This is my first F&F fanfic, so bear with me. I had this crazy idea, and so I had to write it. I can't promise it will always be this long, considering I'm known to write short for my other fanfics..But it's called Manila Streets, so yes, it takes place in the Philippines and yes, I am Filipina. I am fluent in Tagalog, so I can easily type it..but I am not fluent in Spanish, so yes, I used Google Translate. Anyways, this takes place after Tokyo Drift, after Dom's race against Sean.

Disclaimer: I do not own F&F or any of the characters. The only character I made up and is mine is Dorinda and Emilia.

Please enjoy.

After the race, Dom talked to Twinkie, Sean, and Neela. He needed protection for his family, considering Mia was pregnant and he wanted to settle down too. Brian, Mia and Elena were all waiting in the hotel room. Waiting on news on if the can get out before they get locked up again.

"So can you get me somewhere?" Dom asked the three, still dialing people they knew. Dom had won, and this is all he asked for in return.

"I've got a friend who can take you in." Twinkie says, still holding the phone to his ear.

"This isn't one of your girls you slept with and then dumped, and now out of the blue, you're trying to ask a favor of, is it?" Sean asked, while Neela looked at them.

"NO! She's a friend of Han's, practically family. There's just one tiny problem." They looked back at him nervously. "She's in the Philippines."

Dom just brushed it off, another country, big deal. "I'll take it." He needed this new start, wherever it was. Even if it was in a new foreign country he'd never been to.

"A piece of advice, don't piss her off." Twinkie said as he hung up the phone, putting his hand on his shoulder.

Dom just chuckled, thinking, like a little girl could scare me..

"Did you call Dorinda?" Neela asked worriedly, clearly she knew something they didn't. Twinkie gave a small smile, he was only trying to help. She shook it off and looked at Dom. "You know she doesn't like strangers."

"She knows him, its all good. Trust me, okay?" Twinkie said, trying to reassure them everything will be fine.

"She knows me?"

"Yeah, she said Han used to talk about you and she'd love to meet you."

With that, Dom and his family were on their way to a new country. By the time they arrived, the sun was setting. They got into a taxi and gave the driver the address. They looked around them and noticed it looked a lot like Brazil. They reached the house and were welcomed by a woman who seemed to be the care taker of the mansion. She didn't understand anything Dom or any of them had said, she didn't understand that she was supposed to offer them shelter. The woman left them at side to open the gate of the house, and a black lamborghini came through. When the car was parked, a girl came out.

"Dorinda, mayroon kang manga bisita." (Dorinda, you have guests.) The woman said to the girl who had come out of the car, who was now identified as Dorinda.

"Sino, yaya?" (Who, caretaker/nanny?) She looked around and spotted the four strangers.

"Americano sila." (They're American.)

"Sige, kaya ko na to. Punta ka sa loob at mag lutu ka nang hapunan, mukang gutom sila." (Okay, I've got this. Go inside and cook some dinner, they look hungry.) Dorinda stared them up and down, she could tell they've been through hell today. The least she could do was be friendly, she walked over to get a good look at their faces. "I'm Dorinda, my caretaker, Emilia, is making some dinner. Please go inside and I'll show you to your rooms."

"I'm Brian, and this is my girlfriend, Mia. Her brother, Dom, and Elena." Brian smiled, as he lead the group inside.

Dorinda lead each of them to their rooms and told them to come down whenever they have finished washing up. She quickly made her way down the stairs and made her way to Emilia, who was in the kitchen cooking rice and fried chicken. Dorinda went to the refrigerator getting a nice cold drink.

"Saan ka nag punta, Dorinda?" (Where did you go, Dorinda?) Emilia asked, as she fried the chicken over the stove.

Dorinda pulled out money from her pocket, handing it to Emilia. "Ito yaya, para sa anak nyo." (Here caretaker, for your child.)

"Bakit?" (Why?)

Dom came down first and saw Dorinda passing Emilia money, but he waited by the stairs for the others. Dorinda wasn't so bad, she really took care of her family.

