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"On your knees," Ibiki orders, whispering gently in Kiba's ear. His voice was like a lover's, but Kiba knew he was anything but that. Kiba obeys, going down on his knees. He's afraid of what Ibiki will do, but until he has a plan he obeys.

Funny that he was the one with weapon but Ibiki was the one giving orders.

"Did you hurt him?" Kiba asks.

Naruto looks him in the eye. He's trembling but he's not crying or anything. He's a strong ninja, something like this wouldn't break him down. Seeing that strength in Naruto's eyes gave Kiba strength, and also answers his question.

"Not yet, we were getting ready for the fun part. Would you like to watch?"

"No," Kiba snaps.

Ibiki laughs deeply, putting his hand on Kiba's face. Kiba jerks out of his grasp. Ibiki then steps up behind Kiba, grabbing him by the throat, pressing the back of his head to Ibiki's groin. Kiba's heart sinks when he feels the erection against the back of his head. He wasn't sure which element of this situation excited Ibiki, but whether it was the kidnapping, torture, rape, or pending murder, that erection was a bad sign.

"Should I force you to watch, or should I force Naruto to watch? I'm to figure out which would cause the most pain."

He grabs a handful of Kiba's hair and jerks his fist out, ripping out some of Kiba's hair. Kiba screams.

"Stop!" Naruto yells. "Stop it, don't touch him!"

"Naruto, shut up," Kiba growls.

Ibiki laughs deeply. "I think I just figured out who cares about whom the most!"

"Fuck," Naruto breaths.

"So I'll rape you while Naruto watches, then I'll break both of your legs," Ibiki says. "Then I'll have my way with Naruto while you watch. I haven't decided on his punishment yet, but for tell you… it'll be a good one."

Kiba looks at Naruto, who was glaring at Ibiki. His eyes move down to Kiba's, and there's a moment of nonverbal communication. Kiba glances down to the kunai still in his hands. Naruto blinks and focuses back on Ibiki. He knew the plan.

"Then after I kill Naruto I'll remove your tongue, your fingers, and possibly remove your eyes, so that you will continue to leave but will be unable to do anything about it."

Kiba flinches.

Ibiki laughs. "Did I finally strike a nerve, little ninja? I think I'll scratch my name into your chest…" Ibiki rips Kiba's shirt open, places his hands on Kiba's chest, "So every time Asuma sees you nude he'll be reminded of me."

"Stop," Kiba growls.

"And when I remove your eyes you'll never be able to see him again," Ibiki says.

"I said stop it!" Kiba screams.

"And when I remove your tongue," Ibiki whispers, raising his hands up to Kiba's throat again, "You'll never be able to tell him that you love him."

Kiba blinks, feeling the warm tears drip down his cheeks. Shit, Ibiki had really struck a nerve. To imagine a life where Kiba wouldn't be able to see Asuma, touch him with his fingers, say how he feels… it seemed like a dark, cruel place to be.

"If you wanted to torture me," Kiba whispers, "Nothing on this planet would hurt worse…"

Ibiki laughs cruelly, letting go of Kiba and taking a step away from him. He opens his mouth to speak, but that's exactly what Kiba was waiting for.

He throws his kunai, the blade slicing through the rope binding Naruto. The moment he's free Naruto makes the signs for a jutsu. Kiba dives for Naruto as Ibiki dives for him. Kiba feels Ibiki's hand begin to close around his ankle.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Dozens of clones of Naruto instantly fill the room, blocking the space between Kiba and Ibiki. Kiba pushes through the crowd of clones, the clones pushing him along. Naruto – the real Naruto – grabs Kiba by the arm and pulls him through the sea of clones.

The Naruto clones begin screaming, and Kiba knows Ibiki is already fighting back. There's a huge puff of smoke as the clones around them are destroyed. Kiba is nearly jutsuless without Akamaru but Naruto has a few more tricks. He grabs Kiba by the arm and pushes his chakra to his feet. He leaps straight up, blowing through the roof, pulling Kiba up with them. They fly up into the air and Ibiki appears from the hole, flying up to meet them.

"Don't fight me!" Ibiki yells.

"You asked for it!" Naruto yells back. He lets go of Kiba to weave the signs. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Dozens of him appear, blocking Ibiki. The half that isn't blocking Ibiki begins weaving signs.

"Transformation Jutsu!"

