A/N: POV Tootie

It was depressing when Mr. Parker came to the cafeteria and told us that nobody was supposed to leave Eastland. Nothing is more beautiful than Christmas in Washington D.C. I was going to get to see my parents and older brother; I was excited. Oh well, Mr. Parker didn't say that we would be there until Christmas. He just said that we wouldn't be able to leave until they clear the roads up and it stops snowing. We live in Peakskill though; so I have just confined myself to the idea that I probably will be spending Christmas here with Mrs. Garrett, Natalie, Jo and Blair. I wouldn't mind it so much; but we are just confined in tight quarters and when that happens Blair and Jo get weird.

"Jo! I need you to go find somewhere else to put your grease covered self." Blair exclaimed. Jo glared at her.

"Are you talkin' to me?" Jo asked. Blair nodded.

"Yes! I am!" She exclaimed. Mrs. Garrett rushed into the kitchen from the other room.

"Girls! We shouldn't fight like this. Nobody wants to be here; but we might as well accept the fact that we might be here for a while." Mrs. Garrett responded. Jo moved and glared at Blair.

"I'm moving because Mrs. Garrett wanted me to; not because of you." Blair stuck her nose up at Jo and Jo scoffed at her and then walked out. Upset by that, Blair slammed down the box she was holding and walked out of the room.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with those two!" Mrs. Garrett hollered.

"It'll be alright Mrs. Garrett; they'll work things out." I said hopefully. Natalie looked over at me.

"Yeah, Jo'll be in prison and Blair will be in the hospital." Natalie responded.

"Natalie! That's not what I meant!" I exclaimed. Natalie shrugged.

"It's the truth. I don't know what else to say." Natalie replied. Then she walked over to the window and looked at the snow as it just bored out over the ground. Natalie sighed and turned around to face us. She leaned up against the wall.

"I hate the snow! I want to go home!"

"It'll be alright." I went over to comfort her.

"You said that about Blair and Jo too." Just then, the door opened and somebody covered in snow walked in. At first, I didn't realize who it was. But after he wiped off the snow Mrs. Garrett recognized him.

"Mr. Polniaczek. Jo will be so glad to see you!" Mrs. Garrett rushed over to him, but then had a realization. "Oh no. You shouldn't be here. You and Jo can't leave. Mr. Parker said we all have to stay here. You're stuck with us girls unfortunately Mr. Polniaczek." He laughed.

"Oh it's quite alright Mrs. Garrett." He smiled. Jo walked down the stairs backward. She was hollering up the stairs and with the way she was screaming I figured that it was Blair she was screaming at.

"You know, I wish I never would have come here! At least then I never would have met you!" Jo exclaimed. I didn't hear Blair's reply; but a hairbrush landed down at Jo's feet. She left it sitting there.

"Jo." Mrs. Garrett said calmly. She turned around and from the look on her face; I knew she saw her dad.

"Pop!" Jo exclaimed and hugged him. "I'm glad to see you. Now we can get out of here right?"

"You know you can't leave Jo." Mrs. Garrett replied. Jo looked at her.

"I hafta get out of here Mrs. Garrett. Otherwise, I'm going to end up hurting your Miss Princess upstairs." Jo replied.

"It's Christmas. Can't you guys try to get along?" Jo's dad asked. He put a hand on her shoulder. Jo looked at him.

"But Pop, you don't know-"

"I know more than you probably would imagine Jo." He interrupted her. Jo looked down. It was obvious that she wasn't sure what to say next.

"Well, I guess I could try and not get so mad at her. She just upsets me."

"Thank you Jo." Mrs. Garrett replied. Jo nodded.

"Anything for you Mrs. G." Jo smiled and shrugged. Blair came running down the stairs. She grabbed her hair brush off the steps. She was about to say something to Jo before she realized that her dad was there.

"Mr. Polniaczek!" Blair exclaimed. "So nice to see you again."

"Blair." He nodded. "How's your mother?"

"Great." Blair said with a big smile. "Couldn't be happier." Blair paused. "She's in Aspen for Christmas. I'm going to join her when this storm is over."

"Good, that'll get you far away from-" Jo started.

"Jo-" Mrs. Garrett warned and Jo backed down. This was going to be harder for her than she'd anticipated. Everyone knew that Jo and Blair didn't have the greatest friendship anyway. "How about I make us up so cocoa and we can talk and get Mr. Polniaczek warmed up from his long drive from the city." Mrs. Garrett went and round up some stuff for the cocoa. I looked between Jo and Blair and even though they weren't saying anything I could tell that tensions were high. This was going to be a long Christmas.