How To Train Your Kung Fu 5: Death of the Dragon

Chapter 25: Bonus Chapter

We see Hiccup walking through the gates of the Valley of Peace while all of the villagers cheered in applause for his arrival as Po and the other kung fu masters arrive. Shen and his wolf army also arrives to greet him.

"Glad you could be here, kid", said Zhong, "How about if I could make you a great soldier for my troops?"

"Sounds nice", said Hiccup, "if it's for me to decide to do that."

"I always knew you could come back here", said Po, "Did your father and the others noticed?"

"I guess they did", said Hiccup, "Let's hope they're doing fine without me."

Meanwhile, back on Berk, we see Stoick going into Hiccup's room to see a letter on his bed. He takes the paper out and it says:

Gone back to Jade Palace

Be back here as soon as I can


"Good luck, son", said Stoick.

Meanwhile, back at the Jade Palace, as Zhong and the other wolves are joining the kung fu masters including the protectors of Gongmen City Masters Croc and Ox along with the immortal Oogway and their peacock overlord before Shifu can make an announcement.

"We've heard of you before, son", said Master Ox.

"You're brave for a viking like you", said Master Croc, "We now honor you with all of our respects."

"Thanks", said Hiccup nervously and Shifu makes an announcement.

"Citizens of the Valley of Peace", announced Shifu, "Hiccup will be chosen by Shen, lord of Gongmen City, as a warrior for his wolf army due to his bravery, faith, loyalty, and hope. Before he would be awarded for what he has done to save all of China, I suggest that Hiccup would like to say something to all of you. Go ahead, Hiccup."

After turning their heads to Hiccup, Oogway said, "Your destiny is finally at hand, dear child."

Hiccup then walked past the two kung fu masters and said to all of the villagers of the Valley of Peace, "Citizens, it's been my honor to be serving Shen and his wolves, but I would let Shen recruit Toothless his right hand in-command. Would it be alright for Shen to do so?"

"Yes, my boy", said Shen, "I believe that your dragon would serve me well, although I haven't spent some time with him."

Toothless then came towards the peacock overlord and snuggled him tightly, causing the villagers to laugh heartily.

"Anyway", said Hiccup, "It's been great coming back here and I would like all of you to know that... with all of my faiths and hopes, I had made such great friends from the kung fu masters of this palace. If it hadn't been for them, we never would have completed the impossible things that we've done. If... my dad and the others were here, they'd be proud of me if I worked for Shen's army. And... that's all I have to say now for I am dismissed right now."

Shifu then walks towards Hiccup.

"Hiccup", said Shifu, "For all of the impossible things that you have helped us complete in our past journeys, I now aware you with a medal of a viking master student. You see, a viking master who has the rights for himself to help others would require a special effort to turn from a student for the Jade Palace to a Kung Berk master. We now worship you, Hiccup as you have worshipped for all of us and from now on, from the smallest ray of our ancestors, you are now a Kung Fu Dragon Rider of both Berk and the Jade Palace. Congratulations, my boy."

Then, as Hiccup wears the medal, all of the villagers of the Jade Palace cheered in applause and fireworks fired everywhere in the sky to form a viking and a dragon that resembles Hiccup and Toothless.

"Hiccup", said Oogway, "You still have the pendant Shifu had given you. It will allow you to contact your friends at Berk if you have the chance to."

"You think so?", asked Hiccup and uses the pendant to contact his father, Stoick.

"Dad", said Hiccup, "I can hear you inside your thoughts."

"Hiccup?", asked Stoick.

"Yes, dad", said Hiccup, "I'm still here at the Jade Palace and... me and Toothless just got appointed to become warriors for Shen's army. Isn't that great?"

"So, when will you be coming back?", asked Stoick.

"As soon as I be doing some army training with the wolves", said Hiccup, "So, it'll be... I say, a few days time."

"I'm so proud of you, Hiccup", said Stoick.

"Dad", said Hiccup, "Can you tell Astrid and the others where I am?"

"Yes, Hiccup", said Stoick, "I'll do that and... good luck with his army."

"I will, dad", said Hiccup, "Goodbye."

The glowing of the pendant now disappears and we cut to Hiccup flying with Toothless into the sky with Shen from across the distance and we zoomed into the white clouds before we fade to black after Hiccup makes a monologue: "Everything seems to be the way I wanted it to be. All of Berk is now saved and the Valley of Peace has once again cheered for my bravery and courage. For a long time, I still, and always, haven't forgotten the day that I've met Po and the other kung fu masters."

A few days later, as the song "I Will Always Return" plays on the background, we see Hiccup and Toothless flying past the portal that leads him back to Berk from the Jade Palace where all of the villagers of Berk are cheering for his triumphant return before we fade to black.

I hear the wind call my name
The sound that leads me home again
It sparks up the fire - a flame that still burns
To you I will always return

I know the road is long but where you are is home
Wherever you stay - I'll find the way
I'll run like the river, I'll follow the sun
I'll fly like an eagle to where I belong

I can't stand the distance - I can't dream alone
I can't wait to see you - Yes I'm on my way home

Now I know it's true
My every road leads to you
And in the hour of darkness
Your light gets me through

You run like the river - you shine like the sun
You fly like an eagle
You are the one
I've seen every sunset
And with all that I've learned
Oh, it's to you I will always, always return

The End

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