"The last part of me"

The shop keeper gazed the red evening sky, as it was slowly blending with shades of purple, sitting in the wooden floor, smoking his pipe like usual. It was quiet. The younger Doumeki hadn't visited today, since he had to watch after his father, who had been in bed for over a week. Watanuki blew out a ring of smoke. Inside the shop, Maru, Moro and Mokona also kept quiet. Now and then he would hear them shuffling or whispering, but he didn't pay attention, knowing well what concerned them. He himself wasn't concerned. He had been prepared for this day; for he knew it would come. The older Doumeki wasn't going to get up again and he knew it better than anyone. Because knowledge was something that overflowed in and out of him, for over fifty years now. He set the pipe beside him.

The sky was slowly getting darker. Watanuki caressed with his long fingers the bone beside his right eye and moved his gaze to the front door of the garden. Cars and passengers passed occasionally. But he knew someone wouldn't cross this door again. After all, the last time he had met his friend, he had saw him off, knowing it was the last time to see him. That was two weeks ago. Doumeki Shizuka had appeared supported by his son and wife, while his little granddaughter dashed forward to play with Maru and Moro. They were a lovely sight.

Watanuki let out a soundless sigh and closed his eyes, shutting out every sound, until the flapping of a bird was heard in the distance. Slowly the shop keeper opened his eyes once more emotionlessly. The right side of his sight was pitch black. This time it would remain so, for as long as he was alive. To remind him a big part of himself that was gone too. Soon the sound of phone ringing would echo from within the shop. But he wouldn't bother to move from his place. He would stay there all night, unmoving for the longer time.

By the dark of the night finally the boy made a movement to lift his pipe once more and let out a big drag of smoke, turning once more his attention at the now starry sky.

"Goodbye… Shizuka"


Characters (c) CLAMP

I was considering adding a part where Doumeki appears from inside the shop and says "Sweet dreams, Kimihiro" because from now on they would meet in dreams like with Haruka