Omnitrix Warrior and Tamarenean Warrior


Ben x Starfire


Story Start


After taking Starfire out for Chili fries, Ben suggested he give her a tour around the area and teach her more about Earth culture so she would fit in. It was going on noon when he arrived to Starfire's temporary residence.

Starfire exited out, wearing her violets boots along with a short purple skirt made of a lighter colored material than her other skirt and a pink tank top. "Nice outfit," he commented.

"Your outfit is also nice." Starfire said smiling. He was wearing a button up white shirt and jeans. "Where will we be going?"

"Well out to eat, assuming you haven't eaten yet?" he asked as Starfire shook her head.

"My stomachs are indeed in need of nourishments!" she answered as Ben blanched. Upon noticing his reaction she quizzically asked. "Does your species not have multiple stomachs?"

"No, just one." he clarified. The rest of their journey consisted of Ben pointing out various places and objects, giving a brief definition about them. As they continued on Ben noticed that Starfire seemed rather distracted.

"What's wrong, Starfire?" Ben asked, drawing upon what he was told was his faults in his past relationship with Julie. He was hoping that he was accurately paying attention and reading Starfire's mood.

"It's nothing, Ben. You need not need to worry such things," Starfire replied turning her face, not wanting to face him.

"Starfire, something is wrong, please tell me so that I can help!" Ben pleaded.

Starfire finally gave in. "I suppose I feel… uncomfortable about the earthly manners around here," she answered. "All day people have been gaping at me and I'm not sure how I feel about the deception regarding my identity." Starfire knew she couldn't just reveal herself as an alien princess, but simply deceiving everyone by saying she was an actress method acting was not something that her moral compass enjoyed.

"Star, I already told you, it's alright. You'll pick up the culture in time and I know you're uncomfortable with your cover story, but it's going to take some time to work things out."

"Thank You, Ben. I suppose I should drop the matter for now." She decided. "Where shall we proceed now?" Starfire asked.

"Well, do you have fairs on your planet? A gathering of games and food and constructions that are used for riding?''

Starfire's eyes lit up. "Oh yes, that sounds like my planet's Festival of Welcoming. When delegates from a friendly world come to visit we host them. Is your planet expecting royalty?"

"No, no, nothing like that. It's for entertainment and fun purposes. I'll show you."

When they reached there, Starfire seems so excited. While Tamaran had plenty of celebrations and traditions, rarely were such things had done for recreational purposes without a purpose. It was a lot noisier then Starfire expected, but they were colorful. After spending some time looking around Ben led her to the roller coaster.

Ben helped Starfire up and told her to fasten tight as they were going to jet off. "I just simply hang on to the rail?" her heart thumped with excitement.

"Yeah and just keep looking ahead." The roller coaster moved slowly, going reach the top. They just suddenly zoomed down, with people screaming with fear and excitement. Starfire felt a rush as the ride continued. The sensation was sort of like flying and this rush of adrenaline filled her with happiness.

When the ride has ended, Starfire and Ben felt so dizzy and they held on to each other and tried to balance.

"Ben, this is definitely a different sort of thrill then battle." It was different, moving at someonething else's speed like that then flying under her own power.

"Uugh," Ben groaned, holding his stomach. "I don't think I should have had that second serving of chili fries."

They walked towards a bench and sat down. After a while, they were feeling ok.

"Where shall we go now?" Starfire asked.

"Well we can get something to snack on. I bet you never have cotton candy and it should be light enough that it won't upset my stomach." He assured her as he led her to a nearby stand.

"I'll take a cotton candy," Ben said as he pulled out his wallet.

"Only one?" the stallholder asked. He was an older man, probably his forties with dark hair and a heavyset frame. "What about your girlfriend?" The stallholder asked.

"She's not my girlfriend," Ben stammered as his face heated up. Starfire gave him a quizzically look.

The stallholder made the cotton candy. "My mistake." He merely commented.

"What did that vender mean by girlfriend? And why were you so hasty to deny it?"

Ben supposed he shouldn't have been surprised. "Well…you know. When a guy and girl…a couple you know." He wasn't sure how to explain this. "When a male and female are together."

It took Starfire a few seconds to pick up on what Ben was trying to explain. "Is the term girlfriend have to do with the courting rituals?"

"Yeah, that's it. I mean, on earth we call it dating or some people call it courting. He assumed we were together." He was feeling relieved that Starfire placed together his poor explanation. "I mean a guy and a girl go out to eat, have fun, and really like each other. I'm not really good at explaining these sort of things." He awkwardly finished.

"Isn't the consummation of food and recreational activity what we're doing right now?" she pointed out.

"T-This is different. I mean, we didn't agree to this as a date." He then held up the cotton candy. "Let's just forget about it, okay? "

Thankfully for Ben, Starfire decided to drop the conversation. She took a piece of cotton candy and munch on it. "This is quite sweet and…hollow? It feels sort of soft."

"Yeah well Cotton candy is nothing but pure sugar. I don't know the process but the same process that makes it tasty also makes it cottony which is why it's named cotton candy."

"Your world has so many wonders."

After eating their cotton candy, they both decided to play all of the games at the fair until it was late at night. Starfire found herself exhausted but happy. She had learned quite a few things during the course of the day. Finally they had arrived where Starfire was staying. "I enjoyed myself quite a bit tonight Ben. I am looking forward to learning more."

"I had fun too. So I'll…see you later." Ben couldn't help but feel like such a dork. Fighting aliens and warlords was easy. Talking with an amazingly hot girl most would consider way out of his league, not so much. He started to move away when Starfire called out to him.

"Ben, wait!" she called out to him.

"Yeah…" he started to say only to be surprised when Starfire pressed a kiss on his cheek. The hero could only stammer in confusion.

"On our way back I noticed couple as they were called heading back as home. The female gave him a kiss on the cheek as I believe is customary, no?" A smile formed on Starfire's face. "Goodnight Ben, until tomorrow."

"Yeah, goodnight." Ben said in a daze as he walked away with a smile forming on his face.