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Daphne Jackson and The Sword Of Hades.

Chapter 1: I Am Accused.

Look, everything you thought you knew of the world, forget it. I know, you're wondering – why is she telling me this, who is she?

That's not the most important question. What you should be asking is 'what is she?'

I'll do you one better though and answer all three. My name is Daphne Jackson, and I'm a demigod. If you want to get technical though, some would call me a legacy, but that really only works for children born of a demigod and mortal. Both my parents are demigods.

Powerful ones at that. The reason I'm telling you this is that to understand my story you have to know these thing.

My story begins like any other day for me, but it didn't stay that way for long.

My mom, Thalia Jackson nee Grace – and a daughter of Zeus – woke me at nine thirty to drive me to camp. Camp Half-Blood has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Heroes have been going for the longest time. Perseus, Theseus, Hercules, and even Jason. All were trained by Chiron.

Back when my parents were campers it was directed by Mr. D, or Dionysus but before I was born Hestia requested to take over, Mr. D as her assistant of sorts. I've been going to camp since I was six years old.

It's become tradition with my siblings, though currently only Zoe, my little sister, has started. I've been there for five years now, Zoe only two.

"Daphne, I won't tell you again," my mom called, and I rolled over groaning.

Simply put, I wasn't a morning person. I heard my mom sigh and walk away as I rolled onto my back.

"Daph, Daph!" I grunted as weight canon balled onto my bed and I realized my mom was playing dirty by releasing my younger siblings on me.

Zoe was smirking from her place at the foot of my bed. She had helped our younger brother onto my bed were he was now sitting on my stomach, staring at me with big sea green eyes. Our father's eyes.

My eyes were an electric blue-green, an equal mix of my parents eyes. Zoe's were sea blue, like the ocean in the morning or at winter, similar to our grandmother, Sally.

"Daph," Reid said, grinning a nearly toothless grin. He was only a year old, though he was intelligent for his age.

"Mom and dad are ready to go," Zoe said as I sat up, Reid falling into my lap.

"Why do we have to always leave so early?" I groaned, but I realized then how childish I sounded. Oh well, I was allowed to be childish, I was only eleven.

Zoe laughed. "Real mature, Daphne," she said.

I shrugged, getting out of bed. "Okay you two, I'm up. So get out so I can get dressed."

I waited until Zoe had left, shutting the door behind her, to throw the covers back and jump out of bed. I made quick work of showering and dressing in an orange camp shirt and pair of white shorts. I threw my sneakers on and fastened my twin daggers to my side, the outside my thighs for easy access.

Anemostrobilos – Whirlwind in English – was made of imperial gold with pearls on the hilt. It was longer then your average dagger or knife, and when light caught it you could see its name etched into the blade.

It could channel lightning despite it's name – but that was mostly because I could use lightning. But being claimed by Zeus once at camp it was pretty obvious whose powers I took after most.

Seismos – Earthquake in English – was its twin. It was a little different as it was made from celestial bronze, it also had blue topaz on the hilt instead of pearls, but otherwise it was identical to Anemostrobilos. It helped me control earthquakes better then I could without it.

The ability to generate earthquakes was one of the only abilities I inherited from my father and grandfather Poseidon.

"Daphne, we'll be late!" I heard dad yell, and I grabbed my satchel.

I made my way to the family room in a sprint, taking two stairs at a time. We lived close to the beach so one wall was made of glass giving us perfect view of the beach and ocean waves.

It was sort of a personal beach, so we didn't have to worry about many people coming here, or the side the view face anyways.

"It's about time, I don't know where you inherited the ability to take so much time getting up and ready, but you certainly took your time." Dad laughed at his own words, and I rolled my eyes.

The thing about my dad was he was protective but he was a lovable guy, and joked around. Unfortunately any humor he had he lost when his hair began to turn gray at the temples.

"Sorry, I didn't pack last night." It was true, I'd forgotten to pack and had done so in a rush.

As we approached the car, and dad began loading the bags up while mom arched an eyebrow at me.

"I thought you said you had," mom said, and I shrugged and got into the car beside Zoe.

She didn't say anything but I heard her sigh as she opened the back seat door, and began putting Reid in his safety seat beside Zoe. When she was finished she shut the door and got into the passengers seat, while dad came around to the drivers side.

The ride to camp was boring. I'd love to say it wasn't but it was, thankfully we didn't live that far out from camp. Once there mom and dad escorted us passed mom's tree, and Peleus. Zoe automatically ran off to the Poseidon cabin where her friends and cabin mates would be. Mom and dad stopped to chat with Chiron who looked grim.

