The fire burned brightly as the cats of the clans ran around.

Burned bodies fell to the floor as queens held their kits close as the flames engulfed them.

Firestar stood on high rock looking at the destruction, he let out a sigh and Sandstorm licked his cheek "is this the end of the clans?" she asked holding him close.

Firestar looked down to her and nodded "yes for our clans this is it, but there will be new clans in these woods, and we shall help these new clans as we gaze down at them from starclan" he told her licking her head.

Sandstorm looked into his eyes "I love yo-" she couldn't finish her sentence as a flaming branch fell and crushed them both.

As Firestar said there would be new clans, after three long years the forest grew lusher and greener, the cats from two-leg place and the rouges scattered across the forest looked to the stars and united into four separate clans.

Saltusclan it is a clever and quick thinking clan which had built their clan on a long lush field, it was founded by Radiantstar, but after her passing her daughter took control Saltusclan is now ruled by the clever Grizzlystar.

Abyssclan they are very intone with Starclan so they built their clan on the hills so they could gaze at the stars every night, they were founded by Everstar who still leads them to this day.

Echoclan a cruel and deciving clan that never back down so they live in the dead field, founded by Dreamstar they are now leaded by the wicked Weaselstar after Dreamstar disappeared.

And finally Titanclan a brave loyal and fearless clan which lives in the ruins of Thunderclan it was founded by Whitestar but is now lead by Blazestar after Whitestar tried to kill Everstar he was quickly killed by his own son, who was trying to keep peace.

But our story is centered around one cat in particular whose life is a story of torture deceit and of course romance.

Yes we shall follow the cat known as Waspsting from beginning to end.