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Rate: Rated T just to be safe
Summary: Every one was pawn in the chess game of Voldemort and Dumbledore. But what would happen if this pawns decide to take matters in their own hand? What if they had their own planing? What will happen when their plans make conflict with others? Rated to be safe...
Warning: There is possibility of violence, bloodshed, and drug abuse in future, not any thing explicit! Don't like it, don't read it!
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Just The Dead Are Unsaveable

By Saramagician

Chapter 1:Fire

Malfoy Manor

Moon was in the middle of the sky and was looking at ground with her shiny face. Night was quiet and wind blew mildly and shook the tree branches slowly. Malfoy Manor stood there, without her usual sparkle. It had seen better days for the Malfoy family, days of glory and pride. But now that master of manor was in Azkaban and his family was in disgrace. Now, it was a very normal place for Death Eater meetings and a residence for some of them. It was not a manor that had housed one of most famous, powerful, and oldest pure blood families in the Wizarding World!

Inside the manor was quiet and that was now considered a rarity. After the arrest of Lucius Malfoy and some of his followers, Voldemort had been restless, ruthless, and angry. Well… more so than normal. He would punish his followers at every opportunity. This night hadn't been any different. He punished them all for not succeeding in their missions, some for just being there! By the end of meeting there was no one who wasn't suffering from after effects of Cruciatus Curse except Voldemort himself! After he called the meeting to an end and left the Manor, everyone sighed in relief as they were in no state for apparating and they didn't want to risk getting splinched or they were resident of the Manor. A few decided that a drink would be the best way to calm their still irritated nerves.

Narcissa, in the absence of Lucius, was in charge of manor and ordered the house elves to bring their best Elf Wine for them. After nearly the entire night had passed, Bellatrix retreated to her chambers as did the ones that could still walk. The ones that were too drunk to stand, crawled over to some quiet corner to drown themselves in their misery. Narcissa rose from her seat with her untouched glass and motioned for Severus to follow her. After they left the room, Yaxley and Goyle went to the library.

Narcissa closed the door behind Severus and gestured for him to sit in one of armchair in front of fire. Severus sat and waited for Narcissa to sit down before he asked in a business like voice, "What did you want to talk about, Narcissa?"

"What is wrong with inviting a friend for a chat?" she asked in the fake Pureblooded hurt way.

"Nothing is wrong with inviting a friend to a chat… but it seems wrong whenever you are involved," he answered coolly. It was right that they were friends, but neither she nor Lucius ever let him forget his blood status and they had never been close. Actually they never let anyone get too close. They always treated others with condescending looks as if everyone else was below them. Severus had never been an exception even though he was their son's godfather.

Severus never understood why they chose him for the task; how they could leave their son to a half blood that's below them. His stream of thought was interrupted when Narcissa start speaking. She drank all content of her glass in one breath before she answered Severus. "Well, perhaps you are right. One of the reasons I asked you to accompany me to my chambers is that I didn't want to walk the corridors alone, knowing that some drunk people are in the shadows. With Lucius in Azkaban and Draco at Hogwarts, I have to live alone with those half-wits in my home. I don't want to face them, at least not when they are drunk."

"In several parties, before and after the downfall of Dark Lord, I saw that you spent a long time with some of them when they were drunk and you didn't seem to care that they were drunk. Now, what has changed so dramatically?" Severus asked conversationally, sarcasm leaking from his every word.

Narcissa filled her glass again with wine that elves brought to her chambers and start sipping at it and looking at the fire in the hearth. "That was different. Then, I was Mrs. Malfoy, lady of Malfoy Manor, wife of Lucius Malfoy, a very powerful and influential person in Wizarding World, one of Dark Lord inner circle, and the highest ranking of one of the oldest and purest family."

If Severus wasn't supposed to sympathize with her and listen to his friend confabulate, he surely would have rolled his eyes at this.

"Every man dreaming to spend time with me... everything was in my hands." She didn't seem to answering Severus' question anymore; it was as if she were remembering what her life had been like and describing it aloud. "Everything I wanted, I only had to name it and it would be mine, but now I'm wife of a criminal in prison, and a disgrace in Dark Lord's ranks. Those fools treat me like their servant now that Dark Lord lets them do anything they want in this Manor." It seemed now that Narcissa had started speaking, she simply couldn't stop it. The only time she stopped was when she was taking generous sips from her wine. "Draco being absent just makes it worse; during the summer when he was home they behaved better. Not that I think they were afraid of him, no, but they just behaved better." She finished talking and put her glass aside, leaned forward and put her face in her hands. They stayed like this for some time; Narcissa with her face in her hands while Severus drank his wine and stared at the fire, both in deep thought.

~Page Break~

In the library, Yaxley sat on one of couches facing the hearth deep in thought and Goyle was pacing about while drinking his second glass. He was angry because tonight he had been in the center of their Lord's attention and kindness.

"He isn't who he was not any more. Instead of going out and drawing those Mudbloods and Mudblood-lovers out of their holes and making them pay, we are mostly hiding or doing pointless things for him while he is practically killing us! He is mad, really mad and it was Lucius and the others' fault that everyone now knows he has returned, NOT US!" he roared, throwing his glass toward a sofa near a wall that was covered from floor to ceiling with bookshelves. It smashed on the floor between the sofa and bookshelves, its content covered floor.

As if smashing glass has increased his wrath, he walked to table with three long strides and picked the wine bottles up and threw them in same direction one after another. When he finished, there was wine everywhere, on the books and bookshelves, the furniture, and spreading across the floor.

