Chapter 3: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I was being dragged roughly across the floor to a new room with even more bright lights. I closed my eyes momentarily and opened them back up, blinking a few times; I was able to adjust to my new setting. The first thought that ran through my mind was ludicrous to say the least, was I going to star in a porn film? I quickly dismissed that. My lips were quivering as looked across the room at Bane, I could not laugh…I would not laugh! I was in control once I was placed on a wooden chair; this was very similar to that horrific video that Joker released to the news. The one with the Batman imposter tied up on the chair, the one that instilled fear in all of Gotham. This time, the hoodlums did not tie by hands nor did they cover my mouth and this scares me. As time went by my nerves were becoming more and more erratic and I feared I would collapse from the anticipation.

The room was fairly large and bland save for the colorful wires plastered on the carpet by duct tape. I was positioned in the center of it all as if I was the star of the show. My mouth turned into an 'O,' when I understood Bane's word about my 'grand introduction,' but this was not how I want my fifteen minutes of fame. In front of me was an expensive camera, similar to those news cameramen use, on its threshold with its lens directed straight at my face. I blushed furiously. Oh great, this was not the time for me be camera shy though I was notorious for that in high school. I remembered how I would turn red and stutter whenever I gave presentations or had to star in video projects, I shuddered and blocked out those painful memories. I would take Banes beating over having to present again. I was exaggerating, of course. To my right was an actual man holding a microphone above me, now I was going to laugh.

"Raj, is it ready?"

Bane looked as if he was a little giddy with anticipation. Okay, perhaps not in a manner you may think. This was Bane after all but I could tell by his eyes he was excited. He did not fail to place those pretty blue eyes on me and the camera and as he spoke, his breath was short and raspy. I squirmed in my seat and focused on an interesting pink wire. Very interesting, I had never seen a pink wire before.

"It should be in a few minutes, boss," the Indian man said as he typed away on his MacBook, "I am currently having all the cable news channels switch its feed to the camera. I have taken every necessary precaution to ensure we are untraceable and that it would reach Mr. Rabe."

Was that possible? Bane caught me looking at Raj with an expression mixed with horror and admiration; I heard a proud laugh resonate through the room. Bane crossed over to Raj and placed a large hand on his shoulder. Raj visibly stiffened but Bane did not notice.

"Raj here graduated top of his class at MIT in 2004 with a 4.2 GPA. He had acquired a job offer from Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and the list goes on. Needless to say, I have a genius at my disposal." He gave him a hard slap on Raj's back and I felt sorry for him. His face contorted in pain but he continued on with his work by clicking and typing furiously. Bane was unaware of his strength and that is the worst combination a man could have, it would be a threat to him and to society. I retracted my pity when it crossed my mind that this Raj had betrayed us by assisting Bane. I glared daggers at Mr. Know-it-all. A doctor, a genius…all sensible men in our society had betrayed us to work for this monster, and for what? What could possible cross them over the threshold to this insanity? Money? No, they had enough potential to have an income of over 100k. Were they evil like Bane? I studied Raj and internally shook my head, he did not look psychotic. A light bulb went off in my head, no, not possible, was it really that simple? I needed reassurance.

"Did you threaten their families?" I asked softly at Bane's back. At first he ignored me but when he saw that his men grew quiet, waiting for my answer, he gave up and replied.

"I did not."

"Did you threaten their careers?"


"Perhaps offer them a large sum of money?"

He finally turned around abruptly and I must admit I was terrified when I saw the look on his face. He was annoyed, just as he was the minutes prior to beating me to a pulp. I gulped and tried to ignore the dread from the impending beatings that were sure to follow. He was breathing heavily now but the skin around his eyes crinkled as if he was smiling. It was a rare smiling and I found myself wondering what lay beneath that terrifying mask.

"If your next assumption is correct, I will allow you to choose.'

Confused, I tilted my head, "choose what?"

"Which arm I should break."

