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Summary: Every one was pawn in the chess game of Voldemort and Dumbledore. But what would happen if this pawns decide to take matters in their own hand? What if they had their own planing? What will happen when their plans make conflict with others? Rated to be safe...
Warning: There is possibility of violence, bloodshed, and drug abuse in future, not any thing explicit! Don't like it, don't read it!
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Just The Dead Are Unsaveable

By Saramagician

Chapter 5: After Effect: Part 1

Severus's heart dropped to his stomach and his eyes widened, and he knew there was only a matter of minutes before they broke into his room. But there was nothing he could do; he stood frozen in place as he felt his wards being torn down one by one. Even though his wards were strong enough to keep Bellatrix out, the Dark Lord was another story! It wouldn't take him more than five minutes to bring them all down!

He had just enough time to go back in his bathroom and close the door behind him, before they infiltrated his room. He could hear shouts of "traitor" plain as day from inside his room and the Dark Lord's voice was ordering everyone to search everywhere to find him. He prayed that adrenalin would kick in and get his mind moving just enough for him to form a plan before they searched his bathroom.

He needed a plan. A plan that would explain to Dark Lord as to why he was in his bathroom with his outer Death Eater cloak still on, and why his wounds were still aggravated. He needed

something that would cover his lack of attention to Bellatrix's shouts outside his room and would explain why he hadn't answered her demands for him to open the door. He cursed Dumbledore again for delaying him.

While he wracked his mind for an idea, one came to him. He knew that it was utter madness, but he could think of nothing else and his time was quickly fading. Severus practically tore his outer cloak off of him – wincing at the pain his hurried movements evoked – and threw it on the edge of his bathtub.

Then he fell to his knees heavily, drew his wand and pointed it at his own chest. He hesitated for only a moment, and the loud and unfriendly voices outside his door made up his mind for him. Severus braced himself for that pain he knew was coming, and then said the spell softly. The pain that tore through his body wasn't the worst he had ever felt, but he certainly didn't enjoy it as one might while being tickled. He watched almost emotionless as the blood gushed once more from his wounds and began pooling around him on the once pristine white floor.

After several seconds he began to feel light headed and knew he wouldn't stay conscious for long.

Drunkenly, Severus smeared the blood that was on the floor around, so that it seemed a little less fresh. Then he slowly and carefully lay down, hoping that he was being as quiet as he thought he was. The cold floor was very much welcome against his feverish face, but not as much against his wounds. His body was already cold enough from his loss of blood and the floor wasn't doing him any favors in that department. His last coherent thought was that if the Dark Lord didn't buy his staged scene; he had better not wake up ever again. With the terrifying world that he lived securely shut out on the other side of his eyelids, Severus embraced the darkness that claimed him.

*~ Guess What? This is a Page Break ~*

Tom M. Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort wasn't a very patient man, not to a great scale, especially when he was angry – like now. After his return, he couldn't trust Severus any more, but lack of any evidence against him and his great need for Severus' skills – in potions and spells – made him not want to act on his suspicions. Once more Bella was right!

Currently, he was sitting in his chair, in his room in Malfoy Manor waiting for news on the traitor and planning on revenge. He would show that traitor why no one should ever cross Lord Voldemort and if they did, they would come to regret it! Yes, Severus would regret that he ever stepped foot into this world. He would make sure of that. A knock at his door brought him out of his thoughts. "Enter," he said lazily.

Goyle came in and bowed. "My Lord, we found him."

Voldemort was at the door in a blink. "Show the way," he ordered. Goyle bowed again and led the way. Voldemort soon found himself at the corridor near Severus' room. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "Severus's room is in this corridor, isn't it?"

"It is, My Lord."

"And why, pray tell, are you taking me back to this room? Especially since my loyal servants have already searched every corner of it for him?" He asked with unmasked anger in his voice.

"My lord, he was… eh… found in his rooms," Goyle answered nervously.

Voldemort didn't say a word; he just quickened his pace to reach his destination faster. He wasn't in a mood for hide and seek games and wanted to know why Severus was found in his room after he had ordered his servants to search the grounds for him. The door was wide open and Bellatrix was standing in the middle of the room, an unreadable expression on her face. Yaxley was standing next to another open door that lead to a separate room he had not noticed previously. He walked over to Yaxley who bowed with a small, 'My Lord,' but Voldemort ignored him and looked into the room and saw Severus lying in the middle of the tiled floor, face down in an alarmingly large pool of his own blood.

