Hey it's me, with the next instalment of SPLASH thanks to everyone who's looked at the story. This chapter will be written in Ringo's P.O.V. Enjoy.

I didn't know what to do, should I move her? Should I leave and get help?
Suddenly I heard Declan "Ringo, come on mate we're all going up to the hospital now"
I jumped up sprinting to where the noise came from "Dec you have to come with me" I panted
"Ringo we'll look for her tomorrow" Declan told me gently
"No you don't understand I've found her!" I yelled
His face read utter confusion "You've found her?" he repeated
I nodded
"Where is she then?"
"Down here, look you need to go back and get help she's not breathing!" I told him
He shook his head but I stared into his eyes and with that he sprinted back the way he came.

I went back down the bank and sat next to Donna. I'd tried everything but I couldn't get her breathing again. I sat next to her and talked.
"Donna you can't leave me" I told her "You're the craziest most loveable person I know, I need you to be ok" I whispered
"RINGO!" Declan was back.
He came down the bank with two paramedics who lifted Donna onto a stretcher, Dec helped me up and I leant on him as we walked back to the tent.

People were calling me a hero, saying without me Donna wouldn't have made it. But I'm not a hero, if I hadn't have tripped I would have walked straight past her.
"Here you are love" I looked up to see Susan holding out a hot chocolate
"Thanks" I say taking it and gulping it down
"You know Ringo you're a..."
"Don't say it" I sigh
"Don't say what?" she asked me sitting down
"Ringo you're a hero, I'm not ok I tripped that's how I found her there's nothing heroic about it"
Susan nodded slowly, knowing not to push it
Rachel came out of the room opposite us
"How is he?" Susan asked
"Still sleeping, the nurse wants to talk to you though"
Susan got up and went into the room, Rachel took her seat.
"I'm going to kill Justin" I told her scrunching up the empty polystyrene cup
"Hey, only if I get first punch" she tells me looking at the door to Zeke's room
"So he's conscious now though?" I ask her trying to think positive
"Yeah, just sleeping a lot" she sighed
"If there's one thing I've learnt through all the years I've known you Rachel Kinski it's that you're strong" I tell her "And so is Zeke, you'll get through this"
She smiled "Thanks, Donna will too you know" she says
I'll believe it when I see it...

I walk over to where Declan is standing in the canteen
"How are you?" I ask him
"Me, how am I? How the hell are you?" he laughs
"I'm good just worried and cold and worried" he laughs again
"Where's Didge?"
"Oh Steve and Miranda took..well dragged her home"
I smile "How is she?"
"Same as you I guess"
He picks up a yoghurt and we sit at a table
"Well Zeke's conscious now so he'll be out soon" I say
"That's something" Declan tells me
I nod "Pretty soon it'll just be Donna left in here" I sigh
Declan puts down the yoghurt "She'll get through this Ringo, you know Donna"
"Yeah" I say not sure what else will cut it
Kyle walks in "Hi" he says nervously
I smile tiredly at him
"How's Donna?" he asks sitting down next to us
"The same"
"And Didge?" he asks looking at Declan
"Oh she's fine, she went home ages ago" Declan tells him
"Look I came in here to tell you, I don't know why we don't really get on, but after today I don't want any hard feelings between us anymore" He says sighing
I nod patting him on the back
Declan slowly smiles.

Back outside her room again. I'm not allowed in to see her but I'm not going home yet, not till she wakes up.
Rosie comes through the double doors "Ringo?"
I nod at her because my mouth won't open
"Look, Frazer's kind of worried, why don't you come home now, we'll bring you back tomorrow"
"I can't leave, everyone else is going home, I'm not leaving her by herself" I croak
"Ringo there's nothing you can do, it's up to Donna now" she tells me gently
I look at the door to her room "Fine" I sigh
"Rebecca just picked up Declan, he said to say goodbye" she says as I stand "Susan took Rachel home, but Karl's working night shift he'll watch over them" she reassures me
I shrug, what use is it arguing, it won't make any difference.

Ok, so for all you medical people out there I know that if you're not breathing you're dead but Donna is in a kind of coma thing now...Anyways hope you liked that chapter next one coming soon.