He was cold, cruel, evil, and I hated him. I absolutely loathed him! I wanted to wrap my hands around his beefy neck and choke every ounce of his breath out of him but I knew I would never be able to do that. I was too soft, too fragile and I confirmed it to myself when I felt my lips quiver. I was terrified of this man, afraid of his men, scared of what will ensue and I let a few tears fall. I had been holding them in all of this time and I wanted to wait until I fell asleep tonight to cry over my pathetic ordeal but if I did not make it after this...

"Freedom," I whispered.

Bane stopped looking over Raj's head and stared at me as if I had lost it before the game began. He looked behind him at the door to ensure I was not talking about an escape route and when that was confirmed he walked to my chair and kneeled.

I shrank away from him when he reached out. I thought he would land another hard one on my still swollen cheek but he only grabbed my face and forced me to look into his uncaring eyes. They were very beautiful eyes framed by dark lashes and I could help but compare his eyes to the ocean, they were blue green and fascinating to study. I thought back to my boring dark eyes and cursed my father's strong genes for passing those on to me.

"My beating did not knock you out of sorts, did it?"

A few of his men laughed heartily.

Embarrassed, I shook my head and nodded to Raj. "Dr. Klein…Raj, they work for you because they have freedom. They are not constricted by society's rules to practice their talents. In conclusion, their talents are not institutionalized."

I continued to look into his eyes long after saying that and I felt my face burn at the reappearance of my massive balls but my analysis was correct judging by his face. His eyes widened briefly and by what I can tell, he was impressed. He stayed in this position for a while and I grew anxious as kept watching me in close proximity. I began my old habit of biting my lips and his eyes flickered to the motion before standing back up. He signaled to someone to come close him by using his finger and when that person came in view, my eyebrows threatened to disappear in my hairline. It was the patient in the clinic with me, the one who was masturbating shamelessly.

"Jeremy. Keep an eye on her," said Bane as looked over his shoulder, "seems as though Rabe passed his intellects on to his offspring."

Jeremy nodded and smiled slyly. I stuck my tongue out at him. I do not know what possessed me to do such a childish antic but I regretted it when he replied with a sexual gesture. I gasped and looked into the camera lens. Ignore them Olivia, just ignore them. Do not express any intimidation otherwise he will have the upper hand.

Five more minutes ticket by before Raj announced it was completed. The room went still and quiet except for a hum and buzz of the equipment. A red light went on the camera and I froze when Bane stood behind me, he had placed his hand on my shoulder this time.

"Hello citizens of the United States of America and very warm greeting to the people of New York City," he made sure to elongate that last part. "I am sorry to disrupt your afternoon programs but I believe I have a very important message to relay. Here with me today, I have Olivia Rabe. Say hello Olivia."


"Very good. Olivia is a student at Gotham University as a junior. She is a business major and hopes to secure a job at the main headquarters of Wayne Enterprise. A great aspiration no doubt. It would be no surprise if she obtains a job there, what with her 3.6 GPA and her extensive volunteer work. Although, do you suppose her connections will help her as well? That is right; Olivia Rabe is no other than Friedrich Rabes' daughter, the very man who is the chief scientist at Wayne Biotech." Bane's voice turned dark and hoarse as he continued on with his speech and Olivia felt a chill enter the room. The hand on her shoulder tightened.

"Mr. Rabe, you have ignored my requests the past couple of months and I grow irritated by your constant dismissal. If my threats held no forbearance on you, then this shall."

A hard fist flew onto my ear and all I hear was a painful pop before I slid off my chair. I was dazed and confused while I tried to sit back up but a sharp kick was delivered to my back and I was back on the floor. I released a sad moan as I tried to crawl away but Bane grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up. I opened my eyes and stared directly into the camera. Jeremy had it in his hands and was filming every bit of my poundings. A pitiful wail escaped my lips when Bane, who was still holding my hair, smacked my face to the floor. For the second time that day, I heard a crack and out came blood from both of my nostrils. My face ached from the broken nose and sore ear but Bane was far from finishing up our video. Another punch landed on my face but this time on my left eye and almost instantaneously, it closed on itself, it was a humongous black eye that I could even see from my right eye. I had enough, my body still had not recovered from the early morning thrashing and I was being plummeted to death yet again. Bane had scrunched my shirt in his hand and was going to deliver punch but I grabbed at his hand and tried to pull away.

