Hello everyone! This is my first ever fanfic ever to be published in FFN, so expect it to have a lot of inconsistencies.

Apparently, there was only one Haruhi/Pokemon crossover fic, entitled To Dream of Pokemon by Yowaki. Originally, I had to start writing a new crossover fic between the two series, but I got bored, so I stopped. But when I heard that Best Wishes would have a second season, I decided to revive the plan to work on a new crossover fic.

The Best Wishes of Haruhi Suzumiya will be an alternate retelling of some of the episodes of Best Wishes Season 2, starting from episode 85. Of course, just like any other crossover fanfic that involves Pokemon, the SOS Brigade in this fic will have one reason to (temporarily) have Pokemon. Some of the chapters will be laced with shout-outs, mostly to anime and video games. Good luck counting all of them.

I present to you, the bio for my first original character who will appear in my first fanfic, Brendan!

Bio: He is a Pokemon trainer who encounters the SOS Brigade on their (mis)adventures in the Unova region. Because they don't have any Pokemon, he usually lends them a random Pokemon on hand.

I tend to make bad interpretations of Kyon's snarkiness, so please bear with me if I do. And oh, this fic doesn't use Kyon's narration style.

Seriously, do I really need to put up a disclaimer when it comes to fanfiction? Oh yeah, if I do, I only own the original character(s). If you think it sucks, don't bore me to death with negative comments.

The Best Wishes of Haruhi Suzumiya

Chapter 1

Reality is Out To Lunch

It was one late afternoon in North High. The SOS Brigade members are still in the room that the Literature Club formerly used to conduct their meetings, doing their usual things. Haruhi is in the computer, looking for new e-mails, Kyon and Itsuki are playing Othello, Yuki is reading a novel, and Mikuru, as usual everytime they enter the club room, is dressed as a maid, preparing hot chocolate.

"Hey, Kyon! I just checked this out on the Internet. It's a new episode of an anime that I just watched." Haruhi called to Kyon.

Kyon, wondering if Haruhi is up to something that could lead them to trouble, approached to the computer and replied, "Pokemon again? Seriously, did you just get hooked up to the craze that kids are usually enjoying?"

"Kyon, Pokemon is a video game and anime series that is not just for kids. The games are very competitive even teenagers are playing those kinds of stuff."

"I'm sensing a feeling that Haruhi might end up doing something crazy again," Kyon thought, "Haruhi, is there a reason why you like it?"

"If those Pokemon existed in our universe, there would be a great achievement for the SOS Brigade if we encountered them! What do you say, Kyon?"

Kyon sat back at the table and said, "Um, yeah, about that."

"What is it?"

"It doesn't make sense if Pokemon showed up before our eyes, so-"

Haruhi stood up from the computer chair. "What are you talking about? There might be strange phenomena represented or caused by those creatures that is waiting to be discovered!"

Kyon facepalmed and muttered to his thoughts, "I knew you shouldn't have played that video game."

(The opening intro Super Driver plays)

"If you want to know, I can tell you the basics about Pokemon. " Itsuki whispered at Kyon.

Kyon replied, "You also played that stuff the whole time?" As he asked those words to Itsuki, Mikuru served two cups of hot chocolate, one to Kyon, and the other to Itsuki.

"Actually, Miss Nagato played it. She told me about the gameplay and how it is played."

"Miss Nagato, did you like that stuff that Koizumi just told me?" Yuki replied, "You already know it."

"Okay, people, everyone's dismissed. It appears we're the only students remaining, and it's already evening." Haruhi said. Everyone left the club room.

Walking on the side of the road a few minutes later, Kyon and Itsuki continue their conversation.

Kyon asked, "Koizumi, you told me that Miss Nagato taught you how Pokemon is played. Can you teach me how?"

Itsuki replied, "The eponymous Pokemon are monsters that you obtain, raise, and evolve in order to make them stronger. They also have special powers like electrokinesis, and water manipulation and even psychic powers."

"And what are Pokemon battles?"

"It is exactly what it says on the tin can. A battle between two Pokemon. Every Pokemon is assigned to a specific type, and winning a battle is determined mainly if yours is of the type-"

As Kyon was being lectured about the game's mechanics, he thought, "I never knew this would be complex and confusing."

He then interrupted, "Can you try to make it simple? You know, make it easy for me to understand?"

Itsuki replied, "When you think of the Pokemon's type, think of the existing elements in the world around us. The fact that water easily spouts out fires is the reason why Water-type moves are effective on Fire-type Pokemon. They are examples of type advantage, the one key to victory."

He added, "The strengths and weaknesses of a Pokemon are based on its statistics. One of the stats determines who goes first in a battle."

"Then, how can I tell if those so-called Pokemon are powerful?" Kyon asked.

"Their offensive stats are called Attack and Special Attack. If a Pokemon has a high Attack stat, it is physically powerful."

"Are there any weak Pokemon?"

Itsuki replied, "There's no such thing as a Pokemon that truly defines the adjective of 'weak'. In fact, there is a chance that one can still hit hard even when it isn't offensively powerful."

