-Yahiro POV-

Work ,work, and more work. I have been working for 7 days straight without any time to relax. Without time to indulge my desires. Most importantly, without seeing Megumi for 7 days straight was almost pure torture. Time seemed to move so slowly without her there to help pass the time. Finally with a day off, I decided to go to my private resort which most of my friends and the S.A members do not know off, save for a few exclusive friends. I needed some time to myself. Time to cool myself down before I go meet my precious Megumi again. Time to build up my mental defences against these mounting desires for her. Can't have myself losing my cool in front of her and let her see how the absence of her presence has turned me into such a needy person.

I lay down on the beach chair which was situated directly under a large beach umbrella. Ah finally some time to relax, away from all that work. I closed my eyes. Finally some time to be alone all to myself to. Time alone and undisturbed to think about Megumi. I closed my eyes. Mmmmm I could literally smell the intoxicating smell of her... The way her hair gets caressed by the wind... Her beautiful self in only her undergarments lying sprawled on my bed. Upon seeing me she got up from her bed and walked to me clad only in red lingerie and pushed me down on the bed. "can... Can I kiss you?" She asked clearly concerned about my well being and unsure if she was allowed to do such a thing. She was now straddling me, almost sitting on top of my arousal. "Yes" I murmured as I pulled her closer towards me. Then without warning she raised her slim index finger, bringing them closer to my lips -




Someone was tapping on my shoulder, dragging me out of my wonderful dream. Anger mounted like a wild beast within me. I opened my eyes to give an icy glare at the person responsible for the disturbance. But my anger and words of annoyance simply died on my throat at the figure in front of me.

It was Megumi, but clad in a white bikini, that emphasised her slender figure. She had actually managed to look like the goddess of beauty that descended from heaven gracing me with her beautiful presence. Her slim arms were exposed and her legs so slender and sexy. Her bikini was clinging onto her skin in the most suggestive ways, covering only the bare essentials. I fought to keep the blush from rising onto my face. She is definitely wearing a push up bikini, giving her a cleavage that is most enticing. I had the hardest time forcing myself to tear my eyes of her body and then forcing them to focus onto her face.

I closed my eyes and sighed inwardly. Curse Sakura. That damn female. I bet she had a huge part to play in what Megumi was now wearing and how she got here.

I opened my eyes and put on my dazzling smile and with my sweetest voice asked "how did you manage to get here? Seeing how this is my private resort that no one should know about?"

She opened her mouth to tell me and, that was when I notice she was holding two ice cream cones, one vanilla flavoured and the other strawberry flavoured, and most importantly she did not have her magic board to write on, so without giving her time to answer I gave her my trademark smirk and said "of course, I presume that ice cream cone is mine to eat". She gave a puzzled look that lasted for a second and then smiled radiantly and nodded as she practically skipped towards where I was.

She trusted out the vanilla ice cream towards me, knowing that was my favourite flavour. I smiled widely at her, if only she knew my favourite ice cream flavour only changed to vanilla because she smelt like vanilla to me. When -


The vanilla ice cream simply detached itself from the cone and landed onto my thigh. I looked up to see a horror stricken Megumi, who upon noticing me looking at her gave me an extremely flustered look, at the same time a squeak of fear escaping her lips. Shock and distress could clearly be seen oozing from her features.

"Ah Megumi. Such a clumsy girl" I said in a mock disapproving tone, frowning at her for good measure.

"S...Sor...sorry" she said stumbling over her words of apology. She had her head tilted downwards in a picture of utter guilt and defeat. She let out a sigh and pouted before sitting down on the edge of the chair which I was sitting in.

My heart did a flip in my chest before restarting going at a pace twice of its normal rate. She was sitting so close. So close that I could feel the body heat she radiated. I could already smell the smell of vanilla and cream that she usually has surrounding her. It was simply intoxicating. She was within an arm reach. If I simply raised my hand, I would be able to caress her... Pull her towards me... Pull that knot that was securing her top...

'Yahiro?' I snapped myself from my sick fantasies. I could not believe I was even thinking of such a thing. I have never thought in such a way. Well, not since Megumi came around and started screwing with my thought processes.

"yes Megumi dear?" I said in a mocking tone, faking the smile I always give. I looked into her brown eyes, that was full of concern now, hoping that my mocking tone and behaviour was enough to distract her.