"Please…" I cried out in anguish, "No more, I'll do any-"


He ignored my pleas and hit my jaw with such force that I lost consciousness for a minute and when I regained it; Bane had not eased up on his revenge. I curled in a ball as self-dense to block out the continuous kicks to my abdomen but it was useless, his kicks were still strong enough to bruise my body. I could no longer hold to my remaining strength and I settled to leave my mangled body completely open to Bane's lashing. My heavy eyes found Banes and I cried when I saw the hatred in them, I did not cry for what he was doing to me but for what had brought him to become like this. What happened to this man that turned him into this monster? He cried out before grabbing my hair once again and shoving my battered face into the camera.

"Gotham, take a look at what I have done to your person. Mr. Rabe, see what I can do to your daughter, and America, look at the city you have forsaken."

I could not help but let the sobs rack my body. I knew I looked shameful, pitiful, and brutalized but I was broken, alone, and frightened. I wanted my father, I wanted him to hug me and tell me everything will be alright but I knew somehow that my father will not help Bane. Whatever this monstrous man wanted will doom mankind and my father will not risk it. Not even for me.

"Which arm?"

My cries grew louder and I tried to push him away. "NO! PLEASE, I'LL DO ANYTHING; DON'T HURT ME ANYMORE, PLEASE!"

He smacked me hard across the face and I screamed when my broken face hit the floor but he lifted my body to his height and wrapped his large hands around my neck. I could not breathe and I panicked. I started clawing at his hands and gasped for precious air.

"YOUR ARM!" A few bits of spit landed on my face as he screamed deafeningly into my ear. A ringing settled into my ear hearing and I finally established enough air to answer him.

"My left…"

Wasting no time, Bane grabbed my left arm and pushed it the ground. He roughly pulled back my sleeve and gently ran his fingers across the smooth skin while looking into my eyes. For a minute there, I forgot everything, all I could see were his blue green eyes glistening with eagerness. My head dropped onto the floor in defeat and I released a sound which sounded like a dying animal.

"Look into the camera, do not let me tell you twice."

I shifted my head upwards and stared into the camera lens. My face contorted in agony when I saw my reflection. Though I was barely visible, I could clearly make out the bruises adorning my face. Then…I almost died. Bane had twisted my arm between his legs and shot down his knee onto my forearm. My screams pierced through the still air. Even to my own ears, I know that anyone who heard my pain who at least turn their face from it but Bane and the camera observed my reaction enthusiastically. I felt as if my bone was pouring acid into my bloodstream. I wanted to cradle it to my body but Bane continued to hold it down, he was relishing in my pain. I heard the camera shut off and Jeremy laughing with triumph.

"Good job, sir."

Bane grunted and gathered me into his arms, "get out of the way."

I fell limply into his embrace and despite him being the source of my pain and agony, I felt at peace in his arms. Perhaps it was my need for human comfort but I snuggled in the best I could with a broken arm. However, my vision was darkening and I knew the lack of food and abuse was taking its toll on my body. My eyes rolled into the back of head and fell into bliss but I did not miss the words that came out of Banes mouth.

"Forgive me."

"Do not be too hard on yourself Bane. What was done had to be done…you know that," said a musical female voice.

"I do not feel guilt for this-this little girl," said Bane gruffly.

The pitter-patter of heels clicked away across the floor until it stopped near my bed. Their voices dropped to a mere whisper and I cracked opened my eyes. I quickly shut them when the lights blinded me, they sore and heavy, a similar effect you would have after crying for hours. I tried opening my mouth but grimaced when I tore my chapped bottom lip. The blood made its way into my mouth and pushed against my tonsils. I had no choice but to swallow it. After the blood caked on my lips, I garnered enough moisture on my lips by wetting them with my tongue and tried to speak. Shit. My throat was raw and dry and it was painful to try and speak.

"She's awake," said the woman with a surprised tone.

