Hey guys...I would love to tell you all that I'm giving you a new chapter, but I'd be lying because this is not a chapter. I wish it was, though. I haven't been here for a while, and I haven't even started on the next chapter, honestly. The computer I use just broke and I could lose my story forever...then I'd have to start over. They're trying to recover the files. And the second thing is, I haven't really had enough time to write anyways. It's almost STAAR (the stupid tests that Texas gives out for some reason) and then finals; the teachers are killing us! But I'm trying. I swear. And I do miss writing, but I cant write for a while now because of that.

I'm just going to reply to my ONE REVIEWER. But seriously, please review. You have no idea how much I'd appreciate that.

arabturky: I know! My mouth was watering while I wrote it. It's way better that my typical breakfast too! Really? I should meet you in person so I can scare the shit out of you lol. And thanks for that. You have no idea what it's like to hear that (or read that...). And your reviews are by far the best to read (no offense to the few others who reviewed). They make me laugh most of the time lol.

And I got a picture for this story! Finally...feel free to check it out; it's my characters. I'll go in order from left to right.

(First row)
1: You don't know her yet.
2: You don't know him yet.
3: You don't know her yet.
4: Our very own Riegan Hawthorne!
(Second row)
5: You don't know him yet.
6: The ladies' man, Finnick Odair, Jr.!
7: The deadly Skyler Hawthorne!
8: The one you don't mess with, Sucré (real name is Spike Lee)!
(Third row)
9: The one and only Jace Hawthorne!
10: The amazing Tyler Henderson/Parker (you'll get the last name thing later)!
11: The handsome Emmanuel Harteson!
12: The beautiful Nicole Ford!
(Forth row)
13: The young and lovely Isabelle Harteson!
14: The sleek, slick Kyle Hawthorne!
15:The fabulous Danielle Ford!
16: The arrogant Marcus Spencer!

No, 3 and 7 (Skyler) are not the same person...you'll find out soon enough. WhenI introduce the characters that are in the pic I'll let you know in the AN...like "Oh, (name) is number 5 in the pic." So, with that said, I guess there are your characters!

Anyways, I do hope I see you all soon! Love you all! Bye!