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Summary: Every one was pawn in the chess game of Voldemort and Dumbledore. But what would happen if this pawns decide to take matters in their own hand? What if they had their own planing? What will happen when their plans make conflict with others? Rated to be safe...
Warning: There is possibility of violence, bloodshed, and drug abuse in future, not any thing explicit! Don't like it, don't read it!
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Just The Dead Are Unsaveable

By Saramagician

Chapter 3: First a cursed ring, second a cursed necklace, third…?

Severus worked hard to gain this free period for himself, to study his newly acquired books from Narcissa. He had been very busy recently: teaching classes, his Head of House duties, spying for the Order, keeping an eye on Draco and trying to find out what his plan is, brewing potions for Dark Lord, the Order and the infirmary, grading essays. He found little time to sleep and eat, let alone study.

But it was important; he wanted to read the book he had brought back from Malfoy Manor nearly a month ago, in hopes of finding something that could save his poor soul. So, he had planned a week ago for this opportunity, he worked throughout the night on potions for the Dark Lord and infirmary. He succeeded in finishing all of them before dawn. (It was a wonder how he managed to brew seventeen different potions at the same time, all without exploding even one of them!). He also had to invent a new potion for the Dark Lord, but at not today. He would accept the consequences.

Severus then started grading his students' essays and completed all of them except his seventh years' work in no time. Most of the younger students didn't even try to write something decent for their potion essays. he was thankful for that; it made his work so much easier, he didn't need to put in as much time to read what they wrote.

But his seventh years were another story. Not only did they put in time, effort, and actually studied the topic before they wrote their essay, they also experimented and even invented new methods and potions for their essay! So he always set aside more time to read them, and graded them with more patience and care. He didn't have time to do so right now; he would look at them tomorrow.

There weren't any classes today, and he had already finished his work that needed to be done (as he had planned). So he had free time on his hands, the first free time he had had in a while! He wouldn't have to deal with any dunderheads, any exploding cauldrons, any unwanted visitors, or any trouble makers, and no bragging Slytherins!

Now don't misunderstand. Severus liked his Slytherins and always tried to help, support, and protect them. He tried to do the things which no one had bothered to do for him! But for now he had so much on his hands, so in his eyes, they were downright annoying. Their needs and requests just seemed unnecessary! At one point, he considered pricking himself with his Basilisk's tooth and get it over with!

Almost all of the students went to Hogsmeade today and with all of the Aurors Albus had asked for to protect them, there was no need for him to go. He simply couldn't understand why the dunderheads would want to go out in this weather instead of staying in their Common Rooms.

After Severus finished organizing papers and the other things on his desk, he went to his warm chamber, took some toast and bacon from the ridiculous amount of food the Hogwarts' elves had brought him for breakfast. They did that on a regular basis as he hardly cared to go to Great Hall for breakfast.

With a mug of warm coffee in one hand and the book he wanted to read for quite some time in the other, he sat in his favorite wing chair near the fireplace. Severus opened the cover of the half burned book, took a quick glance at title, and then went straight for first chapter. He started to read the method in the chapter, the theories behind it, and a few other theories that never had been proven. The book was fascinating! The methods that were in it were very simple, but useful and powerful if you knew how to correctly use them.

Severus couldn't hide his enthusiasm, not that he even tried; it had been long time since he had read such good book. The methods in the first chapter were simple, but the spells behind them were very challenging and complex, unlike the new scientific books which were now sold in bookstores. Some of the top authors in Britain used to be his students and if their essays were anything to go by, there must be loads of nonsense in their books.

He always enjoyed reading, especially in his Hogwarts quarters. It was warm and cozy; the

sound of logs cracking in the fireplace – which was the only other sound in the room – was very relaxing. It was in moments like this that he thought he was finally at peace. Moments, when he forgot about war, his duty, his guilt, Lily, Potter, and everything else; moments when he just enjoyed the present time, the silence, the warmness, and the books.

But like always his peace didn't last for long; someone started to pound on the door of his office. He suppressed a groan and walked towards the hidden door which connected his office and chambers and then from there to his outside office door. As the poundings become louder, he increased his pace, in fear that his office door would be broken down. With every heavy thud on his door his irritation increased.

He opened the door and there stood Filch with his right hand up in the air ready to pound and a red and gold scarf in his left hand. The scarf seemed to be wrapped around something and Filch was carrying it in a way like it was burning him.

