"Will the water mess up my hair?" Donna asked the instructor
"Maybe, but you'll be wearing a helmet" he replied amused
"Hmmm, helmet hair" she frowned
"Come on Donna" called Ringo as the group gathered round the 2 boats
"Ok so we have a list of names and you'll be separated into the boats" Dan explained
"I'll be with Donna, Rachel, Bridget, Kyle and Zeke" Libby told them
"I'll be with Ringo, Declan, Justin, Sophie and Tara" Dan said
They split up, putting on life jackets "Oy Canning" Ringo yelled
"Don't even think about it" he warned pointing to Donna who smiled
Kyle saluted climbing into the raft
"See you at the finish" Donna squealed kissing Ringo
"Yeah...Don't be too upset when we win though" he teased
"Oh you're on" Donna told him as they got into their boats
"Let's go!" Dan yelled

"Hey girls" whispered Justin
"What?" asked Sophie
"Up for a prank?"
Tara and Sophie shook their heads, Justin shrugged
As the boats approached the mini waterfall Dan's team was in the lead
Suddenly Justin ground his oar into the riverbed causing the other boat to slam into theirs
His eyes grew wide as the other raft overturned, that wasn't part of the plan!

The shouts continued. Libby stood next to Dan wrapped in a blanket she had surfaced almost immediately after the boat capsized, and Dan had refused to let her back into the water to search.
Ringo and Declan ran along the bank searching for their girlfriends. Then, Declan saw something.
"Look!" he yelled pointing to a spot of orange. They rushed to it, it was a life jacket. Declan gulped.
"We found this" Ringo murmured handing the jacket to the rescue team
"This is great well done boys, but sit down now and rest" he ordered
"Ringo, Declan" Susan and Karl, Miranda and Steve and Frazer and Rosie rushed into the tent
The boys explained what happened as they all sat down.
A few minutes later a member of the rescue team walked in
"We traced the number on the jacket, it belonged to Donna Freedman" she said before walking out
Ringo shook his head in denial "No it's not hers she's fine" he said shivering. Frazer wrapped the blanket round him as tears appeared in his brothers eyes. It wasn't looking good for Donna.

Bridget and Rachel crawled up the muddy bank breathing deeply
"Never going water rafting again" Bridget panted
Rachel laughed tiredly dragging Didge to her feet, they limped to the tent.
As they appeared in the entrance Declan sprang up rushing to Bridget and hugging her
"Are we all here now?" she asked as Steve kissed her head
"Zeke and Donna" whispered Miranda
"They found Donna's life jacket Didge" Declan told her
Rachel put a hand to her mouth and collapsed onto a chair next to Ringo
"We have to stop for now it's getting dark" a rescuer told them
"You can't stop, two kids are still out there" Frazer argued
"This is stupid!" yelled Ringo storming out
Declan rushed after him, followed by Rachel and Bridget ignoring the cries from their parents.

They scoured the banks looking for Zeke and Donna.
They could see the flashlights from the rescue team fade as they left the bank. But they wouldn't leave, not till the two were found.
"Wait!" cried Bridget as the others moved on down the stream
"Isn't that?..."
"ZEKE" screamed Rachel spotting her brother down by some rocks
They all rushed over to him, he was breathing but unconscious
"HELP!" yelled Declan and Bridget while Ringo checked his airways
"You kids are meant to be resting in the tent" said an irritable instructor.
He suddenly saw Zeke and yelled for a stretcher "Come on now all of you"
"No not till I've found Donna" Ringo told him stubbornly
Before anyone could grab hold of him, he'd ran off.

Ringo looked at his watch 7:00 pm, people would assume he was missing too soon.
He was too busy thinking and didn't see the tree root, he tripped and rolled down the bank.
As he landed at the bottom, he saw a cracked helmet. He picked it up looking round. Then he saw her. Donna was laying lifeless half in half out of the water. He ran to her pulling her onto the bank.
She wasn't breathing.

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