Author's Note

"Eastern Boys and Western Girls" is the second part of my story about Piotr Iljitsch Kamenew, a former Durmstrang student who came to Hogwarts and joined classes with Harry, Ron and Hermione (but he's a Hufflepuff, not a Gryffindor). The first part "Russian Claws" described the events of book three (Prisoner of Azkaban). EBWG will start shortly before the beginning of year four (Goblet of Fire).

Aside from this foreign student (who won't be the 'hero of the story' but strongly influence the actions of many others) you'll notice another change: the Weasley Family is not as described in the books.

A last note before I'll begin: I like to describe the events from changing points of view (POV), most often Hermione, Ginny or Piotr; but I mostly don't write in 'first person style'..

Happy Summer

The Burrow – August 16th 1994 (Ginny's POV)

She missed her friends, missed them dearly. It was wrong, she knew that, but she couldn't change her feelings. She'd give her right arm to spend some quality time with Luna now. But that was impossible. Luna would be at the Quidditch site together with her father. Having paid for mediocre tickets those silly rules that had been established around the Quidditch World Championship forced them to arrive at the site a full week in advance. The final game would be in two days so Luna had been away for a full five days now.

Not that it would have helped otherwise. With her very good examinations – much better than those of Fred and George who obviously spent too much time with their gimmicks – Ginny had hoped to have a relaxed time this summer break. But her father and Percy, who until now had shared the duty of watching and supervising her, had been painfully immersed in works the last weeks. As a result it had gone to Ron to take this job and he had followed his duty vigorously.

Her hands doing the tasks in the kitchen with well-used exercise Ginny thought about her brothers. Percy, while very orderly and stern in his sister-handling, had been predictable so far. She always knew what she had to do, what she was expected to tell him and which misdeeds earned her trouble and strokes with the tawse. Ginny needed this kind of leading, these boundaries. Her own head had wandered astray too often and led her into deep trouble and nearly killed some other students – one of them Harry – in her first year.

But Ron had changed in the last year. Percy had started to incorporate him in handling their sister and more and more the once reluctant Ron had started to be more forward. But he wasn't as predictable as Percy. Often he surprised Ginny with his outbursts of anger and often she didn't really know or understand what she'd done wrong. Ginny only hoped that he would be different in Hogwarts; that it would be as with Percy: stern and hard-handed but loving, caring and leading.


Fred and George had just come back, giggling like school girls about a prank they played on Dudley, Harry's cousin. Apparently they had tricked the boy into eating a Ton Tongue Toffee. Now they were waiting for their father and his report about the result. And they were waiting for Harry. Harry, the boy she had adored since they first met. Harry, the boy she had a crush and wasn't allowed to show anymore. Ginny understood the reasoning. Her father and especially Percy had patiently explained why she had to stay away from him, had to spare him her silly behavior. But it was still painful, at least sometimes. Today she would be allowed to greet him at least.

In a way it was simpler this way than around Hermione. The girl she had seen as a good friend – the best she had aside from Luna – had been in the burrow for a week now and she had started to throw odd looks in Ginny's direction. She had stayed quiet so far but it was obvious that something troubled her about Ginny. The youngest Weasley could only hope that her face wouldn't expose too much of her feelings.


Sitting in her small end of the room Ginny was watching them in silence as was right and proper. Harry had taken an instant liking to Charlie, the ex-Quidditch player and Ginny's darling brother aside from Percy. They compared opinions about the teams of Bulgaria and Ireland, the teamwork of the Irish players and how Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian star player, would have an impact on the game. Tomorrow they would use a port key for the journey, as Harry, Hermione and Ron weren't old enough to apparate. Seventeen years was the magic number and Percy had just reached it a few weeks ago. Now he was proudly using any possibility to show his ability to apparate.

Ginny smiled happily thinking about this event. It was the first time since … she didn't remember when all her family members had been together like this. With Percy now joining Bill and Charlie as a working adult it would be even more complicated in the future. But Quidditch brought them all together. It was the first Quidditch World Championship on English ground since more than thirty years; perhaps she would be multiple mother or even grandmother before this happened again.

