Title: Reforging old bonds

Pairing: future drarry, implied Remus x Severus

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summery: Harry grows up as Remus and Severus' son, spending school hours at Hecate's school; for young witches and wizards. Despite the slight difference in their ages his guardians arrange play dates with both the Malfoy heir, Draco who is Severus' other godson and the Longbottom heir, Neville.

Notes: This is a true prequel to Bound to you and traces the growth of Draco and Harry's relatiionship from childhood friends to lovers.


Harry's first real memory was when Draco came over to play; he only looked breakable like a doll. Yet the slightly older boy had shown up and didn't mind playing with him.

Harry tugged on his sleeve, "Dway like play wit' me?" it mattered, why Harry didn't know but it did.

Draco laughed, hugging him, "Greg and Vince want to wrestle. Blaise wants his picture books. Daphne and Pansy play house. I like to make mud castles, block cities or race on toy brooms."

Harry felt something special, different when Draco held him. It was a good feeling, he felt safe and he trusted Draco.


At first when his father said he would be spending the afternoon at his godfather's Draco was upset. That is until he learned that Father was going to be arguing a bill with Greg and Vince's fathers and that mother was going to tea. He had no desire to go with either of them. He remembered uncle Sev's adopted son and had been jealous. Uncle Sev was his! Then he met Harry; he'd never met a baby who looked like that. Harry had hair the colour of a raven's wing, as messy as one of their nests and eyes the exact shade of father's old Quidditch robes.

Uncle Sev met him at the floo and took him in his arms hugging him. Then led him into the sitting room where the tiny dark haired baby was playing.

They would often fall asleep playing and end up cuddled together.

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