'Hold?' she asked softly, this time carefully holding out the other ice cream cone towards me.

I frowned slightly. What does she think she can do? I thought as I took it out of her hand. Maybe she is going back to get tissues or -

"Megumi!" it came out as a strangled gasp, partly from shock at what she was doing and the fact that I was actually feeling immense pleasure from what she was doing. Her warm slender fingers were slowly moving up my thigh in an attempt to scoop up the fallen ice cream back into the cone. The simply action had me all tensed up, almost causing me to shiver from pleasure.

I turned my head slightly and looked at her. That look of pure innocence she seemed to be radiating simply suggested to me that she did not realise how wrong this was. Which made what she was doing all the more painfully torturous. That slow sensual way her finger were moving across my thigh, was causing my heart to thud painfully against my chest. It was making breathing almost painful. I closed my eyes and willed myself not to do anything I would regret in the future. She is such an innocent and sweet girl. What did I do right? I do not understand how I might have possibly have captured her heart as Sakura has suggested? There are so much better guys out there that would certainly kill for her. Even after I coldly turned her down various times she still comes back. Her pure heart and goodness from her heart made me painfully aware how unsuitable I was for her. And not to mention her over protective friends that would kill me instantly if I even lay a finger on her that is considered inappropriate. Yet she was so close. The intoxicating smell of vanilla was wrapping around me, drowning me in the smell of her. I could literally feel my mental barriers cracking.

"Yahiro? Are you angry?" Megumi voice penetrated my haze of thoughts. She had her mouth really close to my ear since she had whispered that into my ear. I could feel her warm breath tickling neck, and my heartbeat hitched up another notch. Her brown wavy hair tickled my bare chest, making my heart constrict painfully knowing that she can never be mine.

"You killed the ice cream" worry was evidently plain in her voice. That was when I realised I had indeed crush the ice cream cone she had asked me to hold and the ice cream was dripping down my hand staining the towel I was sitting on. My other hand was balled up in a fist holding the towel.

"No. Why would I be angry at all?" I asked giving her my usual smile. While I painfully loosen the grip on my towel. Controlling my urges when Megumi was around was barely tolerable in normal situations. But Megumi in that sexy bikini that barely covered the essentials sitting so close to me and not to mention stroking my thigh (although unintentionally) was almost too much for my self control.

I felt her hands leave my thigh. Relief flooded my entire body. Which was closely followed by a huge pang of disappointment. I looked at what she was doing at the corner of my eye. She was frowning at the remains of the ice cream that refused to be scooped. And that pouty face she was aiming at the ice cream made her look so kissable. I licked my lips unconsciously thinking about how she would taste like if I tried.

Suddenly she placed her two hands onto my thigh with the ice cream remains in the middle... and lowered her body.

"meg... I ... Wait... What are you doing?!" I asked stumbling over my words. Forming coherent thoughts with her at such a close proximity and not to mention what I think she was trying to do was making it almost impossible. She gave me that half frown half puzzled looked (that only she can manage) And slightly tilting her head to a side as if saying 'isn't it obvious?' then said plainly "I'm cleaning up the mess". I felt goosebumps rise on my arm, she obviously didn't know of the sexual innuendo of what she had just said. Panic was starting to mount up in my chest, clashing with the enormous pleasure I could feel rising to an equal level with the panic I was feeling. I could already feel half of the restraining functions in my mind shutting down at what I think she was suggesting.

And then I felt her tongue on my thigh, slowly travelling upwards. It was so slow as if she was savouring the taste. I felt myself shiver from delight and felt blood rushing brought my veins. It was getting really hot. My heart was thumping hard against my chest. Ahhh and I just thought of the perfect revenge...

She soon finished licking the ice cream off my thigh and raised her head giving me a bright and cheery smile. Time to enact my evil plan.

I lightly took the ice cream cone she was holding and giving her my most dazzling smile said "since this is the only ice cream cone left, I shall take this" and then I 'accidentally' tipped the ice cream cone onto her stomach. Her eyes widen in surprise as I looked at her with a smile barely containing my lustful intentions. I watched the ice cream trickle downwards towards the bottom half of her bikini, grinning hungrily at it. "let me lick that clean for you" I drawled before flipping out positions so she was now leaning back against the chair, ignoring the look of confusion she was giving me, pinning her down onto the chair.

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