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Dorinda was in the lead while Dom was taking second, the two racers fell behind the instant the race started. This race was between Dom and Dorinda. Dorinda was ready to go to the finish line, she's almost there. She closed her eyes as she passed the finish line. She was first again. It was a terrific feeling. Dorinda smiled to her self before she drove back to the group. Typical, they congradulated her for another win. She smiled as Sam handed her the money and car keys of the two racers. "Listen Sam, we've gotta head home. Clean this all up when you're done?"

"Yeah, I've got you." Sam said, nodding.

Toni coming out of the crowd, going to congradulate Dorinda. "Baby!"

Dorinda rolled her eyes, and Sam just laughed. "What do you want Toni?"

He pulled her into a hug, and kissing her neck. "Congradulations baby."

Dorinda pushed him off, she didn't have time to do this with him. She needed to get home. "Knock it off, we've gotta go home."

"Fine, can I have my car back?"

Dorinda turned around to face Dom, handing him the car keys. "Toni wants his car back but we've got two extra cars. We've just gotta go home now."

Dom looked at her, nodding and handing her Toni's keys. "Congrats kid, but yeah. We'll park the cars in the garage for you."

"Thanks, you can leave them in the garage, but you can have them. I don't want 'em." Dorinda said before turning back to Toni. "Here, take your damn keys."

"You don't need to be a bitch about it." Toni said before turning around, Dorinda got pissed.

She turned him around. "What did you just say?"

"I said, you don't need to be a bitch-" Dorinda punched him before he could finish his sentence. He fell down from the hard punch, everyone was yelling at him for being stupid and what a wimp he was.

Dom was going to comfort her, but she just shook her head. She got into her car and waited for them to get into theirs.

Dom and Elena drove one of the winning cars, Brian and Mia drove the other. Dorinda went in front as they followed her home. Mia smiled a little, they were almost like a team.

Elena decided to break the awkward silence, it was killing her. "Sorry you lost tonight, Dom."

Dom didn't look at her to answer. "I'm okay."

Elena thought about bringing up the topic of Dorinda with Dom, he looked like he didn't like her either. She didn't know how to bring it up though. "Dom, do you trust Dorinda?"

"She's letting us stay at her place, eating her food, and she took us to the races. She's even gonna let Brian and I work in her garage, so yeah, I trust her. Why?"

Elena shook her head. "I just have a bad feeling about her...Like she's hiding something."

Dom finally looked at Elena, who held the glace but then turned to face the window. He didn't feel Dorinda was hiding something, he thought she was just a regular kid trying to get by. Dorinda reminded him a lot of Letty, she had her eyes. The eyes that looked past the bullshit and the good in someone, that was Letty. He never thought he'd find someone more like her.

The car ride was silent, Elena knew never to bring up the subject. She just had to wait for them to get out of here. Who knows when they'll leave, they all love it here except her.

Dorinda tried to cool herself off, Toni pissed her off twice today. Now they're through, but Dorinda knows Toni. He's not gonna stop until he gets her back. It's one of the things she liked about Toni, but his determination to keep her didn't make up for him being an asshole.

Her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. It was Toni. She sighed and picked it up.

"What?" Dorinda answered, she wanted him to know how upset she was. She wouldn't let her boyfriend call her a bitch and get away with it.

Toni hesitated. "I'm sorry, Dorinda. I shouldn't have called you a bitch."

Dorinda was a little upset that he's saying all of this over the phone. However, it usually would take him longer if he did it in person. He called her a bitch just thirty minutes ago and he's already calling her. "Saying you're sorry on the phone is a little insincere, Toni."

"I would come and see you when you got home, but I had a feeling you'd punch me in the face again."

Dorinda just smiled, she probably would have. "I'm driving right now so I'll call you tomorrow or something." She hung up the phone and continued to drive.

When they walked into the house they were greeted by Emilia, who was waiting at the stairs. Dorinda was hoping she was going to congradulate them. Emilia stood up from where she sat, waiting for Dorinda to walk up to her. "Dorinda, tumawag ang nanay mo. Parang galit sha." (Dorinda, your mother called. She sounded angry.)

Dorinda looked at her cell phone, her mother had called six times. She sighed, dialing her mother. She didn't pick up, she called again. She looked at Dom and the others, who looked very worried for her. "Go ahead, you guys can go to bed. I just have to call my mom."

Dom gave her look and was about to say something when Elena headed up the stairs. One by one they each went to their rooms.

Dorinda's mother finally answered after the fifth time she called. "¿Hola? Mamá? Sí, lo siento, no se recuperó cuando usted llamó, fui a dar una vuelta. Yo estaba limpiando mi cabeza, que ha sido un largo día .. Sí, lo siento mucho. No voy a hacerlo de nuevo. Voy a tomar el tiempo de teléfono próxima vez que llame, sí. Bueno, hablar con usted pronto, te amo. Bye." (Hello? Mom? Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't pick up when you called, I went for a drive. I was just clearing my head, it's been a long day.. Yes, I'm really sorry. I won't do it again. I'll pick up the phone next time you call, yes. Okay, talk to you soon, love you. Bye.) Dorinda hung up the phone and sighed as she headed up the stairs and into her room.

Emilia looked at Dorinda as she walked off, she knew this long distance with her mother was killing her. She needed to think of a way to get Dorinda's mother here. She quickly dialed the phone, calling Dorina's mother. She took a deep breath. "Hello, Ms Letty?"