Despite the fact that Frank Pritchard had now officially moved in with his...boyfriend...God, that word sounded weird in reference to Jensen... the computer technician felt that their relationship hadn't really gone anywhere. Ever since Frank had told Adam that he loved him, he had expected something significant to change. He supposed that signing on to the other man's lease should have been a big step, but it was surprisingly non-monumental. He'd basically been living there already. Frank couldn't fool himself—he knew that the real reason he was unsatisfied was that Jensen still hadn't said he loved him, too. The lopsidedness of the situation loomed over Frank everytime he thought about his partner (which was quite a bit).

Sure, Pritchard wanted to bring it up, but an 'I love you' was just not something he could force. He'd be even less satisfied with the situation if the only way he'd gotten the words was by coaxing it out of the damn cyborg.

It was as if their relationship had stagnated at kissing and living together. Adam hadn't even tried to have sex with him! They slept in the same bed, but that was it. They only slept.

Frank understood why, but it didn't make things any easier. Jensen had been burned in his past, especially when he was at his most vulnerable. Pritchard knew the man had loved Megan, but she'd only betrayed him. Pritchard also burned with jealousy whenever he thought about the woman. Why was she enough to have Adam's full heart, and he, who had never hurt Jensen, was not? Was there something wrong with him? Intellectually, he knew that his partner was just afraid of being hurt again. Frank knew that. Frank understood, but...

"Why?" He slammed a fist down on his desk. It was even distracting him from his work, damnit.

Timing impeccable as always, the cyborg stepped into the room just in time to see this display of anger.

"The great Francis Pritchard, having trouble with a computer program? I'm shocked," he teased. The tech would have cracked a smile had he not been so full of rage that he practically couldn't see.

"Leave me alone, Jensen, I'm working," he declared coldly.

Adam looked at him, confused. "What's wrong?" he took a few steps closer.

Pritchard clenched his fists. "If I'm not mistaken, we are at work. We're not here to chat."

The head of security froze, looking hurt. "We always have lunch together. I mean, ever since we started seeing each other. Did I fuck up?"

Frank's heart wrenched, and he felt like an asshole. "No." Adam simply stared, waiting for an explanation. "No, you're fine. I just don't feel good, is all," he lied.

"Okay," Jensen said, meekly. "Unless there's something I can do, I'll just see you back at the apartment tonight." Seeing that Pritchard was not planning to say anymore, he turned around and left the office.

"God damnit," the tech muttered as he rest his head defeatedly on his desk.

That night didn't fare much better. In an effort to avoid much contact, and especially a discussion, Pritchard went from the front door, to the shower, and straight to bed.

At one twelve, he shot up from a nightmare. Adam stirred at the movement, but remained asleep. In an effort to control his racing heart, Frank walked to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, then plopped on the couch. What the hell could he possibly say to Jensen? How could he get over the intense anger and hurt that flared up whenever he had a spare second? It was clear he needed to do something, but he was at a total loss.

Deep in his thoughts, he didn't notice the cyborg come up behind him.

"Francis?" the ex-SWAT inquired gently.

The raven-haired man jumped a little. "Jensen, I didn't know you were awake."

The man slid next to him on the couch. "Please, tell me what's wrong."

"Why does it even matter?" the tech sighed.

"Because you say it's not about me, but I'm pretty sure you're lying. And if I don't know what I'm doing wrong, then I can't fix it." Adam slid an arm around Pritchard's waist, securing him closer.

Frank looked at him, despondent. "It's stupid, because I know you have every reason to be cautious, but it still hurts. There are times where I feel like this is a one-sided relationship, and that you'll never care for me the way you cared for Megan."

"Frank, you're not Megan. You treat me better than she ever did."

"Maybe I'm just being paranoid, as usual. I wish I could stop it." Pritchard leaned his head on the cyborg's shoulder.

Adam held his hands, enjoying the closeness. "Frank, I love you."