"Who did this?" Voldemort snarled, his anger rising.

"We don't know, my lord if anyone had done this to him or not! I think he just fainted from blood loss from his injuries given to him by Bella, my lord!" Yaxley answered with another little bow, now more sober than the last time he was in Voldemort presence.

"You think?" asked Voldemort, a dangerous glint prominent in his eyes.

"I am sorry my lord! I'm not an expert in this and I did not dare examine him without your permission either. I assumed that was what happened, judging from all of the blood he's lost." He gestured toward pool of blood on the bathroom floor. "It seemed logical." Yaxley finished with another little bow.

"Fine, find someone – find Narcissa. Call her and tell her to take care of him. Tell her he had better recover by tomorrow, otherwise she must answer to me!" He turned toward the door and saw Bellatrix still standing there in the middle of the room.

"I told you to punish him a little and not to the brink of death! If there be any permanent damage because of this, you will pay for it. And when I've finished with you, you'll wish you never pointed your wand at him!" Voldemort shouted in his rage and drew his wand. With a flick of his wrist and a quick "Crucio," Bellatrix had fallen to the floor and was writhing in pain, screaming. But the pain stopped as soon as it came.

"You are lucky, because if it weren't for you, we probably would have reached Severus too late. And you need to participate in the raid – we've already lost Severus for tonight and I don't need to lose another one of my followers on this! Your Lord Voldemort is forgiving, but I shall punish you for disobeying orders and accusing Severus of treachery later. Unless you convince me otherwise on this raid…"

No one dared to point out to him that he was the one who ordered Severus to be kept under torture – and had been enjoying the scene. He was also the one who came bursting into his spy's room, screeching treachery. But with those last words, Voldemort had swept out of the room.

*~ You Know What? This is a Page Break ~*

When Severus regained consciousness the first thing he noticed was that there was someone else in the room – if it was a room and not a cell – with him. Without opening his eyes or moving a single muscle in his body; he started to inspect his surroundings. He knew that he was no longer lying face down on the cold tiles of his bathroom, but on something soft and warm – his bed probably. He wasn't wet with his own blood, or even wet in the slightest. Come to think of it, he couldn't detect a scent of blood at all. He did, however, feel bandages around his wounds. So, the Dark Lord had bought his story? 'Or else he ordered you to be healed so he can torture you again!' a voice in his head whispered.

'If the Dark Lord placed a guard to watch me, then yes, he wants me healthy for his torture session,' Severus thought and nearly shuddered, but stopped himself; not wanting to let his guard know that he was awake, at least until he knew what they were going to do to him when he woke. He focused on his guard, hoping that he can identify whoever it was. He could smell a perfume in the air and dread filled him.

He hoped desperately Dark Lord hadn't placed Bellatrix as his guard. But then he remembered that Bellatrix didn't wear perfume, and the one he smelt was familiar. With a little more concentration, he successfully identified it as one of Narcissa's. He sighed with relief inside. The Dark Lord never used Narcissa as a prisoner guard and most definitely not for him. It was common knowledge that Narcissa wouldn't stand a chance in a duel with him and that Severus, Lucius and Narcissa were bosom friends from Hogwarts. No, the Dark Lord would never place Narcissa as his guard.

He tried to open his eyes and for first time noticed the brightness on the other side of his eyelids. 'Surely candles couldn't light up the room like this and I couldn't have slept long enough for the sun to be this up!' He thought to himself. He opened his eyes, but quickly shut them again as the light was too bright for his eyes and moaned softly.

Severus heard sound of a book being shut, the curtains being closed, and at last sound of light footsteps that were coming his way. Then he felt the left side of his bed sink with Narcissa's weight. "Now open your eyes, Severus." Her soft voice beckoned.

He opened his eyes and noticed that the light in the room had dimmed greatly. He turned his head and looked at the window and saw that it was the curtains that were stopping the light from streaming in the room. Then he looked back at Narcissa.

