Omnitrix Warrior and Tamarenean Warrior
Ben x Starfire
Story Start

In the deep reaches of space a battlecruiser size vessel of a gleaming and menancing red was traveling through the vast expanses of the cosmos. Its fuselage was in the shape of a large rounded disc, with a narrow spindle topped by a circular projection standing dead center on the upper surface-the bridge. Several spikes extend from the diameter on either side, while two larger ones point straight ahead to flank the main gun.

Inside the ship, the sounds of blood-curdling screams could be heard from behind that of a solid steel door. Two winged reptilian humanoids with long tails traveled through the doorway both armed with long spears as their choice of weaponry.

Shortly after the sound of a feral growled echoed along with the pounding of distant fists against a wall echoed, and the two creatures continue their patrol. The red-eyed creatures continued their patrol.

Behind them was three glass-fronted holding cells that contained several creatures The patrolmen approached a closed door at the far end of the corridor, which opened to reveal two more posted at a steel-fronted cell with spears crossed. The screams echoed louder.

''The door will hold?'' The guard on the left asked the other with a mix of trepidation and worry.

''It must!'' The other responded over the sound of hollering and banging.

A third and fourth one approached from another corridor. ''The alien will be delivered on schedule. Lord Trogaar has commanded it.''

''And if this thing gets loose?'' the fourth one asked.

''Then Zorg help us all.'' the first patrolmen answered with a sense of dread.

Another piercing scream echoed, the glass cracked, and two burning green eyes glowed behind the prison. The guards take a few steps back, bracing themselves for anything and everything, and they get it when one last yell rings out and the door blows outward off its hinges.

The eyes blaze up again and their owner steps out into the light on the start of the next line. The occupant was a rather tall, exotic orange skinned humanoid. Her features and general shape would mark her as highly attractive to humanoid species. Her skin color was orange and vibrant and she had lustrous auburn colored hair.

She was dressed in armored undergarments, metal-colored accents. The bearer also wore a face-framing crown with her hands and forearms are encased in thick, rigid cuffs connected at both ends. ''Zengtha ru maka! Kek zengtha ror!'' the alien screamed in outrage.

The alien charged on with a steadily building roar in her throat. When she gets within striking distance of the four Gordanians, a distinct height mismatch became evident, with her on the short end of it. However, this does not stop her from swinging both forearms in a wild roundhouse and knocking one of her captors to the wall. ''Zengtha ru maka! Kek zengtha ror!''

Another big swing dispatched two more; she then tries an uppercut against the one left standing, but he blocks it with his spear and tries a counterattack. He gets nowhere with it, but she slips in a hit that breaks the shaft in two and follows it with a kick to the head. The now-senseless enemy is driven into a control panel on the wall; as he slides down, red lights and sirens start up, triggered by the hit.

''Heska vo.'' she whispered silently.

A section of the lower hull blew apart while the fighter flies out through the smoke and flame. An instant later, she placed a vast amount of distance between herself and her captors and made a beeline for Earth.

In Bellwood things were rather quiet. Well witht he exception of Sirens wailing in the distance. Though this was the result of a normal criminal having rob a jewelry store instant of the usual weirdness.

A figure ran along the sidewalk and ducked into an alley. The figure peered around before continuing down his path with a bulging sack in his hand. He looked back toward the mouth of the alley, just in time to see the squad cars race. Before he can get ten steps away, though, a shadow passes quickly over him; he stops.''Huh?''

With his free hand, he pulls out a gun and brandishes it uncertainly. Looking up toward the sky and panning from one side to the other and back to the center. Something flashes down from the rooftops on this last movement and the next thing he knew the bag in his hand was gone. ''Hey!''

''Now, now, didn't your mother teach you its not right to take things that don't belong to you?'' A voice asked from the shadows.

Stammering and backing up the Burglar replied. ''I don't want trouble, okay?'' he looked around, his grip tight on his gun.

A black and blur sped past him and his gun was gone.

''Y-You're one of those freaks aren't ya? Why can't you leave wholesome people like me alone?''

''Hey! I take offense to that! And are you really calling yourself wholesome? Last I recall being a thief was a crime.'' The blur happened again and this time the criminals belt was removed.

''Hey!'' he shouted out, reaching down and pulling up his pants. The blur passed again and the criminal found himself tied up with his belt. Out of the shadows appeared a lizard like creature. In fact it was more or less a semi-armored velociraptor. The creature had wheel-shaped feet and wore a helmet with a visor. The visor came up, revealing a blue face, green eyes and black lips and stripes.