"Better?" Yaxley asked;he didn't wait for an answer and continued, "Although, I don't see the point in breaking these bottle and wasting such an expensive and delicious wine,", he pointed to the shattered bottles, "but I hope it at least made you feel better." He gulped down the rest of his wine. "Let's have another drink and then a good eight hours of sleep. We can think about everything tomorrow morning – Elf!"

Immediately a little creature with dirty loose clothes and big blue eyes popped in front of sofa. They wasn't master of Manor and elves didn't have to answer to their call but all of them feared of what these men and their master could do to a little elf and also they knew no one here raise a finger on their behalf!

"You! Bring us wine, NOW," Yaxley ordered. He still was suffering from after effects of the Cruciatus – even after as much wine as he had drank. It made him angry, and also the Dark Lord's behavior. He wasn't a fool like Goyle to react that way and shout nonsense about the Dark Lord for everyone to hear. He liked his head where it was. He knew one word in the wrong ear, and their Lord would cut off their heads and put them on their chests! But everything from what happened in Ministry, to those blasted tremors in his body, to the Dark Lord's and now Goyle's behavior along with everything else was getting to him. So he didn't hide his rage and disgust that filled his voice while talking to the elf. Who cared how he spoke to a filthy little elf? Perhaps he could hex this elf after it brought them their wine! That way he would feel better and no damage would be done! He was in lost these thoughts and didn't notice that the elf still stood there with wide (more than before, if anyone believed it is possible) eyes and couldn't understand how on earth two wizard can drink eight full bottle in less than forty minutes!

The poor elf unfortunately did what it shouldn't have. "But-" the rest of the elf's sentence was muffled in Goyle's shouts, who in contrast to Yaxley, had been watching the elf with narrowed eyes, waiting for an excuse.

"HOW DARE YOU TO DISOBEY US! YOU FILTHY LITTLE CREATURE!" He fumbled with his wand for a second before he shot spell after spell at the elf that had already started to punish himself. Because of his rage and the wine, his hand was shaking too much to get a good aim at the little elf and instead his spells hit everything else in the room: furniture, books, the floor, and the elf. Some of his explosive spells hit the sofas and flame rose from it. Then like cancer, the fire found its way to the lake of wine on the floor and from there to the bookshelves.

"See what you did! You fool unworthy elf!" Goyle yelled at the elf that was now writhing on the ground because of the spell that it had been hit by.

"Don't say nonsense Goyle! You made this bed, now lie in it!" Yaxley said standing up and walking quickly to door.

"Wait! I don't know how to put out this fire!" Goyle shouted running after Yaxley. The house elf stood rather shakily and disappeared with a pop.

Goyle reached Yaxley and asked anxiously, "What are we going to do?"

Yaxley sent him a side glance and snapped, "I said we can think about it in morning."

"No, I mean the library" Goyle slurred. "What are we going to do about it?"

"Me? Nothing! I'm going to my chambers to sleep. You? I don't know. But if I were you, I would inform Narcissa of the accident and then go to my chamber and sleep peacefully. However, I think that that worthless house elf will inform her anyway, so why don't you retreat to your room and forget anything's happened," he said calmly. Goyle had always looked at to Malfoy for what he should do, but now that he was in Azkaban and had fallen in Dark Lord's eyes, he looked at anyone who seemed intelligent enough to tell him what he should do. In this case, that person was Yaxley. So he went to his chamber as if nothing had happened. Soon after their departure the fire spread from on book to another book and from one bookshelf to others. Within seconds all of the library was on fire.

~Page Break~

After some minutes in silence, Narcissa picked up her head from its place in her hands and looked at Severus.

"How is he? Is he alright?" she asked nervously. Severus knew exactly who she is talking about.

"Draco is fine, Narcissa. Don't worry, he is safe at Hogwarts"

She leaned back in her seat. "I know, but I just can't stop worrying for about him. He is just a child and knowing what he is about to do, knowing its consequences, I just can't stop worrying! Because I know he won't succeed Severus; he can't do it and then he must pay consequences," At this point, she was near tears.

"I took Unbreakable vow to protect him and I intend to do exactly that. If you don't trust me with the task, you should go to another!" He said in no more than a whisper. He knew that everyone was either too drunk to comprehend what they were saying or had passed out. But he couldn't take a chance; even the walls and objects had eyes and ears.

"I trust you Severus; I just wish we hadn't been in this place from the start. I want to have my husband by my side and know that there is no danger threatening my only child. The Dark Lord with all of his beliefs and orders can go to hell." Severus narrowed his eyes slightly; her manner was strange. They learnt never to say such treacherous words aloud! Either Narcissa was extremely desperate to save her family (and she knew that he wouldn't say anything, not out of concern and friendship for them, but out of self-preservation) or it was a trap to test his loyalty.

Lucius and Narcissa were Severus's friend from their school years (when Severus started at Hogwarts, Lucius was in his seventh year and Narcissa was in her sixth, and even after their graduation, they had kept contact with Severus for reasons only known to themselves) and spying on them was always was one of the hardest things he had to do. He needed to push his guilt over doing this aside; he should be acting around them in ways that a real friend would, but at the same time watch his back and play his role as a loyal Death Eater. Most of the time it wasn't very easy at all! All these thoughts caused Severus to choose his next word carefully. "Now is not time for this. I'm sure everything will be fine and when all of this has ended you will laugh at your present thoughts and worries," he said smoothly.

The most complicated issue in the Dark Lord's service that you never got used to is that you never knew when your friends were willing to suffer in your place, when they would make you suffer saving themselves or simply moving higher into his ranks.

"Perhaps-" whatever Narcissa began to say was interrupted by a house elf that suddenly appeared before them with a pop. "I'm sorry my lady, but library is on fire…"