That was never a good sign.

I was about to go ask what was wrong but hands covered my eyes from behind. My first instinct was to zap them but I recognized their laugh.

"Guess who?"

I chuckled. "Seriously Ian?" I asked, twisting around to face my best friend.

Ian Hale was a year older then me, and a son of Apollo. He had handsome features, bright blue eyes and honey colored hair. He was usually rather grim and standoffish, not exactly the norm for a son of the sun god, but that all changed when he was with me and our three friends.

I'd known Ian since I was six, the day I came to camp.

He smirked at me mischievously. "Glad to see you too airhead."

He knew I hated being called that, but I had grown used to it, that still didn't mean I allowed anyone else to get away with it.

"What's going on with Chiron?"

Actually now that I glanced around some of the adult counselors; Clarisse La Rue for instance, looked pretty grave as well. I expected this behavior when a camper died, but this was different somehow.

Ian sighed.

"Matt and I heard Chiron briefing the adult counselors."

He glanced around then and took my arm, leading me up half-blood hill and past the boarder just slightly. I didn't put up any resistance, this must be a sensitive subject if we needed that much privacy.

"What is it?" I urged, turning to face him.

"Rumor has it Hades has a new weapon, a sword. It's gone missing."

My eyes widened.


Ian nodded.

"This wasn't the best time for you to return Daph."

I didn't understand what he meant but I didn't have time to dwell on it when I heard a sound that chilled my whole body.


I spun around, hardly noticing Ian pull an IPOD from his pocket. Like many weapons these day, the IPOD was enchanted and turned into his golden bow when pressed in the right place.

There were six of them I noticed as I drew my daggers.

"You were saying about bad timing?" I inquired, and Ian snickered.

As the Hellhounds jumped at us we charged into action.

Ian was able to notch three arrows at once, but only two hit. One hound disintegrated but the second kept coming until I side stepped it, twisted Seismos into it's neck, and nearly decapitated it before the hellhound crumbled into dust.


I barely missed being clawed as I was distracted by my mother's terrified scream. The worst part about having demigods as parents is they are overprotective at the worst of times.

Thankfully one of Ian's arrows turned the Hellhounds to dog ash a second later, not a minute too soon. I was so busy staying alive I barely noticed my parents running up the hill with Chiron and some other campers.

Finally I took notice of my father vapor-traveling in front of a hellhound headed straight for my blind side as I stabbed Anemostrobilos into the last hellhounds head. It burst into dust the moment my father's sword, Riptide turned the other to dust.

"Daphne, Ian," Dad began, turning to us. "Are you both alright?"

I nodded, my daggers still held in my hands in case of another attack. Seemed dad and Ian had the same idea.

"We're cool Mr. J," Ian said, his bow returning to IPOD form a second later.

I finally placed my own weapons in their holsters when my dad put Riptide away. I figured if my dad thought it was safe it was safe.

"What was that about?" I asked as Ian, dad and I walked back over the boarder where my mom and others were waiting.

My mom sighed in relief as she tackled me into a hug. I began to wonder as I hugged her back if my mom had always been like this. It was sort of smothering.

"I'm glad you are alright Daphne, Ian," Chiron said. "What were you doing outside the boarder though?"

I blinked, not expecting that question.

"Uh, I wast talking with Ian. We didn't mean to go that far."

That was true enough but I could tell my mother and father were hesitant to believe it. I wondered if it had fooled Chiron or not? Probably not, I decided.

"Yeah," Ian said, backing me up. "Like Daphne said, we were talking and just didn't notice we'd gone that far."

"What was that?" I asked once again, and out of the crowed came a girl my age with dirty blond hair and big brown eyes.


"That was Lord Hades. He's upset, someone has stolen his sword."

"It's real?" Theia asked, looking at Hannah surprised.

I hadn't noticed the brunette daughter of Hermes, and one of my friends, had arrived with Matt, son of Zeus – technically this made him my uncle but we pretended not to know this fact. It was just too weird.

"Stolen?' I asked, pretty much ignoring Theia's question. "By who?"

Dad stiffened, and I noticed his eyes met Chiron's for a moment but I didn't think much of it. That had happened before plenty of times. When Zoe was claimed by Poseidon, and I by Zeus. When they had seen me training with a boy from Athena's cabin, Andrew.

"By whom," Chiron corrected. "And if the rumors are to be believed... by you."

I'd love to say it didn't shock me, but in honesty that was the last thing I recalled before waking up in the infirmary.

So that's how it began.

I was being accused of stealing something I'd never even seen.