Half of them transform into the splitting image of Kiba. Together they fall down to the earth. They aim for the trees bordering the village. The clones along with Kiba and Naruto fall into the trees. As they land they split up into pairs, running into different directions.

"C'mon!" Naruto cries, grabbing Kiba by the arm, ignoring the fact that he's wearing nothing but a shirt. Kiba runs with them, watching as dozens of clones explode from Ibiki's attacks. Some tumble over to the ground and scream in pure agony before disappearing. What kind of jutsu did Ibiki use?

"We need Asuma," Naruto says.

"We need Kakashi!" Kiba screams.

More and more clones begin disappearing. Kiba pulls Naruto along, pulling him towards the city. They couldn't run deeper into the forest; they needed to get deeper into the city. And as embarrassed as Naruto was his being naked would help draw the attention they needed.

"We need to get help!" Kiba screams.

Naruto cries out suddenly, falling over to the ground, writhing in agony. He lets go of Kiba's hand, but Kiba stops running and turns back around. Naruto begins to say something but he screams inside, clutching his side. Then he turns over and grabs his thigh.

"Naruto!" Kiba cries.

"Run, fucking run!" Naruto sobs, putting both hands on his chest. He arches his back and screams again.

"No," Kiba cries.

Ibiki kicks him so hard Kiba goes flying into the air. Before he hits the ground Ibiki punches him down, Kiba smashing into the earth. Ibiki straddles him, grabbing him by the throat with one hand. Kiba grabs Ibiki's massive forearm and tries to pry him off but it was like trying to pry Asuma off – Ibiki was like a brick house.

"I told you not to fight me," Ibiki says.

Kiba grunts because that's the only thing he can do. He kicks his legs, trying to scratch and pry Ibiki's hands off of him, but he can't get free. He feels his body weakening under Ibiki's grasp. He grabs Ibiki's thick forearm and everything begins to get hazy.

Naruto kicks Ibiki in the head. Ibiki growls at him, swinging at him with his free arm. Naruto dodges the attack and kicks him in the face this time, loosening his grip on Kiba.

Ibiki lunges, dragging Kiba by the throat, grabbing Naruto by the penis. He squeezes and Naruto screaming, going down to his knees. Kiba takes a deep breath in, coughing as if he'd taken too much air.

"Fucking genin," Ibiki snarls.

"Asuma knows!" Kiba screams. "I told him, he knows!"

Ibiki looks down at him. "No he doesn't, he would be here right now if he did!"

Shit! Kiba just wasn't the liar Asuma could be. He watches as Naruto helplessly struggles to get Ibiki to release him. Then Naruto relaxes so visibly that both Ibiki and Kiba stare at him.

"I'm sorry, Kiba-kun," Naruto says.

Then his body disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Shit," Ibiki growls. "A shadow clone!"

"Thank you Naruto," Kiba smiles.

"Don't thank him," Ibiki growls. He pulls Kiba up to his feet. He pushes Kiba away and weaves a few signs so fast Kiba can't even see them. "Earth Release: Vine Entrapment Jutsu."

Roots burst from the ground, wrapping around Kiba's legs, winding up his body to wrap around his arms. They tighten around his wrists, binding them together tightly, wrapping around his throat, his chest, his waist, his thighs. He cries out when the roots force him to his knees, where they bind him by his ankles.

Ibiki then picks him up and throws Kiba over his shoulder.


Ibiki kicks the door open and tosses Kiba down to the ground. Kiba hit the floor of Asuma's apartment with a soundly thud that hurts his entire body, but he doesn't make a sound. He doesn't want Asuma to panic any more than he knows the shinobi will.

"Come out, Asuma-san, come out now," Ibiki yells.

Kiba looks up and sees Asuma step out of his bedroom with a confused look on his handsome face. He looks at Kiba's first, so many emotions running across his face. When he looks up at Ibiki his emotions fuse together to create pure anger.

"You bastard!" Asuma yells.

Ibiki raises his hand. He snaps once, the sound echoing throughout the entire house. Asuma goes still before he goes down to his knees, lacing his fingers together and putting them behind his head. He goes completely still, staring straight ahead, and Kiba can see the front of his pants beginning to bulge out.

"No," Kiba moans. "Please, no, Asuma…"

Ibiki laughs wickedly, putting his boot on Kiba's side. "Now I can really make you suffer, you foolish child."



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