"Thank Merlin, you have woken up at last! I thought you were never going to wake up, sleepy head!" she said with a light joking tone in her voice. Very few people had ever seen this side of the Lady of Malfoy Manor, Severus himself might have seen it once or twice, and had doubts that even Lucius had seen it much more than he had!

'I have woken up at last? She didn't think I was going to wake up? How long was I unconscious? He thought not realizing he'd voiced his last question aloud. He noticed how dry his throat was and apparently Narcissa did too.

"Your condition was very bad last night; you had lost so much blood. You were unconscious until it was almost dawn, and you had a little fever as well. You finally went to a restful sleep, and you haven't stirred at all till now. It's one o'clock in the afternoon now," She answered patiently, conjuring a glass of water for him and handing it to him as she spoke.

"What? I had class today!" In a blink he was up and searching for his robes and boots, his dry throat forgotten.

"Here, Severus," she said, picking up his boots and handing them to him just after banishing the water. "I had the elves clean your clothes; they're on the chair over there," she pointed to an ornate chair near his bed and said, "The Dark Lord said that when you awoke you were to see him before returning to Hogwarts." Narcissa watched as he walked around the room, gathering his things and then performed a spell that swapped his clothes.

"Thank you Narcissa, for everything," Severus said while pulling his outer cloak on. He usually wouldn't thank people – usually they never did anything for him – and he certainly wouldn't apologize to them. But recently he had been trying to say things like that as much as he could to the woman who was standing in front of him. He knew what Narcissa was going through and how other Death Eaters treated her. In Lucius' absence Severus would try his best to help his friend's family and one of those helpful things happened to be emotional support. Thank heavens that Narcissa wasn't the crying type. Apologizing, thanking, or sometimes just listening to troubles he knew how to do. But comforting crying people was a different story; he hadn't very much experience in that field. Yes, there were those times that he tried to comfort his Slytherins, but they were all first years and just home sick. And even then he was awkward and felt out of place.

"You're welcome, and do take care, Severus. Bellatrix had been punished for torturing you more than necessary," at this she rolled her eyes at Dark Lord's antics, "and accusing you of treachery as well. It didn't help that last night's raid hadn't gone very well! Aurors came and there was a horrible battle; they managed to capture some Death Eaters and that made the Dark Lord furious! So all in all, neither of them is in a good mood."

"Thank you for telling me, Narcissa, I'll be careful." Severus said, grateful for the heads up. "But did you say that Bellatrix accused me of treachery?" He knew full well that Bellatrix had, but as he was supposed to be unconscious then it would be wise if he acted as if he didn't know. So he played along.

Narcissa rolled her eyes again. "Bellatrix was standing watch at your door after the meeting and then for some reason she started knocking and demanding that you open the door. Her knocking turned to pounding after she failed to bring down your wards and open the door. Then she claimed that you had snuck out – I don't know how she can make such claim when she was standing watching your door. Then Yaxley told me that the Dark Lord came and opened the door and when they didn't find you the hell broke loose. And not a single one of the Death Eaters thought to even check your bathroom until later."

'Thank Merlin for that' Severus thought. After several moments of silence, Narcissa nodded once in acknowledgment and left the room and headed for her own rooms. She didn't know where Severus's true loyalty lay and at that point, she could care less. But regardless of who's side he was on, she knew that she was able to trust him with her life and the life of her son; certainly more than she would trust her sister and sometimes even more than that she would her own husband.

Narcissa walked as quickly as she dared to her rooms and looked around before she opened the door and walked in; she closed the door behind her and leaned against it. 'The worst thing is that you don't feel safe in even your own house' she thought to herself as she locked the door with a few whispered incantations. But there were those few times when Severus decided to stay at the Manor (now that Lucius wasn't there) and in those times, she always felt safe.

Because no one dared come near her with either Severus or Lucius residing in the Manor, but her pride wouldn't allow her to confide her fears to him. If she spent any more time around him than she already did, Severus, being the clever man that he was would become suspicious.

"So 'Our Mighty Prince' has woken up at last?" a male voice asked from a particularly dark corner in her room.

Narcissa's head whipped around to the corner, one of her hands flying to her heart and the other snapping up with her wand firmly clutched in it. "You scared me half to death – don't do that again, you moron!" She hissed, trying to calm her racing heart.

