in here?"

He would have found it annoying if it weren't so hilarious to listen to his young student fuss over him. Numair allowed her to pick things up and shift things around as he drilled her on anatomy.

He never told her how much easier it was to find things after that. He did tell her she was much better than his last housekeeper, and got a kick for it.

In the years that followed, he found every time she visited the tower, or his rooms in the palace for that matter, she would instantly return to cleaning whatever messes he'd managed to create since she'd last been there. All the while muttering about scatter-brained mages who were supposed to be sensible. He'd grin and tell her that being sensible was her job.

"It's fair amazing you've survived this long without accidentally tripping up one of your experiments – and have you eaten today?"


"Gods all bless, Numair! And Onua gets on me about eating properly. Am I going to always have to remind you?"

Numair would shoo her off, then, muttering that whatever it was he had been doing was of some utmost importance and he would have eaten later, without her reminders thank-you-very-much.

The next day, while leafing through papers that had once again fallen to the floor, she would remind him to eat once again.

Indeed, his rooms had been fairly under control for sometime when the two officially became lovers. He teased her about having long seen this coming and having groomed the place for moving in. She'd kick him for that, too.

And return to cleaning.

And ask him if he'd eaten.

And he loved her.

P.S. 'Is That So Bad?' readers. Bear with me a little longer. More will be arriving in about 2 weeks time. I love you all. XD

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