NOTES: Bowtiesarecool requested some Clint drabbles, especially with a look at his time before the Avengers. Not all of these fall within that time frame, but it is a Clint Barton Friday. You're welcome.


It's impressive how much food Clint Barton can put away given his smaller stature. It's sad how he still feels the need to hide some in his pockets to take back to whatever spot he's deemed safe for the day given how long it's been since he suffered neglect. The others pretend not to notice; most of them have own childhood issues to deal with before trying to help someone else with theirs. So they let him stuff his face, then his pockets, and let him burrow away some leftover nourishment like a squirrel gathering acorns for the coming winter.


He's quiet and passive the first five months they're a team. Not knowing him before, the team assumes this is normal until they notice Natasha shooting him concerned looks. Sure, he still runs his mouth during missions, snarks against whatever agent is put in charge of them for the week, but once Coulson comes back, it's like he's been uncorked. He never stops with the noise unless the mission requires it. Once they all adjust to the change in his volume, and not that people like Tony would ever admit it but, it becomes a nice, ambient sound for them.


He had a pet snake when traveling with the circus. One of the other guys used it as part of his act, but let Clint take care of it when they weren't performing. The snake was deadly. Not the poisonous kind; more the "I'll wait till you're asleep and then squeeze and choke the life out of you" kind of lethal. He used to sleep with it curled up with him in his cot, enjoying the warmth but always afraid it would attack in the middle of the night.

He blames the snake for drawing him to someone like Natasha.


Whenever it rains, Clint thinks of Thor. Not because of the lightning and thunder, but because of the first time the sniper laid eyes and a targeting scope on him in New Mexico. He wasn't kidding with Coulson on the comms; he initially liked this guy a lot. It was pretty easy to do. Until Loki. It took Clint a while to separate Thor from his brother and the God of Mischief's actions and manipulations, but thankfully Thor's a bigger man than Clint (in more ways than one) and was willing to be patient while Barton sorted out his issues.


He situates himself on the mat on the building's roof, triple checks his sights, melds his body with the rifle, and waits. He gets pulled every now and then for special assignments from Director Fury; they all do from time to time. Clint doesn't usually mind except in situations like this. SHIELD needs the hit to be non-descript; translation: using an arrow to take out the warlord would make it pretty obvious who fired the lethal weapon. Clint doesn't doubt he can accomplish the job and make the shot, but he misses the curve and tension of his beloved bow.