Title: Reforging old bonds

Pairing: future drarry, implied Remus x Severus

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summery: Harry grows up as Remus and Severus' son, spending school hours at Hecate's school; for young witches and wizards. Despite the slight difference in their ages his guardians arrange play dates with both the Malfoy heir, Draco who is Severus' other godson and the Longbottom heir, Neville.

Notes: This is a true prequel to Bound to you and traces the growth of Draco and Harry's relatiionship from childhood friends to lovers.

Chapter 12

Reluctantly, Harry climbed out of bed the first Saturday of November.

It was the first match of the year; Gryffindor vs. Slytherin.

Unlike previous years, Harry had no joy.

He would be flying against Draco.

Ron was chanting incessantly, "We've got Potter!"

Since rescuing Colin's camera, the tiny First Year had taken to following Harry like a puppy.

It was less unnerving than Ron's stalking hero worship. Hermione wasn't so bad with her studious ways complimenting Harry's. Ron was lazy, doing the bare minimum while attempting to convince Harry to do the same.

Having already disappointed his dads' enough by disobeying Madam Hooch, Harry insisted he finish his homework despite Oliver's gruelling practices.

While he enjoyed the sport, Harry would have preferred to wait until next year like everyone else and try out for the team.

Harry had to do well…

He just didn't like being forced into a rivalry with his best friend…

Harry reluctantly put on his Seeker's hit and made his way down to the Great Hall. His stomach clenching painfully…

Ron was still harping in his head, about how they were going to slaughter those filthy snakes.

Harry grabbed Ron by the sleeve, "That is enough! I am sick of that! Stop saying bad thing about Slytherins. I know wonderful people who are Slytherins: Aunt Annie, Aunt Cissy, Uncle Lucius, Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Vince, Daphne, Tracy, and Mille. Even Theo and Giselle are nice people. Are you forgetting that my papa is a Slytherin too? He's always been kind to me and raised me as his own son; I've never felt like I matter less than his daughters. We're a family! He and Dad too me, they didn't have to but they did it because papa was my godfather! My father and mother trusted a Slytherin with the child they died to protect!"

Ron scowled, "Snape must have tricked them somehow! Everyone knows you can't trust a Slytherin."

Harry growled, "I can't change your mind but if you're going to be my friend, don't insult the people I care about. I don't have time for you and your prejudices." Harry pushed the gangly boy away roughly and stormed off to sit with the team.

Fred and George moved to let him sit between them and clasp him on the shoulder in greeting.

"Nerves?" Fred asked.

Harry scowled, "Ron was insulting Slytherins again."

George sighed, "He learned that from mum. She lost her brothers in the war to Death Eaters not long before your parents and Black were killed. Their murders were ascribed to Avery and Antonin Dolohov. Yet there were three others there according to Mad-Eye Moody who told her about not being there quickly enough after receiving a Patronus but he managed to fight them off enough to retrieve their bodies. Mum believes Lucius Malfoy was either there or knows who was and is letting them avoid justice. She claims he's a coward who would betray his own blood to avoid punishment."

Harry glared, "Uncle Lucius isn't like that. Sure he's not as affectionate as papa, Aunt Cissy or Aunt Annie but he's decent. He let me play with Draco a lot, we spend a lot of time together at Malfoy Manor. He has always been a part of my life and doesn't treat me any different from the others."

Fred glared at Ron, "Ron is cut from a different cloth than the rest of us. Sometimes I think he's a foundling…"

"Eat up." Oliver ordered toying with his toast, "We must keep up our strength."

Percy poked him, "Eat a bite or two yourself Ollie or else be a hypocrite."

Harry saw Oliver heed Percy's admonition like papa obeyed Remus when papa was distracted by a new potion and forgot to eat properly. Perhaps, they too were more than just the friends he thought them before.

Percy Weasley and Oliver Wood were sorted into Gryffindor together and had been inseparable firm friends, this Harry knew because he grew up at Hogwarts.

