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Chapter 1: After the aftermath

Everyone always said it was way too dangerous to hang out in the ruins by The Edge, that it would suck you right off solid ground and into the abyss of space. That didn't stop Rio, not for one second, there was just too much to learn here, roaming the deteriorated streets and crumbling alleyways of a long lost city he didn't know the name of. Currently the fiery red head was climbing a defunct escalator to the top of one of the tallest buildings resting in the ruins, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive sun, mostly blocked by the continent in front of them, their own fragmented piece of Earth farther away from the star than the other. No matter how he looked at it, Rio found it hard to believe that all these stray continents were once held together and formed an actual planet, he'd never seen one in tact before. Well, he'd looked at Mars through a telescope once, but it was so far away it didn't really count. And it had only been a hundred years ago, a hundred years ago today this city had still been standing, still inhabited, what he wouldn't have given to see that. Dodging moss and overgrowing plant life, Rio continued to the top of the decrepit tower. Achieving it a few minutes later, His feet slapped the pavement as he ran to edge, straining his neck to see over the very top of the other continent. It was just a little higher...just a little...there! The continent had turned just enough to let him see the very top of the golden star. This was the only time you could see the sun, the artificial sky would kick in around early morning, blocking out this incredible view. But just as soon as it had graced him with his presence, the continent turned again, shielding them from the sun once more. Sighing, feeling the one glance was just not enough, Rio turned and headed back towards the settlement where his home resided. Down and out of the ruins, past a cluster of trees, and into the vast prarie, houses cropping up as he reached the other side of a small hill. A slight breeze made the boy's yellow t-shirt and blue vest shift on his person, but felt smooth on his face. After thrity seconds of jogging, he arrived on the graveled main road that cut through the center of the village. Wood buildings cropped up on either side of the street, signs hanging above their doors, advertising their wares and services. At that moment, like a wave rushing over his head, Rio saw the artificial sky activate. Sighing, he headed home, a corner house halfway down the main road where it interescted a side street, of which there werent many. Making his way up the front walk, he slipped his way inside the front door, only to bump into something on his way.

"Hello Rio." a female voice said, sounding a bit intrigued and slightly annoyed. Rio recognized the voice immediately.

"oh, h-hi, Mom." He smiled wide, trying to mask how embarassed he was at getting caught.

"What were you up to at such an early hour?"

"Oh nothing, just doing a little stargazing." He answered, somewhat truthfully.

"Really? And exactly where were you doing this 'stargazing', hmm?" She raised an eyebrow, suspicious.

"Just at the tower..." He trailed off, beginning to sidestep past her, heading for his room.

"Rio, how many times do I have to tell you, going to the ruins is dangerous!"

"But Mom-!"

"You could've gotten pulled over the Edge by the artificial gravity!"

"Mom I'm fine! I just went to see the sun is all." He grumbled, crossing his arms.

"Just...don't go too far next time..." She sighed, smiling and hugging her son.

"Alright." He conceded, hugging her back a little.

"I'll see you after work ok? Bye."

"Bye." Soon after she left, Rio made himself a small breakfast; toast with jam and some milk, and then headed out again. This time with a different destination in mind. Turning the opposite direction down main street from where he'd come, he headed for a house about two blocks down, almost near the edge of town. He had started slowly, thinking it was no big deal, what Gerry and Gina had said last night. But as he thought about it more and more, the more he wanted to know, the more he had to know. And those same words echoed through his memory as he ran.

"We found it. We finally found it!"