"So, you mean, Pokemon battles are serious business?"

"Yes. In fact, there are a lot of Pokemon enthusiasts competing to be the best of the best."

They walk at an intersection at the end of the road. "I guess our conversation stops here, now that you know some of the basics. I'll see you tomorrow," Itsuki said.

At his house, Kyon discovered his sister holding some familiar cards in her hand.

"What are those?"

"I just received these Pokemon cards from a schoolmate of mine. I even learned from him on how to play the Trading Card Game." Kyon's sister replied.

The deadpan Kyon thought, "This is all like a nightmare to me when the SOS Brigade and even my little sister gets hooked to all things Pokemon."

Kyon went to his room and slept in bed. He felt like he was in a dream, but it wasn't.

He is suddenly awakened by Itsuki.

"Kyon, wake up," said the esper.

Kyon replied, "Koizumi? Didn't we part at the end of the road last night? And where are we?"

"We are in the middle of a forest."

He notices that he and the rest of the SOS Brigade members are in casual clothes.

"What? Why are we all suddenly wearing in casual attire? Where's Miss Nagato and Miss Asahina?"

Itsuki pointed out behind him and replied, "They're right beside you, already awake."

Kyon asked, "If this were an alternate reality, I'm assuming we are trapped in closed spaces. And speaking of closed spaces, where's Haruhi?"

Koizumi replied, "She must have went off somewhere."

Suddenly, several wild Watchog appeared and surrounded Kyon, Itsuki, Yuki and Mikuru.

"Koizumi, we're being surrounded!," Kyon said. Itsuki replied, "There's no way we can escape from these Pokemon without battling them."

Kyon thought, "Good grief, we're all trapped in another dimension of some sort, surrounded by so-called Pokemon and there is no way we can get out of this."

Mikuru, intimidated by the wild Watchog surrounding them, cries, "What do we do now?"

It appeared as if hope to escape was lost, until a voice shouted, "Use Thunderbolt." A bolt of electricity is shot at the ground, making the Watchog flee. Kyon wonders, "I wonder who said that."

"Me." A Pokemon Trainer wearing a black shirt with white stripes, blue jeans, red sneakers, and a yellow cap on his head showed up from the trees in the forest and appeared before them. "Oh, by the way, my name is Brendan. I just saved all of you from those Watchog using my Luxray." As Luxray cries out its name, Kyon wonders," Is that a Pokemon?"

Brendan is shocked. "Of course, it is a Pokemon! Did you forget something or even do the math?" He immediately recalls the Gleam Eyes Pokemon back to its Poke Ball.

"Who are you? I mean, all of you?"

Kyon tried to introduce himself. "I forgot what's my true name, so just refer me by my nickname, Kyon. And actually, I don't like that nickname."

"And who are your friends?"

"On my right is Itsuki Koizumi." Koizumi smiled with his eyes shut.

"The girl with the black cardigan is Yuki Nagato." Yuki only said a single hello.

"Um, I'm Mikuru Asahina," Mikuru introduced herself to Brendan.

"Excuse me, do you know where a girl named Suzumiya Haruhi just went?," Kyon asked to Brendan.

"Oh, that's right. Suzumiya Haruhi. I happen to encounter her on the way, and she said that she was probably lost. So I told her that there is a city nearby, and she just went off to Virbank City."


"Virbank City."

"And where are we?" Kyon wondered.

"If you and your friends were wondering where all of you are, then all of you are in the outskirts of Virbank City, in the Unova region."

Kyon sighed and thought, "Looks like a certain wizard did it again. She unbeknowingly trapped herself and all of us into her own world."

Ash Ketchum has finally obtained all 8 badges in order to move on to the Unova League, now that he has recently defeated Roxie of the Virbank Gym. Right now, he and his traveling companions, Iris and Cilan, are in the Pokemon Center, talking to Nurse Joy.

"I just recently got my eighth badge. Can you tell me when is the Unova League going to start?," Ash asked.

"That was a nice achievement you got there! But I'm sorry to tell you that the Unova League will take place in the next three months," Nurse Joy replied.

"Three months? Oh man, I trained really hard just to achieve my goal of becoming a Pokemon Master," Ash frowned, "All right, even though the Unova League is still three months away, let's continue some training!"

As Ash and his friends left, Haruhi was waiting outside the Pokemon Center. When Brendan and the others strolled around the road in Virbank City, she sees them and said, "Hey, Kyon. I've been waiting for all of you. There's a new ice cream that we should try in the park over there. It's called the Tunbear Ice. A woman named Nurse Joy informed me when I was waiting inside that building." She pointed her finger to the Pokemon Center.

Kyon thought, "It's a good thing she didn't give me yet another penalty."

When Haruhi noticed Brendan, she wonders, "Did he go with you just to look for me?"

Kyon replied, "Yes."

In the Tunbear Ice kiosk:

"There's no way this ice cream would be this tasty!" Haruhi exclaimed.

