"Adam, let me-"

"No! Okay? That fucking thing is huge! What makes you think I'm gonna let you put that in me?"

"The fact that you asked for this makes me think your gonna let me!"

"I implied it!"

"You were basically begging!"

Upstairs to an old woman were the arguging gay couple, Adam and Larwance. The woman knew they were going to be trouble, even if they sirvived Jigsaw. "Cut it out! I dont wanna hear all your gay freaky bed talk!" the woman yelled, bangging a broom on the celling.


"See Larry? See what you did?"

"I did nothing! Come on!"

*knock knock*

"What do you two want?" the old woman glared as she opens her door. "Listen here ya old bat I-" Lawrance covered Adam's mouth before he could say anything else. "What my boyfriend meant to say was that we are sorry for the nosie and to clear things up, we werent having...'realtions'." Larry let go of Adam, who stood there looking like a little kid that had to aplagize for breaking something.

"Yeah..so close though..." Adam mumbled, earning a hit over his head from his lover. "OW! I mean-" he glared at the blonde as rubbed his head then turned back to the woman. "I recently had surgey on my shoulder so I said 'I wouldnt mind some morphine.' You know, to take away the pain? Then this bastard 'doctor'" he jerks a thumb at Lawrance. "comes in with needle the size of my arm!"

"Which is what you heard. So again"

"Sorry." Adam smiled sheepishly. The woman looked over the two. "I guess. But thats pretty hard to believe when you two are both shirtless."

"N-no! It's...well um.."

"I cant really remember what that was about, but I assure you nothing happened." Lawrance smlied, holdin his small lover to his bare chest. The woman laughed at Adam's flaming face. "It's fine, dear." they spoke for awhile, even had dinner with her then went upstairs.

"Next time, be quieter." Larry whispered as they went into the elevator, pulling Adam's back to his chest once more. "Shut up!" Adam shivered as the blond ran his hands down his chest. "S-Stop it!"

"I was stopped once, I wont stop again." Growled Lawrance, dipping his head to bite Adam's smooth pale neck. Adam moaned and yelped(like a girl) as the older male picked him up and ran into the apartment, throwin him on the bed and picking up where they left off.

"If you move, it's gonna hurt. Just get use to it."

"P-please! L-Lawrance...!"

'Poor boy. I hope his shoulder gets better.' the old woman thought as she simply turned her T.V up, drowning out the 'pained' moans and groans.