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Letteres/Newspapers etc. etc.

Chapter 1 Inheritance and gringotts

Harry was laying on his bed watching the clock for when it hit midnight it was 11:50 until it would be his birthday. He was still seething from fourth year when Ron called him an attention seeker.

He was walking down the halls of hogwarts when Ron came up to him and started insulting him.

"Harry your just loving it that your name got put in the goblet of fire aren't you. You couldn't leave well enough alone and got your name put in the goblet of fire."

"Ron just leave me alone I didn't put my name in the goblet so just leave me alone."

"you would like that wouldn't you Harry."


"What not reply well then I guess I am right and your just a pathetic attention seeker that wants every one worshiping him."

Harry looked at the clock and it was 11:55. Harry got up and started pacing the room thinking of the future and what he would do for a living. He looked at the clock and it was one minute till midnight.


'I wonder what Ron will say when we get on the Train to go to hogwarts.'


'No you know what I'm just not going to be his friend any more if he is just going to turn on my like that.'


Harry was still pacing the room but he started feeling alittle numb.


12:00 "Happy birthday Harry." He said to himself in a small wisper. Pain shot through his body it was unlike anything he has ever felt. He tried holding in the blood curdling scream in him but it was forced out as he doubled over in pain to the floor.

He screamed like there was no tomorrow. His bones were breaking, extending, and forming all at the same time. His blood was bruning and his shoulder blades were trying to break out of his back. His nails felt like they were being torn out and put back in.

Vernon dursly woke up to a blood curdling scream. He got up to go and check what was up with the FREAK is what they call him.

Harry was sprawled on the floor curld up in a ball. He was in so much pain. While he was on the floor every thing around him was trying to give him energy they were twisting and turning to try and get to him. The elements went ary andwere spreading around him. Water was starting to form around him. Air was swishing like crazy. Dust started gathering around him. Fire spread all around the room.

All of a sudden the door burst open and Vernon ,Harry's uncle, was in shock. every thing around his freak of a nephew was all messy. "YOU UNGREATFUL LITTLE FREAK. YOU WOKE ME UP WITH THAT BLOODY RACKET CALLED YOUR VOICE. YOUR GOING TO GET PUNISHED FOR THIS."

All of a sudden every thing calmed and went back to its place. Harry was completely changed he had scales all over his body. His shirt was torn off and big leathery wings were on his back. His hair grew shoulder length and he had claws instead of nails.

Vernon went right up to him and started kicking him in the gut. Harry was in more pain because of his uncle once again. But his creature inheritance started taking over. His wings wraped around his body and the elements went crazy and attacked Vernon. The air was knocking him around and fire started spreading up his pant leg.

Then every thing went black.

Harry woke up in his bed room on his floor. He looked to the side and saw that his Uncle was hurt and looked like he was dieing. 'Ha serves you right for all that you've done to me all these years.'

Harry went to his bedroom mirror and saw that he had claws, wings, and his hair grew to about shoulder length.

A letter poped in front of him and he opend it.

Dear Mr. potter'

We understand that you have come into your in heritance and we would like you to come in so we can read the wills of your parents and check other things of the like now that you are an adult in the wizard community.

May your vault always be filled,


Harry suddenly felt a pulling in his navel and then he was being pulled through a tube.

He was suddenly in front of gringotts. He walked in and Griphook came up to him.

" Mr. Potter please come with me. " Harry fallowed him untill they were at his desk.

"All right here are the potter wills."

Harry opend the will and all it said was this.

We leave every thing to our beloved son Harry James potter.

Then he felt a stinging in his left pointer finger and blood driped onto a soaked piece of paper. Then words seemed to appear on the page.

Harry James potter

Son of James Potter deceased

Son of Lily Evans nee Potter deceased

Heir Of the evans and Potters.

Creature inheritance Draken

Water elemental inheitance

Earth elemental Inheritance

Fire elemental Inheritance

Wind elemental inheritance

Wandless magic Inheritance

Mate Unknown.

"Well then now we Know all of the things there is to know about your inheritance well you'd best be on your way then."

Before he could say any thing he apparaitied home and landed in his room.

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