Fire In The MEO

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"We have your fingerprints on the plug socket!"

Bud and Sam had been interrogating a suspect, in an arson and homicide crime, for about 15 minutes now and both were getting fed up. Bud was now stood face to face with the suspect who was under suspicion for burning down an office building and killing 5 people who were in the building. Sam was sat across the table from him, glaring at him and trying to make him crack. However she was a bit concerned that the stress was getting to her partner especially after his divorce.

"I told you I went into the building to use the toilet and on my way out someone was having trouble with their computer so I UNPLUGGED it and plugged it back in. Now just lay off me man!" The suspect was still going with the same story so Sam decided to have a go and leant forward on the table.

"We have witnesses that say you had an argument with one of the victims half an hour before the fire, care to explain that," Sam leant back in her chair waiting for an answer. The suspect leaned forward and glared at her,

"I'm not answering any of your questions you filthy black bitch," and with that he spat in her face. Next thing anyone knew Bud had him by the collar and was about to punch him when Sam stood up, rushed over to him and pulled him off the suspect.

"He's not worth it Bud and you'll only get in trouble yourself." Bud reluctantly let go of the man's collar and stepped back. He sighed...

"You're free to go, but stay local" and the suspect stormed out.

"What the hell was that all about Bud, I am perfectly capable of fighting my own battles," hissed Sam sitting back down in the chair.

"I couldn't let him speak to you like that, that Bastard," Bud retaliated, his face going red with anger.

As they continued to argue, Megan was stood outside the room watching and listening to the pair who, thanks to the one-way glass, were completely unaware that she was stood there. Megan turned when she heard the sounds of footsteps and seeing it was Kate turned back to watch the argument.

"Megan the lab called they said..." Kate trailed off when she saw the event that was going on in front of them.

"Are they arguing again," questioned Kate. Recently the 2 detectives were arguing and fighting a lot. It started out with disagreements over cases but then it turned into all out shouting in the middle of the office about stupid little things. This was concerning Megan, Kate and the rest of the team because Bud and Sam were best friends who had always been there for each other, but now this was starting to affect their work too.

"Yeah they are, a suspect was rude to Sam and Bud stepped in and nearly hit the man and now they're squabbling," Megan answered. Kate was about to say something when they heard the door slam and Sam stormed out the room grabbed her jacket and left. Kate sighed,

"Do you want to take Bud or Sam?" This had become a regular thing, when the pair would fall out Megan and Kate would each talk to one to either find out what had happened or too calm them down.

"Sam I guess I have to go and talk to Peter anyway about the wedding," replied Megan and walked out the room knowing exactly where Sam had gone. Megan and Peter had been engaged for about 6 months now and the wedding was fast approaching. The entire team had been invited with +1s as well apart from Kate who was Megan's chief bridesmaid along with Lacey.

Back at the ME's office Megan found Peter in the break room and went over to talk to him

"Hey you," he said walking over and giving her a kiss, "aren't you supposed to be with Bud and Sam?"

"I was but they had another fall out and Sam stormed out so I followed because I need to tell you that my mother has decided to bring 10 extra guests to the reception from her fancy book club." Megan pulled her face at the idea of her Mother bringing her book club to the wedding.

"That's fine we'll seat them at the back!" Peter smirked and Megan giggled pulling him into a deep passionate kiss. Then remembering the other reason she came, she pulled away ending the kiss.

"Oh crap I have to talk to Sam but I'll see you later," and with a quick kiss she was gone to the one place she knew Sam would be...the lab!

Meanwhile back at the Police Station Kate was talking to Bud.

"What's been happening between you and Sam, Bud, I mean all these arguments about nothing and I know that you've stopped going out after work together. Why?"

"I don't know, it's just been a bit tense between us lately." Kate nodded and then suddenly realized why they were arguing.

"Do you remember those 6 months were Megan and Peter did nothing but get on each other's nerves?"

"Well yeah but that turned to be, what was it you called it, sexual tension?" Kate raised her eyebrows. "No, I am not...not Sam, no way am I falling for Sam"

Kate put a hand on his shoulder

"I think it's time you and Sam had a long talk don't you?"

Megan was on her way to the lab when Ethan she ran into Ethan.

"Dr Hunt just the person I was looking for, Detective Baker ran into the lab just a moment ago she seemed pretty pissed!"

"I know thank you Ethan," and with that he scurried off. Megan pushed open the door to the lab to find Sam sat on the floor with her head in her hands. Hearing the door open she looked up.

"Oh Megan hey, I guess you saw what went down in the interrogation room." Megan sat down next to Sam.

"Sam I think the entire of Philadelphia could hear what was going on if you weren't in that room!" Sam chuckled and was about to reply when the door opened to reveal Kate with a very sorry looking Bud behind her.

"I think we should give them a minute don't you Megan? Besides we still have that body in the morgue. So Megan stood up and they left to examine the body once again.

Down in the basement a figure in black was busy at work. They pulled a lighter out of their pocket and threw it into some cardboard boxes. They went up in flames.

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