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"Spyro…Cynders we have called you here because after this rest period we have decided to turn you two over to a foster care because you have no parents" said Cyril.

"We are too busy to deal with the problems that come with being an eighteen year old - you are allowed to drink and go out on your own" added Terrador.

"We also have made sure that you won't stop seeing us as well" Voliter joined in.

"We are preparing to coronate the new fire guardian and we have invited you to the ceremony" Cyril said.

"This will take place in the next month, this has been why we have been pushing you to get a job and learn the problems of life, the life that you have missed out on" said Terrador.

"We wish you all the best and hope your new family are nice" added Voliter.

"Wait! Are we going to live together?" asked Cynders bewildered.

Spyro was completely dumbstruck, "yes, the host family will be looking after you both" said Cyril. "The family already have a foster child at the same age as you, he was even in the candidates for the place for fire guardian" said Voliter.

"He is extremely powerful, very shy and of course is a fire dragon, but the only reason he didn't receive the place was because he has other powers besides the fire powers, that not even you have Spyro" said Terrador.

"You might even learn from him" said Cyril.

"He has power beyond what master Ignitius had, in fact he created his own move in fire that nobody can accomplish without his tutoring, he is a very interesting young fellow" said Voliter.

"We are getting off topic, we will help you pack up your belongings and take them to the host family" said Cyril

"Or, you can do it yourself so you have time to think?" said Terrador.

"I would like to do it by myself" said Cynders.

"Same" added Spyro as they walked to their rooms slowly taking in what just happened.

"So….Spyro…. what did the Guardians want?" asked Sparx from his bed.

"I am moving" he answered.

"What?" said Sparx jolting out of bed.

"Me and Cynders are being sent to a foster family and we are packing right now" he said.

"Oh boy! Oh boy! We are going to a new family!" said Cynders to herself jumping on the bed. "I wonder what the mum will be like, and I hope the dad is nice, and who is this other kid? He seems like he is very powerful and mysterious? No doubt he will be able to withstand a fear scream, let alone a full on shadow attack, we will just have to see then." she said, pulling out a carrying case for her stuff and putting in her armour, the crystal she had found and her diary. Then she noticed how little she actually had and slumped "Oh well, at least the new parents might buy me things. I need my stash of cash" she said to herself, shifting one of the boards in the corner and pulling out a large and heavy sack of money. She threw it into her carry case and shut it. She walked around the room which she had lived in ever since they had come back from their mission to defeat Malefor. She shivered at the thought and grabbed her case and left, trying to hide her excitement.

They met at the front of the temple and said their good byes, hugged each of the Guardians and waited for the dragons to arrive. They spotted them in the distance and when they arrived, there was an adult male fire dragon and a eighteen year old fire dragon hiding and avoiding eye contact altogether.

"Hello very nice to see you again, Blaze," said Terrador.

"Good to see you too," responded Blaze.

"Hello Spyro, Cynders, my name is Blaze, it is very nice to meet you" he said shaking their hands. "This is Cameron" he said pointing to Cameron who was behind him. At the mention of his voice he cowered and tucked his head under his wing. "Cameron" said Blaze fiercely "say hello and take their bags." Cameron slowly brought his head out and still wouldn't meet their eyes.

"Hello" he said and bowed even though his head was almost touching the ground he grabbed their bags and hoisted them like they weighed nothing and backed away and waited "well they did say he was shy, he does look very handsome" thought Cynders.

"Wow, he is strong." thought Spyro as he watched Cameron pick up the bags "My bag was heavy enough not to allow me to fly, he just picked it up like a feather."

"Now we shall take your belongings to our house and then we will go out to tea" said Blaze "Fare well Guardians" he said. He waved good bye and flew off. Cameron flew right beside them all the way as if he wasn't even carrying anything.

"How does he do that?" Spyro asked Cynders she watched as Cameron coasted over a house and flapped and rose up above the next one and dropped out of sight. He appeared down the street and was carrying something else as well. He flew alongside them for a bit longer and dived suddenly and dropped of the package he was carrying to a house on the corner. He flew back up and noticed Spyro and Cynders staring at him. Blaze noticed this and flew in between them "Please don't stare at him, he is very shy and doesn't like being the centre of attention" said Blaze.

"Why?" asked Cynders.

"He had a bad experience during school and it has haunted him for the rest of his life, now you are even lucky to get a hello out of him. He spends most of his time in his room and his secret hide out that I can't find" said Blaze "Don't worry, he actually is excited that you are coming, he spent the whole day preparing your rooms and making sure that the house was clean. He is a strange young dragon. He puzzles even his mentor at the fire rink." he said.