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Chapter 10:

Gibbs sat down he was furious the case was going nowhere. All the 'leads' were dead and nothing new had come up. The only thing of any interests other than their names; was that hair from the first victim was found on the last and so was hair from the second. Other than that the first was found with it throat lashed so deep it head was practically decapitated, the second was found gutted like a fish and the third suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the legs and was left to bleed out was there no connections other than the hair. His phone buzzed. Krystal. Where and when do I meet you for lunch? Gibbs didn't remember leaving her his number, but he shrugged it off assuming he had just forgotten.

Just before 1200 (the arranged time), Gibbs stood up. As time passed he was getting more and more frustrated at the lack of progress, they were getting more puzzle pieces but no connections. "I'm going to lunch and when I get back I want something, anything to fit for it to make sense." Various forms of got it Boss echoed around the bullpen.


The team was glad Gibbs had left he was provoking them, almost baiting them in his resentment of the blocks the team keep hitting. They felt that they might get more done without his pacing, harassing and his constant presence behind their shoulders. There was something about this case that was getting to him maybe it was the apparent insolvability or something else… McGee wasn't sure but Gibbs seemed edgier than usual, since that girl came but maybe that was just the pressures of dealing with a wayward child affecting him.


He met Krystal at Krusty's Diner. When he walked in she was already there, leaning back on her chair toying with the waiter. Once she was him she sat up, and waved him over. "Hey Gibbs, how is it going?" Gibbs smiled at her apparent happiness of seeing him. "I'm fine. How has your day been?" Krystal thought for a moment. "Well… I have done all the washing, vacuumed the house, clean windows and done some baking." She paused. "So pretty boring, actually." Gibbs laughed at that, his analysis of her proving to be correct. She was very, very much like her grandmother. As the time passed they became more relaxed, laughing and joking more easily. Krystal noticed this and was pleased, things were going much smoother than expected. Part of her hoped that all this might work out, that it might be permanent but realistically she knew fairy tales don't happen for people like her.

As the time grew nearer for them to head back, Gibbs started twitching. He really hoped that they had found something. His nervous finger tapping, started frustrating Krystal. "What?" she snapped suddenly. "If you want rid of me; I'll disappear and never inconvenience you again." Gibbs looked startled by her outburst; he hadn't noticed his nervous tic. "Look if I am bothering you, just tell me and I will be gone. There is nothing gained by keeping me around longer than needed." Krystal was upset by this turn of events; she had thought that they were getting along fine but she kept her emotions hidden. Gibbs looked at her puzzled. Where had that came from? One moment they are getting along fine, the next she was shouting about how if he wants her gone she is. His confusion was apparent on his face. Krystal sighed. "It's okay I can fend for myself, if I am too much trouble I will leave and you won't have to worry about me." She smiled trying to make this easier for him. He had a good heart for taking her word on who she was to begin with, so there was nothing to be gained by over staying her welcome.

Gibbs looked at her. Her face gave nothing away. He was un-sure of what she was going on about. Did she feel really want to leave? "Hang on minute, what are you going on about? Why do you want to leave? Can you please explain?" Now it was Krystal's turn to be confused, she had sworn he wanted rid if her. "You don't want me to leave?" "No where did you get that idea?" "Well… you were tapping your fingers on the table that is a sign of nerves, so I assumed that you wanted me gone and were just trying to find a way to tell me." She paused before going on unsure of how much to share. "Cause that's how the last people I stayed with looked before they told me, all tense and jittery." Gibbs reached an arm out to comfort her and watch as she shied away. "Okay firstly, Rule 8 - Never take anything for granted and secondly why did you think I wanted rid of you already I only meet you yesterday." "Everyone tires of me eventually; I just thought that you did sooner than usual."

Gibbs was disturbed by her nonchalant attitude; she really thought that nobody liked her and saw nothing wrong with being chucked from place to place. He realised that he was her last chance for any form of family. "No you're not the problem. The problem is the case at work, there appears to be a serial killer on the loose. Who seems to have gotten bored with going un-noticed and has started leaving evidence of earlier crimes on their new victims and other than the evidence they're leaving there seems to be no connection between the cases what so ever." Krystal was intrigued. "Are they all naval?" "The ones we know about are." So you think there is more?" "The only reason we know that any of the cases are linked is that the killer is leaving DNA of earlier cases on his new victims. We can't assume anything." "So its kind like he is testing you then, seeing if you're smart enough to catch him." Gibbs paused, so it wasn't just him that thought that the killer was playing with them. "Yeah, I'd say so. You don't just get careless and start bring evidence from earlier cases forward, you do it for a reason." "Maybe they were trying to see how many they could get away with, decide they're bored and want some attention but the way they have done their kills in a way that unless you know the formula they are unconnected."

Gibbs shook his head. "Nice try but when I say they are not connected I mean they are not even the same gender." "Well, maybe it is in how they were killed." "All different, one was found with it throat lashed so deep it head was practically decapitated, the second was found gutted like a fish and the third suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the legs and was left to bleed out." "Were they bound?" "No none of them." "There will be a connection, an M.O. There has to be, you just haven't found it yet and you will." Gibbs Smiled. "Thanks for the faith but I think this case might just be beyond our limits." They fell into silence and stayed that way for a while.

Just as Gibbs was about to leave, Krystal reached forward and stopped him. "I've got it; I know how they are connected." Gibbs was surprised, she had only just been told AND had less information then they did. "What's the connection then?" She leant forward before exclaiming. "Famous killers. Your serial killer is the best copy killer in the world; he takes famous cases and uses their method." "Hang on what? Where did you get this idea from?" "The slit throat that could be the barber butcher otherwise known as Sweeny Todd, the gutted one Jack the Ripper and…" "Jack the Ripper slit his victims' throats." Gibbs pointed out. "I think you'll find that the throat is slit but as it was only common to two it was not the main feature. Jack the Ripper's third victim wasCatherine Eddowes and she was left gutted." "And our third victim is?" "David Bain, who is accused of having killed his entire family, by shooting them multiple times." "Why do you know this?" "Aren't you going to say thank you?" "I don't Know if it true or not yet." "Check the cold cases, there could be more." "Are you doing my job now?" "If I'm right you owe me." Krystal said, full of anger. She had felt so proud of herself but she had only been met with misgivings.

Gibbs looked at his watch, said goodbye and headed back to work, leaving Krystal sitting there fuming. On his way back he thought over what she had said and decided that it was worth a shot, they had nothing to lose but still he had to hope that the team had found a more solid connection that they could peruse. He didn't really want to go into who figured it out and how he broken protocol in telling an outsider.

Sweeny Todd was a real person, he was executed but whether or not he did what is said is hidden in the past. Jack the Ripper, they don't know exactly how many he killed with between 7 and 11 usually attributed to him. David Bain jailed for 13 years, before being acquitted. It is unknown if he did or didn't kill his family.

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