"Professor McGonagall asked me to deliver this to you. She said to that you shouldn't touch it!" The caretaker said, holding the scarf in a way so whatever was inside it wouldn't touch him.

"What is in it?" Severus asked, eyeing the scarf warily.

"Like I would know; I'm just the messenger! I saw Professor McGonagall at castle entrance, ushering Potter and his gang of friends in." 'Potter again,' Severus thought to himself. "When I came to catch those trouble makers she said that they were with her and then took this-" Filch gestured toward the package in his hand, "from Potter, gave it to me and said to deliver it to you and NOT to touch what's in it and to carry it with the scarf." After finishing with his tale, he thrust forward his hand holding the package toward Severus.

Severus huffed while slipping his wand from the sleeve of his coat to his right hand and Levitated the package from Filch's hand. Filch hadn't said anything else and he just stood there staring at the package in the air as if he had never seen anyone performing magic before.

"Anything else?" Severus asked in an annoyed tone that brought Filch out of his thoughts.

"No Professor, good day." He said and went from there with such speed that was unbelievable.

"A little late for that," Severus murmured, closing the door behind him. "Again, Mr. Potter, you succeeded in ruining my day!" He said and put the package on his desk.

For the first time, he noticed the Dark Magic which was radiating from whatever was inside of the scarf. He unraveled it with his wand and looked at the necklace, his eyes widening with recognition. He had seen that necklace in Borgin and Burkes.

'What was Draco thinking? He knew they would be searching everyone! What did he want to do?' Severus's mind was racing. Another thought popped in his head 'If Draco gets caught red-handed, the Dark Lord's and Albus' plans would be ruined! And then I wouldn't have to kill him!' He didn't know if it was good thing or not as their only hope to win the war was Albus' plan. 'No Dumbledore's plan. I must detach myself from him if I'm going to kill him!' He thought snidely to himself. 'Perhaps there is another way, to do it! You just haven't found it yet!' a voice said in his head.

He shook his head and thought about the idea of Draco getting caught, again. If it became reality, it would cost him his life as he hadn't yet fulfilled his Vow. But the thought of his soul not getting shattered by a cold blooded murder was very tempting. He even thought of setting a trap for Draco so everything would be revealed. He shook his head. 'It is not the time for day dreaming,' he scolded himself. 'I should be finding out how this necklace had gotten into Potter's hands.'

He cast spell after spell, trying to determine the exact type of its Dark Magic on the cursed necklace and what its purpose was. When he saw the results from the last spell he had woven around the necklace, he stopped casting and cursed under his breath. 'The spreading type of magic! Really what that idiot was thinking!'

A voice in his head interfered. 'The boy probably even doesn't know the difference between a Dark spell and a Dark flow*!'

Severus sighed, "First, a cursed ring… and then a cursed necklace… Merlin save us from the third!" He said in a whisper.

Another thought hit him hard and his eyes widened in horror. 'What if someone had touched this necklace? Like Potter's friends!' He quickly dismissed the last part as he remembered what Filch had said. They certainly were with Potter and Minerva, and if they had touched the necklace they would already be under Poppy's care.

He knew if anyone had touched it, with every passing moment, their situation would get worse and if it wasn't stopped in time, the damage would be permanent. 'Like Albus' a voice said in his head.

He cursed the heir of the ancient and pureblooded family of Malfoy again and made his way towards the Floo. If anyone had been hurt, they would be in the infirmary so he would check there first. He took a handful of Floo powder and threw it into the flames, stepped through it, and vanished into the green flames.

When he emerged from the infirmary's fireplace he heard hysterical voices and the sound of heels on the infirmary tiles that moved hurriedly from one place to another.

He stood in the door frame to Poppy's office and saw Minerva to go back and forth between a bed and the potion store room while Poppy, standing over the bed, was waving her wand frantically over the person and was talking to herself in hysterical tone of voice.

The steadiness in Minerva's voice belied the fear that was showing on her face; she had perspiration running down her forehead. When she spotted him at door frame, relief filled her face. She quickened her pace and made her way toward him. "Thank Merlin, you're here Severus! Come! It seems nothing works and the blackness in her hand is spreading." With that she turned around and ran towards the bed, Severus close behind her.

When he reached the bed, he saw there were dozens of empty half on the nightstand, a glove on the ground, and a limp body on the bed; other than that, there was nothing else different from other beds.

He walked forward slowly and stood beside the bed. Poppy quickly stepped aside as soon as she noticed he was there. He looked at the black fingers and sighed. 'There is still time to save her. If it is stopped in time there won't be any after effect or incurable damage,' he thought to himself.