The criminal fainted upon seeing the alien. The creature sighed, picking up the criminal and his loot and zipping to the Police Station. Upon exiting he was mobbed by his fans yet again.

''Ben! Ben it's me! Allison we go to school!''

''Mr Tennyson will you sign my shirt?''

''Is it true that you're secretly controlling the Earth's leaders?''

''Take me with you!''

In the past Ben would have turned into a XLR8 or Jetray to escape his fans, but spending the last few months training with his Grandpa Max allowed to dodge or outrun most of his zealous fanbase. Even though Ben rarely combated his enemies in his human form, he spent more then enough time running and dodging when the Omnitrix or well Ultimatrix timed out during the most inconvenient of times that he had developed quite physically.

Things had been rather slow as of late and Ben found himself bored. He decided to go to Mr. Smoothy in an attempts to cheer himself up, but even his favorite drink place was becoming monotonous. Ever since the incident where Kevin went insane again the bond between the team had strained. With Kevin away at a plumber facility to monitor his mental health in case of another relapse and Gwen who took a leave to get her head together that left Ben on his own. Not to mention his relationship with Julie was now over.

The only thing that filled the silence of the streets beside cars driving down the road was Ben's sneakered feet. Ben hugged his green jacket or his black T-shirt. Tonight was a bit colder than usual. He was going to have to look into getting those Plumber issues pants that Grandpa Max talked about.

Suddenly the sound of crashing pavement drew his attention. He turned and from above a few buildings a glowing green smoke could be seen. ''Hero Time!''

At the crash site of whatever just buzzed the block. Several curious onlookers have stopped their cars and gotten out for a better look. The smoke dissipated to reveal the auburn haired alien.

''Slopforn ivortmat!'' She slid down the slabs and advanced, scaring people off. ''Slopforn! Ond gudshik zerrole!''

She growled at a fellow trying to hold his camera straight and take a picture; when the shutter clicks and the flash goes off, she recoiled from the glare with eyes squeezed shut. A moment later, she reopened them, still blazing as strongly as ever, and starts swinging her arms every which way with a fresh yell. Most of the onlookers back up even farther than they already have; she pounded the pavement hard enough to put a pothole in it, resulting in the civilians breaking for cover.

At ground level, the shackled newcomer charged; a yell, a flash, and she has rendered an unfortunate taxi fit for the junkyard with one blow. Other strikes ruin a bank of pay phones, a bench, and a streetlight or two, and several pizza joint customers stare from the relative safety of the second-floor balcony as it trembles under their feet. When the assault finally stops, the alien stood quietly amid the havoc she had just wreaked in the city of Bellwood. Next she lifted her arms and strains to pull them apart, but with no luck. Evidently she had no malicious intent, but was simply trying to get free of those enormous cuffs.

After a moment's rest, she looks toward the front door of the pizza joint. There was a pillar there, supporting the leading tip of the balcony. She hurled herself at this and hit it hard enough to buckle and crack it; spectators at the railing can barely stay on their feet due to the resulting vibrations. Back to ground level, where the column's concrete outer layer has crumbled away to reveal the dented steel core, but the alien's bonds are still intact.

The alien continued swinging. ''Zop! Yark! Mesnef!''

The column buckled farther and farther on each hit, and the last one causes it to give way significantly. With the support compromised, the balcony fractures along the edge where it joins the rest of the building; the people there wearer thrown to the railing as it tilted toward the street. However, the combined effect of all these bashes on the alien's manacles is nil. She catches her breath and raises her arms for one more swing; the alien rushes forward, determined to free herself or die trying, when a small chunk of concrete squarely into the side of her crown and knocked her completely off balance. Stopping near the column she has just pulverized, she glares back toward the source with a threatening little growl and a pair of four eyes attached to a large, muscular four-armed, red skinned being stepped forward. ''Normally I don't approve of using violence against a lady, but you're not acting like any lady I know. Now that I got your attention I'm sure we can start over. First by telling me who you are and why you're wrecking my home?''

Instead of answering, the alien came up into a leap that carried her all the way across the street, leading into an asphalt-wrecking downward swing.

Four-Arms jumped jumps clear in the nick of time and touches down in a backward skid. Bringing up his arms he blocked against the powerful kicks of his attacker, but he winced. Whoever this mysterious chick was, she was strong.