Mother … Ginny found it hard to imagine herself in this role … to be like her own mother. Ginny's eyes wandered to Molly Weasley and surprised her staring at Ginny with a somewhat sad look. Ginny smiled at her mother and saw her relax a bit. She didn't want her to be sad or worried, wanted to make her proud and happy. Luckily Percy was willing to help her with that task; or had been willing as this would be Ron's duty now.

Ginny allowed herself the smallest of sighs. At least tomorrow would be a happy day, a day without complications.


Quidditch Site – August 17th 1994 (Ginny's POV)

She had used the port key as planned together with her father, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George. Her older brothers would follow in a few hours, but for now Ginny was fully occupied with the sight around her. Never before had she seen such a host of wizards and witches. Every time they met someone known – like Cedric Diggery and his father at the portkey or Sean Finnegan and Dean Thomas while they crossed the tent city – there was quite an event.

The whole place – a wooded area in the moor – had been protected against visits by Muggles thru a multitude of spells. The only Muggles here was Robert the groundskeeper and his family. But every wizard and witch was obliged to restrain from using magic and they wore a wild mix of clothes they thought to be thoroughly Muggle in kind. One very old wizard even wore a nightgown with florets, convinced that this would be typical.

They had just steered clear of the Bulgarian camp – a large poster of Viktor Krum adorning every single tent – and met Cho Chang – Harry's face still showing a silly grin after the dark-haired beauty bestowed him a smile that caused Ginny's stomach to clench in anger – as Hermione's outburst made Ginny to turn around.

With a yell she started to run towards a small group of students, Harry following her seconds later while Ron stopped dead in his tracks. Luna … Ginny smiled … and Hannah Abbot and Neville Longbottom, the young boy wearing an unknown green robe … and beside him, wearing the outfit of a Mediwiz … Piotr.

So he was the reason for Ron's anger, Ginny mused and suppressed a sigh. How would she love to follow Hermione, hug Luna and smile at the others? But she couldn't. She had to stay here and silently watch. Her father was staring at them, apparently torn between being friendly to Hermione and Harry and showing his disgust towards the Russian student.

How happy Hermione looked in this moment. Ginny understood why her friend liked Piotr so much. He was an intelligent and extremely hardworking student – hardworking enough to be allowed making jokes towards Hermione about not being diligent enough as they spoke about the reason why he had been better at Ancient Runes than her. He loved books and a good conversation. Never would he make bad comments about Hermione being a bookworm or only-brains like her brother did. More than once Ginny had seen him serving Hermione self-made hot herb-chocolate or spending time brushing her hair to relax her. That he liked house-elves and always behaved friendly towards them – she exactly remembered the evening two months ago as he cooked for his friends and invited one of the house-elves of Hogwarts too – was only the icing on the cake.

But always Hermione had to choose … to choose between Ron and Piotr … to choose between the Weasleys and Piotr. It was so unfair, Ginny thought, working hard to not show her emotions openly.


"Luna had been here for a week and Hannah too. Neville hasn't even a ticket but Piotr somehow convinced the apothecary to let him work at the camp and so he'll be able to watch the finals too. Isn't that awesome?"

Hermione had been babbling towards Fred and George, the twins staying silent as if they knew exactly that she was in reality speaking only to Ginny who stayed a few steps apart to avert the impression of being involved in the conversation.

"And Piotr … I knew that he was working at St. Mungo this summer but I was surprised to see him here. Apparently they needed all help for the camp and so he is working with some other Mediwizzes and Mediwitches to care for the spectators."

"At least until now," Harry corrected. Hermione nodded: "Yes, he told something about a new job for today. He didn't know what it would be but he has to work with Mr. Bagman."

"Ludo Bagman," Arthur interjected, the first time breaking his silence.

"Yes, I think he meant him. Isn't that the organizer of this event?"

"Mr. Crouch is the organizer but Ludo Bagman is helping him. He is from the Magical Sports Department in the Ministry," Arthur explained, obviously proud to know his way around the Ministry.

"Mr. Crouch is Percy's boss," Ginny added shyly and to her relief her father agreed with a relaxed nod. "Yes he is. And Percy will certainly make his career under such a competent man. He's at least a practical no-nonsense man, unlike Bagman. Not that Bagman is bad or something but he's too humorous to my liking, too much nonsense, and too little sobriety."

Looking around a last time, their two tents being prepared for the night and all needed souvenirs bought Arthur ordered: "It's time to go to our places. The time of the finals is nearly up."