Professors' kids had a small table to the side of the dais where the Head table was, he'd watched Sortings every year since he could be trusted in the Great Hall when he was five. His dads' didn't eat every meal in the Great Hall; they attended every other breakfast and dinner during the year minus the feasts but always skipped lunch.


Harry swallowed nervously, looking at Draco oblivious to his own team or even Slytherin's aside from Draco.

Draco's face was set with a frown, the edges turned up when their eyes met and then the almost smile fell.

Harry twisted his fingers in his Quidditch robe when Draco's frown returned.

Wood and Flint, cousins according to papa glowered at one another and seemed to squeeze one another's hands in an attempt to crush them. Flint was a Sixth Year and the elder cousin by a year.

Madam Hooch barked, "Mount your brooms."

The fourteen players did so.

The whistle blew and they all pushed off.

Draco and Harry flew side-by-side near enough to touch, soaring above the others as they scanned the sky for the elusive snitch.

Each trio of chasers fought for control of the Quaffle, each loss caused by a well-aimed Bludger. Peregrine and Boyle had strength, unlike Fred and George who plotted, planned and worked as if they were of one mind and two bodies.


Draco was the first to realise something was wrong…

Harry's scream nearly stopped his heart.

Draco glanced about wildly, and then he spotted Harry and gave up his search for the Snitch.

Harry's broom thrashed as if it were a wild animal instead of a charmed object.

Draco tried to fly closer only to have the broom moving higher it's thrashing wilder the closer he tried to get. He yelled at the Gryffindor Beaters, "Redheads! Harry's in trouble."

That stopped the entire Gryffindor team which unfortunately gave Flint a change to score when they all looked up.

Wood shouted for a time out while the Weasley Beaters flew up to Draco.

One of the Weasleys stopped on his left, "What happened?"

Draco barked, "We were flying together and the he fell behind. He cried out and I saw him struggling with a wild broom. I tried to get close and it got worse."

The matching Gryffindor scowled, "I don't like this. Only Dark Magic can affect a broom like that."

Harry's broom gave another violent jerk.

Harry fell off, barely managing to hold on with one hand, flailing he yelled, "Draco! Papa! Dad! Help me someone!"

Draco called out, his voice trembling, "I'm here. If you fall I'll catch you, I promise."

The two Gryffindor Beaters joined Draco as they circled tightly, beneath Harry and the mad Nimbus.

The broom froze and Harry reluctantly tried to reach to pull himself up and then it bucked again.

Draco growled, "Fuck!"

Harry was falling, "DRACO!"

If Harry could catch a Muggle camera, than damn it Draco would catch Harry, he flew up towards the falling boy casting a sticking charm on his arse. He took his hands off the broom guiding it with his thighs only as he flew, he leaned up and grabbed Harry pulling him into his arms.

Harry was sobbing and clinging to him.

Draco held onto his friend with one hand pulled his broom horizontal. He flicked his hand and his wand was in it, he pointed his wand his own Nimbus and cast the strongest Anti- Dark Jinx spell he knew. In a burst of anger, Harry's mad Nimbus was flung wandlessly and nonverbally straight at the ground where it shattered.

The four Houses were torn between praising Draco for saving Harry Potter, condemning him for violating the wand restriction on the pitch.

Draco held Harry with one hand and directed his broom with the other as he flew towards the ground. Once he landed he glared at the two Heads of House, "As Prince of Slytherin I demand a hold. I want to postpone the match with the score as is until Gryffindor's Seeker can fly. If Slytherin refuses we'll forfit the match."

"Slytherin should forfeit," Dumbledore said joining them. "You violated a rule."

"Well I'm sure that tampering with a player's broom using Dark Magic is even worse. I did what no one else would. I caught him." Draco retorted.

Dumbledore scowled, "How do we know you didn't do this to get attention?"

Draco spat, "He's my friend! I wouldn't do that to him. If you won't believe me I'll take Veritaserum. Harry can't fly and I won't, so either the teams agree to a rematch, a postponement or to play without Seekers. As for the Insult of using that sort of Dark Magic I only know the counters, I never bothered to learn the jinxes. Like Adrian I don't believe in cheating."