"Alam ko meron shang sakit, kaya ito. Para sa gamot nya." (I know he's sick, so here. For his medicine.) Emilia hugged Dorinda tightly, crying tears of joy. "Wag ka nang umiyak, smile." (Don't cry, smile.) Dorinda said showing her a funny smile, she caught Dom staring at them. She went to set the table and motioned him to sit down. "You can sit down and wait if you'd like."

Dom took the invitation and sat down, as he saw the others coming down. Elena took the seat next to him, and Brian and Mia took the seats next to them in the circle shaped table. Dorinda brought out the chicken and rice, and paused. "Would you like anything to drink? I have orange juice and water."

Brian smiled and took a crack at asking. "Do you have any Coronas?"

Emilia overheard and shook her head. "No beer."

Dorinda gave a crooked smile. "Sorry, I'm not into the whole drinking thing." Everyone just settled for water considering their first choice was a no-go. Emilia and Dorinda sat down at the table, Dorinda helped herself for some rice.

Emilia gave her a look. "Dorinda!"

Dorinda stopped and smiled. "Thank you father for this food we are about to recieve. Thank you for new friends and family. Amen." She reached for a chicken breast. "It's a thing we have, whoever reaches for the food first-"

"Says grace." Mia said, smiling. "We do the same."

"Yeah, my mom taught me that." Dorinda said smiling back.

"Is your mom asleep already?" Elena asked, curious to see a seat left open for someone at the table.

"No, she's working."

"This late?" Brian asked before taking a spoonful of rice in his mouth.

"She doesn't live here in the Philippines, she lives in Europe." She took a sip of her water, and then began again on her food.

The phone began to ring, and Emilia walked over to answer it. "Dorinda, nanay mo." (Dorinda, it's your mom.) Handing Dorinda the phone.

"Excuse me while I take this." Dorinda left the table going into the kitchen. "Hola mamá. Estoy bien. Acabo de llegar hace unos minutos. Tengo invitados más de lo que estamos comiendo algo de cena. Cuando vas a volver? Por supuesto, lo sé. Muy bien, voy a hablar con usted mañana. Te amo demasiado. Adiós." (Hi mom. I'm fine. I just got home a few minutes ago. I have guests over so we're just eating some dinner. When are you coming back? Of course, I know. Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you too. Goodbye.) Before returning to the table, she put the phone back into the dock. "I'm sorry."

"You speak Spanish to your mother?" Dom asked, interested in the idea that a girl who lives in the Philippines and speaks the language, speaks English as well as Spanish.

"Yeah, I'm not a native of the Philippines. My mother is from Puerto Rico. She taught me Spanish while my yaya taught me Tagalog." She smiled at Emilia.

"What are you doing here?" Elena asked, curious as to why a mother would leave a child in a foreign country.

"My mom was young when she had me, and my being here in the Philippines is what keeps me safe. She left when I was 3 and has been calling me every night ever since. I see her whenever she visits and she sends me some money, so it's not like she's irresponsible or anything." Dorinda said, finishing her food and taking everyone's plates and glasses to the kitchen and returning to the table.

"What about your father?" Dom asked while he crossed his arms as he leaned into the seat.

"I don't know much about him, my mom doesn't really like to talk about him." Dorinda said shrugging. "What about you? Here I am giving my life story. What's up with all of you?"

"I'm in trouble with the law, and these guys followed me." Dom said.

"Trouble with law?" Dorinda asked, getting a little worried about her new friends.

"It's all because of cars and women." Brian just chuckled, while Dom looked at Dorinda in complete seriousness. He wasn't kidding.

"So you haven't killed anybody?"

"A few, but they deserved it." Dom smirked, Fenix really deserved it.

"Dorinda, gabi na. Sabihin mo sa ka nila na matulog na." (Dorinda, it's night now. Tell them it's time to sleep.) Emilia said as she turned off the light in the kitchen walking up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, it's late. You all must be really tired. You know where your rooms are, as well as the bathroom, so goodnight." Dorinda said, motioning them to take the stairs. They walked up and went to their rooms before she headed into her room too.