A brunette entered my vision and it was no one I could recognize. She was pretty, with her shiny brown hair professionally straightened and her large blue eyes. She had a distinctive mole on her forehead but it added to her appeal. Her full pink lips twisted into a smirk when she gazed down at me. It pulled down my self-esteem to an all-time low. Here was a beautiful young woman looking down on a broken young girl, I know if I was evil enough, I would have laughed. She titled her head while starting to run her manicured fingers through my matted hair. She looked almost apologetic until she spoke.

"You are quite fucked up."

My eyes widened and she laughed. I take back what I said about her being pretty, your personality tends to outshine you appearance and hers swallowed her whole. If it was physically possible, I wanted to roundhouse kick her but Bane came into view as well. His look was cold and calculating; he did not look the least bit guilty for my situation.

"Oh good, you are awake," said Dr. Klein when he entered the clinic.

The woman and Bane moved back to allow the doctor to insert morphine into my I.V. I sighed in contempt when I felt its magical properties take in effect. My arm was acting like a bitch similar to the one watching me cruelly.

"I am afraid you have been asleep for three days. I have kept you heavily sedated to allow your body to recuperate." He pointed to another bag on a stand next me and said, "That has been your food during your sleep-induced coma. I do hope it is delicious."

I smiled at his lame attempt of a joke. I reached to my neck and recoiled from the emptiness. I was going to hyperventilate and my doc knew when my heart rate monitor picked up its pace. "My necklace…where is it?"

"I had to remove it to tend to your wounds. I left it on your table."

The brunette walked over to my side and grabbed the purple pendent from my table. I nearly fell out of my bed trying to grab it out of her filthy claws.

"Kind of pretty, isn't it Bane? I think I shall keep it."

"Give it back, you stupid bitch!"

The bitch laughed and twirled the necklace with her fingers before shaking her head no. I tried to relieve myself of Dr. Klein's restraints but it was of no use. I fell back on the bed and fought to keep the tears at bay. Dr. Klein released a sigh of relief when I calmed down and moved in to whisper.

"It was your mothers, right?"

I did not answer him but he figured I did not wish to speak about my mother and proceeded to give me a physical. I few times I groaned and I saw the malicious glint in Talia's eyes as they watched the procedure. She placed her long hands on Banes forearms and whispered with wide eyes what a good job he had done and praised his handiwork. I took notice how Banes body relaxed by her mere touches. Was she his lover? My cheeks grew pink and I tuned out those thoughts.

"Can you sit up for me?"

I complied with his order and gingerly pushed myself up with his help with one arm. When that tiring task was done, he had me turn my back slightly to him. Klein popped open my gown and let if all off my shoulders. Despite my arm being broken, I used both of them to cover my chest. Shame filled me when I was exposed to the two men (I paid no attention to Cruella-De-Vil,) tears were threatening to spill again. Thankfully, Klein was quick and immediately closed my gown and allowed me to rest back down on the plush pillows.

Looking down at his charts, "your arm was fractured…"

At this, my eyes snapped into Bane's eyes and I stared in shock. He did not break my arm, I know he was capable but why did it hurt like that if it was only a fracture? Was it my fear that ignited more pain that it really was? Whatever the reason, I almost cried yet again. He showed me mercy or was it because he wanted to inflict more damage in case the message did not go through? This sobered me up.

"…you should be good in no time," the doctor finished up.

"Thank you doctor," I whispered softly. I felt my eyes droop and my words slur when I spoke, I was heading back to my safe haven- sleep.

Two days had passed since I was released from the clinic and I enjoyed the peace the large cathedral windows to providing me. Soft snowflakes were falling against the windows and if I scooted in close enough, I could see the individual shapes. My dreamy state was interrupted when I saw Banes reflection in the window. He was looking at the back of my head when his attention was wretched away when the brunette came to his side. She smiled coyly at him before dropping a lingering kiss on his uncovered cheek. My heart raced at the overwhelming intimacy, on a side note, was she wearing the same clothes she wore two days ago? A gasp only I could hear escaped my lips and my while body burned with the realization. She is his lover. She said something to him before turning on her pompous heels and leaving, I distinctively heard the clanking of the doors just before she exited the building. My eyes went back to his face and he was watching me intently, was I in store for another production of "Beating Olivia to an inch of her death?" I finally turned around to face him.