Flint stormed over, "You're embarrassing us!"

Draco shrugged, "He would have died if I hadn't interfered. I'm not going to left something terrible happen to my best friend to please you even if you are my captain. It was the right thing to do; I am willing to accept lost points for using my wand. You should lose the ten points you got when you scored just before Wood called for a timeout."

Flint looked to Snape and snarled, "Postponement!" then he stormed off. "As if we'd get a better option with that dirty Halfblood our Head's ward."

Uncle Severus nodded, "Postponement seems the fairest choice, what do you say Minerva."

"Clearly a Slytherin was the one who tried to kill our Seeker." McGonagall glared.

Uncle Remus frowned at her, "Where would anyone learn spells like that Minerva?"

"Those with Dark families of course." The Gryffindor Head sniffed.

"Are you saying all Slytherins are dark mother?" a Slytherin First Year spat.

McGonagall stiffened, "Aodhan this has nothing to do with you."

"Really? You said a Slytherin cast it. Do you suspect me because I'm a snake?" Urquhart glared.

McGonagall sniffed, "Of course not. Neither Rosses or Urquharts are Dark Wizards."

"If you ask a Weasley, all Slytherins are Dark and you can't trust them." Urquhart glared.

"You're not like that." McGonagall glared.

"Really? Ever wonder why I was made a Slytherin?" Urquhart tossed back.

"That's because your father was!" the Gryffindor head scowled.

Uncle Remus glared, "Then why do you hate Slytherins so much?"

McGonagall sniffed, "I don't hate Slytherins! I don't like the team."

"All because a Slytherin hit Bludger knocked you to the ground?" Uncle Severus snipped.

"Hit by a Dark Wizard! Bloody Crabbe!" McGonagall glared.

Uncle Remus sighed, "You'll take your frustration because of a game mishap on bunch of teenagers who had no part in it? How immature."

Dumbledore frowned, "Remus! That is too bad of you."

"It's ridiculous. Should Harry hate everyone with Pettigrew blood because of one bad seed?" Uncle Severus scowled.

Albus shrugged, "If he wishes."

"Harry would knowing a former playmate had the misfortune to be related to Wormtail bother you?" Uncle Remus asked.

Harry shook his head still clinging to Draco, "Don't hate Draco because of Lestranges." He stammered.

"See? You can't hate one group, the war is over. You're no a student anymore Minerva. If you won't lump your own son in with other Slytherins why should you blame a team who has no connection besides the same House with a game mishap?" Uncle Severus lectured.

"You're just saying that because you're a Slytherin." McGonagall sniffed.

"Should I hate all Gryffindors because Sirius was a prat when we were younger? Should I hate all Blacks because Bellatrix was mad?" Severus retorted.

"Bah! Postponement!" McGonagall said before striding off.

Urquhart called out after her, "If it's any consolidation I'm ashamed to be your son and I don't like you either."

The Head of Gryffindor flinched visibly and then left.

Uncle Severus turned to Wood, "Are you in agreement?"

Wood nodded, "Yes, I want Harry to be able to fly and he'll need a new broom."

Severus nodded, "I agree. We'll finish the game next Saturday. Come one Harry let's see Aunt Annie."

"I haven't agreed to this…" Albus frowned.

"It's a decision between the Heads and Captains," Remus said, "according to the Hogwarts Quidditch team resolution passed by the Board of Governors in 1260. It has been ratified every one hundred years and you approved it last time."

Albus walked off grumbling.

Draco stood shakily, "Harry I can't walk holding you. Why don't you let Uncle Remus carry you? I'll stay with you I promise."

Harry sniffed and let his dad take him.

Draco didn't know who would know such spells and he wanted them to pay. He'd never seen Harry like this before, then again something like this a deliberate attack had never happened to his knowledge.

He would be more diligent in his observations…

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