Kyon snarked, "Yeah, right. Are there any other flavors of Tun. . . whatever, as long as I can call it as ice cream?"

Brendan responded, "Vanilla is the only flavor they have. And if you're wondering what's the name of this dessert, it's called Tunbear Ice."

"Miss Nagato, do you like that stuff?" Kyon asked to Yuki as she tried one lick of the ice cream. She replied, "Yes."

Mikuru commented, "This flavor of is really good. Can I have another?"

As Brendan and the SOS Brigade members enjoyed some ice cream in the park, a familiar face was spying on them outside the Pokemon Center. It was certainly the Computer Society President.

He wanted to seek revenge to Haruhi and the SOS Brigade for taking away their laptop computers. He muttered to himself, "You may have had our computer, but you're gonna lose when I challenge you to a battle!"

When the gang of six decided to leave the park, they encounter the president of the Computer Club, standing in front of them. He says, "Looks like we meet again, because I'm gonna challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" Haruhi responds, "Okay, I accept your challenge!" But when Haruhi checks her pockets, they are all empty.

Haruhi asked, "Brendan, you are a Pokemon trainer. Can you borrow me one of your Pokemon?" Brendan replied, "Sure, you can."

He sends out a Staraptor and returns it back to its Poke Ball. He adds, "Didn't all of you start out having a starter Pokemon?" Kyon asks, "Starter say what?"

Itsuki responded, "Starter Pokemon. New Pokemon trainers start off by obtaining one of them."

Kyon replied, "But we're not kids anymore. I don't think that would be necessary for all of us to get starter Pokemon, are we? And why do we even care about getting them?"

Brendan said, "It doesn't matter what age you are as long as you are old enough to raise Pokemon, Kyon." He then gave the Poke Ball to Haruhi Suzumiya.

"I think he has a point, Kyon," Haruhi said.

In the battlefield not far from the park:

The president yelled, "Are you ready to start the Pokemon battle or what?"

Brendan responded, "You can't call it an official Pokemon battle without a referee. Okay, this is a one-on-one battle between Haruhi Suzumiya of the SOS Brigade and the. . . . . uh, what was your name?"

He attempts to ask the name of the president, but he refuses. "Okay then, the president of the Computer Club. Haruhi shall make the first move. Let the battle begin!"

Kyon facepalmed, "I hope this isn't trouble when Haruhi loses this match."

"Go, Excadrill!" The president of the Computer Club brought out the Pokemon into the field.

"I choose you!" Haruhi sent in her 'Staraptor' from its Poke Ball.

"Because I'm the one to make the first move, so Staraptor, use Steel Wing!" Haruhi commanded. Staraptor's wings glow white, targeting its move at the Excadrill.

The president responded, "Excadrill, use Metal Claw." The latter's attack collides with Staraptor's Steel Wing.

"Use Close Combat!" Haruhi shouted. Staraptor punches with its wings and kicks its talons into Excadrill for an effective hit.

"How's that for a super effective Close Combat?" Haruhi bragged, much to the president's dismay.

Mikuru wonders, "I wonder if it is possible for a bird Pokemon to do martial arts."

"Excadrill, use Sandstorm," The president instructed. The Steel-Ground typed mole Pokemon kicks its left foot and summons a sandstorm that whips up on the battlefield, blinding Staraptor's sight.

"Use Close Combat one more time!" Staraptor attempts to thrash Excadrill with its talons, but the latter avoids the former's attack with agility.

Kyon wonders, "How can that mole ever be running so fast at a time like this?"

"Sand Rush is an ability that raises a Pokemon's speed in sandstorm by 100%," Yuki replied.

"That can't be happening," Kyon muttered.

"Finish it off with Rock Slide!" the president exclaimed. Rocks suddenly appeared from above and hit Staraptor, leaving it severely beaten up.

The president replied, "My Excadrill's ability is Sand Rush, so expect it to be increasing its speed when sandstorm's up. I guess this is the end of the line for you and your antics you did at us."

Haruhi responded, "Whatever, but I'm still going to win."

The Predator Pokemon eventually gets up, just in time for Haruhi to say, "Use Aerial Ace!"

"Excadrill, dodge it."

Excadrill avoids Aerial Ace. Unfortunately, it gets hit from behind by Staraptor like a homing missile. The sandstorm eventually subsided.

"I'm not officially impressed. Time to pierce the heavens with your Horn Drill, Excadrill."

"Intercept it with your own Brave Bird!" Staraptor and Excadrill collide their attacks with each other, creating an explosion. Both Pokemon are on the opposite sides of each other on the field, Staraptor taking recoil damage from Brave Bird.

A silence fell on the battlefield. Kyon wonders, "Is this the end?"

On the next chapter:

The outcome of the Pokemon battle between Haruhi Suzumiya and the Computer Society President will be revealed. Will the winner be the former's borrowed Staraptor or the latter's Excadrill? Also, the SOS Brigade get to meet a certain Pokemon trainer with a Pikachu and his two traveling companions. What else will happen next? Find out on the next chapter of The Best Wishes of Haruhi Suzumiya!