"Can I help you?"

His body jerked to my voice and his eyes hardened, "If I require your assistance, I can assure you I will not ask for it."

Wow. Harsh. "I am sure. Have you heard from my dad?'

He threw me another glare and I could decipher this one. He was not going to share anything like that with me; I was just the bait, the hostage, the victim. I sighed and walked with a limp towards the kitchens bar and reached for an apple. I took a bite into the crisp fruit and wiped away the juices.

"He will not give you what you are looking for. I know my father. He loves me with all his heart but if it risks people's lives, he will not risk the chance. "

Bane raised an eyebrow, "not even for his daughter? You do not know the depth of a fathers love then. He has already lost your mother but at the same time he was given a daughter who resembles her. He will take that as a blessing and only a fool with throw away a blessing."

His face changed when he spoke and his eyes shifted to the hallway behind him as if he was searching for someone. The brunette? Yes. Most definitely. How could that woman ever lay with a man like Bane and as for Bane, how can he have those urges? Now, I was being stupid. His face was damaged not his penis. But still…it is just awkward. Perhaps it is for me since I have only been the end of his brutal side. I closed my eyes when the memories of his poundings came back. My sharp intake of breath caused Bane to look back at me and I shuddered.

He eyed me up and down, "do you require more painkillers?"

"No." I could not even bare to look at this cruel man. Why was I speaking to him like we were best buds? But I did look at him, more specifically, his eyes. They were so pretty that I grew jealous of them yet again. Why was I so infatuated with them? This is sick….am I honestly crushing on this man, the same man who crushes me every chance he gets? I nearly laughed but groaned when I felt nausea making a comeback, my stomach shrank since I was on the clinic bed and this apple seemed to be too much for my feeble stomach. I rushed/stumbled into the kitchen and retched into the sink. Before I knew it, I was crying. I do not know why, I was crying because of how pathetic my life is, how pretty his blue eyes were and how sick and distorted my mind has become. I turned on the faucet and let the force of the water push the sickness into the drain. Then, a towel paper was held under face; I pulled my head back and looked at Bane while he was holding it out for me. That was…kind of him. He grew impatient of my shock and grunted. He wiped my mouth for me before tossing in the can.

"T-thank you."

He said nothing back and instead went around the kitchen bar and faced the cathedral windows with his hands entwined behind his back. This was the perfect chance. I could grab a skillet, knock him out and find an escape. That was stupid, they will find me in a millisecond and he will thrash me, but it was my only chance. I sneakily grabbed the handle of a skillet on the drying rack and held it behind my back. I walked calmly towards him but I was shaking all over. I was aware of the beads of sweat on my brow and in between my cleavage. This was not going to work…this was not going to work!

It happened in a slow motion. He saw me in the reflection and made to turn around but I was quicker and landed it on the side of his head instead. He collapsed into a heap on the floor, motionless. I did it…I actually knocked him out. I tossed the skillet on the floor and tried to find an escape but my eyes kept going around the room and landing on his still form. I ceased my searching and my heart grew heavy, I could not leave him in this state. I know I was being an idiot for ruining my only chance of survival but this where I was different from Bane, from his accomplices. I would not be able to leave a man like this even if this man hurt me in so many ways. I rushed to the clinic and called down the stairs to Dr. Klein. Seconds later, he appeared. He saw my face and I suppose he knew, since he started running the stairs two at a time. I lead him to Bane and the doc quickly landed on his knees to the left of Banes body. I fell softly to his other side and placed my tiny hand on Banes shoulder.

"I-t-t-it was a s-s-spur of the moment," I muffled a sob, "I didn't mean to hurt him."

Klein stopped momentarily from checking his pulse and frowned, "do not be afraid of him. Be afraid for yourself, I dare not think of what he will do to you once he wakes up."