The man chuckled. Of course, if you could call that 'thing' a man, "Sorry my dear," it said, not sounding in the least bit sorry. "So that half breed woke up?"

"Yes, but don't talk about Severus like that. He may be a half blood, but in this hellacious house, he is the only one that treats me decently. Furthermore, he is a good friend of Lucius and mine's so I'd appreciate it if you would speak about him with a little more respect," Narcissa said slowly, her eyes flashing. Even with the multiple wards and silencing charms around the room she was still paranoid about someone hearing her hence her low tones. The man in front of her didn't say anything.

She sighed and said, leaning back against the door, "Thank Merlin, he's alright. I was really worried about him."

"You were worried about him as a friend, as your son's protector, or as someone whose fate determines yours?" the man asked trying to hide the amusement in his tone without success.

"Of course as a friend!" she said hotly, but at the look she received from the man as he stood from his dark corner and glided closer to her, Narcissa sighed and admitted at last, "Well… all of them" she said in almost whisper, her voice sad.

"Narcissa, everything is going to be alright" the man said trying to reassure her, walking closer still.

"All right? Everything is going from bad to worse each day! And it's all your son's fault!" Narcissa said angrily, pointing at him with enough force to break a glass.

"My, my, Narcissa!" He exclaimed with a roguish smile, "I admit that my son and I weren't correct in regards to things in the world, but I can't fathom how everything is my son's fault! There are things in this world which are out of the hands of all of us."

"Well, I don't see what exactly is in your control now!" She said sardonically as she crossed her arms over her chest.

The man chuckled. "Yes, there is nothing in my control now…" He smirked and then said, "One of the many side effects of mortality." Another chuckle followed that.

"I would chuckle, too, if I were you!" Narcissa spat, "You do not have to contend with being treated like a servant. Or a whore! Or the one who is supposed to kill one of the most powerful wizards in history at the age of sixteen!" Her breathing had turned ragged as her rant further increased her pent up anger and frustration, "Lucius's imprisonment, Draco's and my condition, are all because of what happened at the Ministry. And it's all his fault! Your son's!" The cold and collected woman that was well known was far gone by now, and was replaced with the red faced, livid, protective mother.

"It is the Dark Lord's fault, no one else's," the man said, seeing an opportunity and jumping on it.

"No one but yourselves made you and your son join his ranks! It was your own greed that brought this upon you! And by fault, on us! You made this bed, but now all of us must lie in it!"

The man didn't care to tell her that she didn't seem to care about those decisions when they had been made in the past.

With a glance at the man in front of her, she sighed and felt her anger subside, "I hate this situation, where my hands are tied behind my back and all I can do is sit back and watch my son and husband suffer and because of that I suffer as well. I hate having to watch my back every single second in my own house." Narcissa sighed again.

The man seemed to be thinking for a moment before he said, "I am sorry for everything… for being unable to help you, Draco, and Lucius."

"Well at least you are here, which makes it that much easier for me to take it all out on you," Narcissa answered with a little smile. Telling someone some of her worries and fears seemed to help her calm a great deal and it seemed as if an invisible weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

*~ Hey, Look Here! What Do You See? Yea, a Page Break~*

Before Severus left his room, he did a quick check to make sure he had everything before he made his way towards the Main Hall of the Manor. If Bellatrix was with the Dark Lord, then they were most likely in the Main Hall, so he would check there first. If they weren't there then he would go to the Dark Lord's rooms and continue on from there.

When he reached the large double, dark oak doors, he stood just outside the grand room for a moment to bring up his shields. He brought forth the memory of last night's events to the front of his mind for the Dark Lord to see. Of course, it was an edited version, one that didn't contain his leaving the Manor to go to the Order headquarters to warn them of the raid.

When he was certain his thoughts and memories were all in order, he took a deep breath and knocked. Upon hearing the Dark Lord's voice, Severus opened the door, entered and closed the door behind him. He found the Dark Lord sitting in his throne-like chair and Bellatrix sitting in a chair next to him; a small table with drinks on it was separating them.

"Ah, Severus, you woke up at last! We were so… worried for you," he said the last sentence in a way that left no doubt in Severus's mind about how much the Dark Lord was worried for him.

"My lord" Severus said, bowing slightly. "You wished to see me?"