Using one of his lower arms Ben grabbed the mysterious alien girl by the leg. He began twirling her around several times before letting her flying, through a butcher shop. Ben winched upon realizing he was being a bit destructive. He had grown accustomed to Gwen using her barriers and shield to soften the impact and minimize the damage.

The alien girl recovered, faint scrapes adorned her form. She flew out and right by a parked one foot under the chassis of a nearby car, she effortlessly kicks it up several feet so that it rotates to point its nose toward the ground. When it is an inch short of splattering its innards across twenty yards of asphalt, she boots it towards Four Arms who raised up his arms and caught it. Though the alien girl was far from done as she soared towards him with flying speed and impacted her feet against the vehicle, driving Four Arms through the pavement and causing the car to cave into a U-shape.

A few seconds later the car was moved to the side as a dazed and groaning Four-Arms pulled himself out of the hole. ''Hm. Stronger than she looks.'' Ben murmured to himself. Only Vilgax, Aggregor, and Kevin in his mutant were as strong if not stronger then Four Arms when Ben didn't hold back. Unfortunately for Ben the alien wasn't just strong but quick as well.

He found himself blindsided as the alien punched him hard across the jaw. He found himself skidding all the way down a street and through a bookstore. Ben quickly changed into Jetray as the alien launched at him for another hit. He maneuvered out of the way and fired a neuroshock blast from his eyes.

Upon being a hit the alien let out a hiss of pain.''Let's see you keep up now.'' he stated as he began picking up speed and heading into the sky. Seconds later his opponent had zipped in front of him with amazing speed. ''Wha...'' the Aerophibian didn't get to finish his statement as the orange skinned alien axe-kick him towards the ground.

''Come on...come on.'' Ben thought as he quickly typed an input into the Ultimatrix. With a slam Jetray transformed into Diamondhead and he landed on a Ford Explorer, completely destroying a car.

''My car!'' a thirty-something year old cried out in distress.

''Uum, sorry.'' Ben awkwardly replied.

The alien floated down, a smile that could easily be interpreted as malicious formed on her face. ''Zota!'' she replied and went in for another jumping strike. Her hit impacted and the alien let out a hiss and a string of words. The alien growled but then something flashed through her eyes. She then flew at him and rammed her confined hands against his chest.

''Hey! Quit that!'' Diamondhead demanded as the continued slamming her trapped hands against his chest. ''Why are you doing that? This would be so simpler if I could understand you!'' Ben groaned and face palmed. He activated the Universal translator.

''Why can't I free myself from this horrible contraption?''

Ben now realized what was going on. He had more then enough experience to start putting two and two together. Deactivating his transformation he began speaking to her in a calm tone. ''My name is Ben Tennyson and I don't want to hurt you. I think I can help.

''Back!'' she snapped at him.

Ben put his hands together at the risk, then pulled them apart and pointed at her bound hands. ''I can help you.'' he stated as he repeated the action. The alien paused, she appeared to be understanding what he was saying. ''I'm going to help okay.'' Ben stated as he changed into Graymatter.

''You are a stranger matter of creature. I don't know of any creature who can change into various forms.'' the alien replied, mystified.

''Just sit down and hold out your hands.''Ben informed her, using gestures, hoping she would understand. Unfortunately she did not have a translator so the translation issue was one-sided. The alien picked up on what he was trying to staying. Sitting down she held out her cupped hands as the tiny alien went to work on disabling the device. After a few seconds the device let go of the bound alien with a hiss and Ben resumed his human form.

The alien girl massaged her freed wrists wonderingly.

''There. Now maybe we can be...'' Ben was cut off when the alien girl dragged him to herself with one hand and kisses him long and full on the lips, causing him to lose his train of thought. After a few seconds she let him go. Her eyes have stayed closed throughout the embrace; when she opens them again, they have resumed their green glow. The next two things she does catch him even more off guard than the kiss. One, she shoves him in the chest hard enough to drop him on his back. Two, she starts speaking English. ''If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!''

Despite his generous act, the alien girl was still fired up She takes off, gaining enough altitude to disappear into the night sky.

Chapter End

Starfire is going to be one of the few, if only DC character to appear in this crossover with the exception of other Tamaraneans of course. A bit random, but like I said I wanted to try some new things. I've got some ideas for the end, I just need to finalize stuff for the middle. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this.