It was a nice and sunny day when our favorite demi saiyan was flying though

the sky on his way to capsule corp;it's been a month since the cell games lime

has asked if Gohan would teach her about ki he agreed and she has learned olot.

He's been feeling wierd emotions toword lime emotions he's never felt to anyone.

He just arrived and rang the door bell.

Oh hi kiddo what brings you well i was hoping if you could tell me where

vegeta do you think he is said okay before you

go kiddo can you do something for bulma

give me a kiss me please.

O..Okay bulma but i thought you and vegeta are but he won't give me any sex he only does it twice a the word sex gohan blushed wildly,um...o..okay bulma and at that bulma ran up to him and picked him and kissed him was surprised that she got here so fast

but he kissed back after that thought,her tounge slid accross his bottom lip asking

for access he opened his mouth.

There tounges were fighting for dominance bulma gohan that was better than problem,ask if you want to do it again cause i sure gohan thanks,she kissed him once more and went to her lab,gohan went to ask vegeta a question.

Gohan found the gravity room he opened the door which triggerd the gravity to

turn off much to the displeasure of do you want brat can't you see i have training to vegeta may i ask you a if you spar with me after brat.

Okay vegeta um... i have been expierensing emotions for a girl can you explain that,brat i beleive have found your mate and you could possibly have more mates and you could possibly fuck your i did'nt know that,well okay thanks for answering i think, so when do you want to at 1:00 pm got it ,but why do you call me brat all the time .Because you are one,now be on your way i have training to do.

Gohan left to find bulma,oh hey kiddo what do want can i have a gravity chamber a stronger one then vegeta sure but may i ask what for,so i can train just in case evil comes here you go kid,bulma handed him the capsule with the number 1 on it,there is an instruction manual on it the max is thanks bulma after he thanked her he kissed her and went to a clearing in the woods.