"Yes, come closer, my faithful servant. It was very unfortunate that you lost the chance to join in on last night's fun; with all that time that you are stuck in Hogwarts I believe that you need some fun. Last night was a good opportunity for it… things might have gone better if you had been there as well," Voldemort said, aiming his last statement mostly at Bellatrix – Severus thought that he saw her flinch slightly. He walked over to the Dark Lord and came to a stop several feet from the throne-like chair, kneeled and bowed.

"Stand my friend, you have no need to bow. There was no evidence that pointed to the identity of your attacker so I placed the blame on your session with our dear Bella here and punished her accordingly." Voldemort gestured to the female Death Eater sitting next to him when he said her name.

When the Dark Lord mentioned Severus's attacker, he got a little confused, but when Voldemort continued and Severus heard what he said about punishing Bellatrix, Severus was certain that the Dark Lord's intent was to enter his mind. This whole incident with Severus being 'attacked' seemed to be an excuse to do so… not that the Dark Lord needed any excuses.

"But I want to be certain that everyone involved is punished – Legilimens!" The Dark Lord entered Severus's mind and started searching for the memory. Not that he needed to search very much to find it - as the memory was in the forefront of Severus's mind – but the Dark Lord always started with ripping apart the minds of his victims, followers, and prisoners alike; he played no favorites when it came to torture. Severus knew the Dark Lord did this so he could have access to any memory he wanted without resistance, enjoy the power he held over his victims, and enjoy their suffering. But which of them was the Dark Lord's main goal Severus didn't know and frankly didn't care as he didn't want to delve too deeply into the workings of that mad man's mind.

Severus chose several memories carefully and let them slip outside of his shield, creating in a sense another shield around his mind. He didn't want to raise the Dark Lord's suspicions by finding impenetrable shields standing between him and free reign of his servant's mind.

When the Dark Lord was bored of shredding Severus's mind he returned to the memory and watched it again and again. When he was satisfied with Severus's edited version of the memory (not that he knew that) and was sure that no one had attacked Severus, he withdrew from his spy's mind. The Potion's Master fell to his knees and keeled over from the force of the attack on his mind, trying to calm his hammering heart, clenching his fist on the cool wooden floor. But that turned out to be impossible as he couldn't focus on anything, let alone sooth his adrenalin filled body.

It took nearly an entire minute for him to be able to focus on something – the reflection of the form that was sitting above him on the shiny mahogany floor. That minute passed in utter silence as the two other occupants of the room watched him struggle with great amusement. When he could think well enough to regain control of his limbs he tried to push himself back up to a kneeling position – tried being the key word there.

After several attempts he managed to bring himself back up to a kneeling position, but his head was hanging and his breathing was somewhat ragged as he set about his next task which was evaluating his situation. He chanced a quick glance at the Dark Lord through his black hair that was hanging like curtains in front of his eyes. The way Voldemort's face was set made Severus want to curse; there was a list of possible things that could bring forth such a reaction to the Dark Lord's face and none of them boded well for the triple agent.

"You didn't participate in last night's raid. Although you had a good reason for doing so, you still disobeyed my direct orders." 'Here it comes' Severus thought, screwing his eyes shut, preparing himself the best for the pain that was going to come. "And you must be punished for that. Crucio!"

Severus fell back to the ground writhing in pain; Bellatrix's eyes lit up at his suffering. When the Dark Lord ended the curse - probably because he got bored from Severus' lack of screaming - he dismissed Severus. It was an impossible task for Severus to gather his limbs and exit the Manor, as he hadn't had very much time to recover from Voldemort's Legilimency before being Crucio'd. But as he didn't want to experience another round he somehow found the will and strength to push himself to his feet and stagger from the room, but not before another Cruciatus hit him again – apparently the Dark Lord didn't think he was leaving fast enough.

Severus wished that he could go back to his room in the Manor to pick up some headache and anti-Cruciatus potions, but he knew that there was no time. So he stumbled throughout the Manor, practically blind from the pain that was all over his body, heavily using the walls for support on his way out. When he crossed over the wards and entered the forest he allowed himself a moment's rest at the foot of a tree. There was no way in hell he wanted to chance apparating while he was in this state so he figured that he would just wait until the dizziness and shaking stopped.


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