He drew his wand and cast several spell to be certain of her condition. When he was assured that it hadn't spread all that much - unlike Albus - he cast several other spells to control and slow its spreading, then he turned towards the office again.

"Wait! You hadn't healed her yet!" Minerva called to him from the end of the bed.

He turned his head sideways, but didn't stop walking. "I'm no healer and I can't heal her!" He couldn't say anymore, as Poppy's voice came from same direction.

"So you want to leave her like this?" The matron asked.

He stopped and turned around facing them completely. "No. I cast several spells to control and slow the curse's flow, but to heal her I need a potion to stop it from spreading and several others to stabilize her. After that I can do no more, she must be transferred to St. Mungo's." He Flooed to his office without waiting for their answer.

He made his way toward his personal store and start searching for the needed potions. After a while he stopped and sighed. He was almost certain that he had one more vial of the potion he used on Albus to stop the curse from spreading, but he couldn't find it. He put his shaky hands on the shelf, leaned forward, and rested his head against it, and took a deep breath. 'It is not the time to lose your head. She isn't going to be like Albus, She will get well, then return to her Gryffindor friends and will annoy you in Potion's class. Again and again,' he thought.

He took one last deep breath and lifted his forehead from the shelf, brought his Occlumency shields up, and started searching for the potion again. Within minutes he had found what he needed and headed back towards the Hospital Wing. He decided to walk instead of Flooing to have some much needed time to calm his frazzled nerves completely.

The corridors were cold and almost empty. 'So the students haven't heard about the incident, yet…' he thought as he quickened his pace.

When he entered Hospital Wing, he was met with Poppy and Minerva's whitened faces. Poppy came his way, "Thanks Heavens you're here, I thought you weren't going to come!"

"What is the matter?" Severus asked. It would take a Mountain Troll to scare the two witches as much as they were now. He knew something was wrong.

"The curse started spreading again and it is spreading faster than before." Poppy said and waited to see Severus's reaction. He shouted every curse he knew in his mind, but outside his face was as emotionless as a stone. He walked quickly towards the bed. 'The spell should stop it, it must be more powerful than I thought' he thought gravely.

When he reached the bed, he started to work immediately; he ordered Minerva to hold Kati's head upright so he could pour the potion without her choking on it as that would just make the situation worse. He started the procedure of pouring the potions down her trachea, incanting, and waving his wand at Kati's hand. He was in full control of his emotions and kept his Occlumency shields at their strongest so he wouldn't have to deal with the déjà vu of the scene in front of him. He knew the only thing he should be focusing on was saving the life and hand of the Gryffindor in front of him.

After what seemed like forever, but was only several hours, he stopped chanting the incantation. Sweat was running down his forehead and his back was stiff from remaining in a bowed position for that long. After he administrated some healing and strength potions he deemed her stable enough to be transferred to St. Mungo's.

He had no intention of waiting for the escort from St. Mungo's so he made his way toward the Floo in Poppy's office until Poppy's voice stopped him. "Severus, will she be alright?" Her voice wasn't as panicky now, but it wasn't by any means calm.

Severus turned around. "I'm sure she'll be alright, St. Mungo's have very good healers. They know what to do."

"You know what I mean! There won't be any permanent damage, will there?" Poppy asked as she walked towards him.

"How would I know? You know full well that I'm not a healer!" Severus said, sounding irritated.

"Severus Snape, answer me! You are an expert in Dark Arts and surely you would know if there will be any permanent damage or not!" Poppy said, narrowing her eyes at him.

Severus sighed, "If they succeed in removing the curse without removing the block I put on, no. There won't be anything major. She'll have some problems with her hand, but she'll still be able to use it."

"And if they don't succeed?" Poppy questioned not really wanting to know his answer.

"If they remove my block before removing the curse completely, they will have to amputate her hand." Poppy gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

After a word of farewell, Severus Flooed back to his chamber. The clock showed that it was dinner time, but he was too tired to go to Great Hall, not to mention he was not the least bit hungry. He picked up his book, that was still on the table, went into his bedroom, took a shower, and changed into his nightclothes. He ordered a mug of milk as he was thirsty and sat in the middle of his four poster bed with the book in his hand and started reading. An hour later he was fast sleep with the book still clutched in his hand.

* Dark flow is the same as a Dark spell, it is just used in wand-less magic! The Dark flow is my own invention, or at least I think it is! *grin*