Charector Descriptions

Alice Hunt


Blond Shoulder length hair

Blue eyes

Likes: Swimming, Dogs, Drawing, Music, Horses and fab lollies.

Dislikes: Fake people, boredem, pickles, Coffee and Tea.

From East London. Moved to Plymouth because both parents died.

Mum died when she was 4 and her dad died last month unexpectedly.

2012 - 2nd Olympics.

World champion 2010 & 2011. 200 metre freestyle (main event). Competes in relay and 100 metre butterfly too.

Tom Daley


Short brown tussled hair

Chocolate brown eyes

Likes: Diving

Lived in Plymouth all his life. Lives with his mum and 2 younger brothers.

His dad died last year from a brain tumour.

2nd Olympics

Been world champion several times.

10 metre synchronised diving.

10 metre individual diving.