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Kate walked into the Morgue followed by Megan who was swaying her hips as she went. Peter was busy looking down a microscope at some residue from the victims clothing. He looked up upon hearing the familiar sound of her red stilettos.

"Hey gorgeous everything ok?" Peter said pulling her into a hug.

Megan grinned and replied "It is now." Kate, being stood right behind Megan, cleared her throat

"I believe we have a body to examine Dr Hunt," the blonde stated.

"Yes well you never are one to wait around very long are you Dr Murphy?" Megan snapped back making reference to Kate's relationship with her ex-husband, Todd. Before Kate had a chance to even think of a reply the deafening sound of the fire alarm rang through her ears.

"Oh great this is just what we need," Megan complained turning sharply on her heels and leaving the room.

"I can see why you love her so much" Kate said to Peter who just rolled his eyes as the two walked quickly after the redhead who was currently stood waiting for the elevator. Kate stood directly in front of her.

"Megan it's a fire alarm we aren't supposed to use the elevators" Kate said sounding like an instruction manual.

"I am not walking down god knows how many flights of stairs in these," Megan shot back indicating to her heels. "Besides the elevators here now" the redhead concluded as the doors opened and she stepped inside. Shaking her head Kate followed her into the elevator along with Peter who muttered "she always gets her way in the end." As the elevator started to move it suddenly stopped. Megan started pushing the buttons angrily. And that's when the elevator dropped

Meanwhile back the lab an awkward silence was quickly filling the air. Sam was now stood leaning against one of the work benches while Bud was stood on the opposite side of the room as if he was afraid that she was going to strangle him.

"Sam come on speak to me say something" Bud begged. All he wanted to do was talk but she had barely acknowledged him since Megan had left with Kate. Finally she spoke but it wasn't what Bud was expecting.

"This isn't working Bud, us being partners and being at each other's throats all the time I can't do it it's not fair on the others or on us," Sam took a breath fighting back the tears that were trying to force their way out of her eyes and down her cheeks, "that is why I'm applying for a transfer to another unit." Bud was stunned! What had he done? Sam loved this job and she was going to transfer because of him?! He was snapped out of his train of thought by Ethan bursting through the door.

"The fire alarms going off you didn't hear it because the one in here got broken yesterday and this is not a drill!" Kurtis followed behind him,

"Ethan you fool calm down your panicking over nothing!" Sam went to open the door that had slammed shut behind Kurtis but found she couldn't.

"Can we panic now?" Ethan squealed. Sam gently pushed him a side and landed a hard kick to the door which still didn't move. She turned to face the others,

"There's something blocking the door, we're trapped!"

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