"Chuck vs The Doomsday Prophecy" is a sequel to my first story called "What's Next". This story takes place real time, from July of 2012 to December 2012, with chapters released to coincide with real dates. I tell three main stories.

First, I write about a fictional US Presidential election. Retired General Diane Beckman is the Republican Party nominee for Vice President in my story, with John Casey serving as her replacement at the NSA. Politics gets involved with the Doomsday plot.

Secondly, I write a story about Chuck and Sarah's babies, with an October 2012 due date for the triplets conceived in the passion that followed Chuck and Sarah's reunion on the beach in my What's Next story. Then I'll watch the babies grow through their first Christmas. The triplets too get caught up in the end of the world story. Anyone taking bets that a certain Giant Blond Shemale may not be real pleased with that development?

Thirdly, the Mayan calendar predicts the world will end December 21, 2012. In my story, that is very likely to occur, unless Chuck, Sarah and their allies and friends can figure out what is going on and how to stop it.

As for the Olympic Games first chapter, other than the usual cast of characters, this chapter introduces a new character, Monica O'Brien (you can just call her Mo), as well as brings back an oldie, but goodie. For some reason, I wrangle red tests into this chapter too. Oh, and someone dies.

In case you were wondering, the first chapter also answers a question I'm sure you all had, "Did a young agent Sarah Walker ever make out with Paul McCartney?"

I don't own Chuck, and any similarities to any real life characters, organizations, or events is purely coincidence and everything is fictional.. Enjoy!

Chuck vs The Olympic Games

Let the Games Begin, Friday, July 27th, 2012, London, 9PM

"Chuck, have you ever seen any moment so exciting or grand as an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony?"

"I have. The day I saw you walking up the aisle towards me on our wedding day. But this is second, especially because of who I'm sharing the moment with." Chuck replied in his most charming manner.

"Oh Chuck." Sarah gave Chuck a small peck on the cheek. "Paul McCartney is going to sing later on. Did I ever tell you the story about when I doubled as his wife to catch a would be assassin while I was on loan to MI6?"

Chuck turned to Sarah, "No, I don't remember that one. Do I want to hear it?"

"Of course you do, not every mission I went on involved killing someone or seducing someone, most of the time, I was just a spy." Sarah was giving Chuck 'the stare', the one she gave him when she was looking for confirmation of her past life, which she never felt was unsavory, but it was important to her that Chuck didn't feel that way.

"Was he nice?", a question which was Chuck's way of letting Sarah know he approved.

"He really was, and not the least bit scared about the threats, he was used to such threats, so he calmed everyone else down, non stop cracking jokes and such. When we finally caught the bad guys, he didn't even flinch, he was recording a song at the time, you couldn't even tell he got the news over his head set. He gave me an autographed first release album, a couple of autographed pictures, and a handwritten thank you note that I have lying around somewhere. The kids will probably get a kick out of that stuff someday." Sarah whimsically replied.

Chuck started to smile, a teasing smile, "Sarah, you know that commercial on TV about the most interesting man in the world?"

"No, I never saw that one." Sarah looked confused and slightly irritated as she answered.

"Well anyhow, you should be on the commercial, the most interesting woman in the world." Chuck continued to flash his sly smile as he spoke teasingly to his wife.

"Why? I don't get it. I just did my job like any normal spy would." Sarah answered, still confused, but knowing she was caught up in some nerd thing that she eventually would figure out and laugh about.

"Exactly, it isn't what you did, it's how easy you made it seem. I'll get a video made of the commercials, you'll understand then." Chuck knew when to let such matters go.

"OK, I'll take your word for it. By the way, thank you so much for taking me." Sarah too was ready to move on to another topic.

"You're very welcome. Going to the Olympics with my beautiful wife is a dream come true for me." Chuck then got serious as he looked down at Sarah's growing belly, "But, you agreed, once we get home, you're going to go on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. Right?"

"You won't have to ask me twice. I'm getting quite ready to lie around and eat for a month or two. Gotta take care of and feed my, I mean our babies. Oh Chuck. Look. Look at the fireworks. This is amazing." Sarah gazed out at the spectacle, never imagining she could be living such a normal life. Normal that is for the 'most interesting woman in the world'.

MI6 Gets Involved, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, London, 6AM

After an uneventful Saturday of being tourists, Sunday morning Chuck and Sarah had breakfast at the hotel, before a full day's schedule at the Olympics. Sarah excused herself from the breakfast table to go to the rest room, and was on her way back when she was startled by the sight of a familiar face out of the corner of her eye.

"Cole Barker?" Sarah saw the MI6 agent walking toward the men's room.

"Sarah Walker, I mean Bartowski. Look at you, pregnant. I see you and Chuck sealed the deal in more ways than one. Are you sure you should still be out on missions?" Cole gave her a very respectful hug as he smiled a genuine smile and looked positively delighted to see his old friend.

"Cole. I'm not surprised you're here, being from the UK and all. What makes you think we're on a mission? We're here as normal people watching the Olympics. Why, is there something going on we should know about?" Sarah was all of a sudden concerned.

Cole drew closer to Sarah and began to whisper. "Sarah, you and Chuck should be careful. Yes, I'm on a mission. A dangerous one, but worse than that, big trouble is brewing. And for now, this Olympics is in the center of it. But none of the spy community can figure out what's going on, or who's running it, what they plan to do or how. All kinds of world leaders are here, but they're meeting in private, going off radar for hours at a time. I wouldn't trust anybody right now if I were you."

"That sounds bad, should I contact General Casey?" Sarah whispered back to Cole.

"No, we've been in contact with your government the entire while. Casey has several teams here already. But you promise me you will keep your eyes peeled, and your senses sharp." Cole looked quite shaken, which was not his usual self.

"Thanks Cole, we will. Do you want to join us for breakfast? I'm sure Chuck would be happy to see you." Sarah asked.

"Thanks for the offer. I'm not sure Chuck would be that happy, but then again, he might, he has a way of surprising me considering he's such a normal guy." Cole ruefully smiled.

"Me too Cole. But, that's the thing about Chuck, he really isn't normal at all. It turns out, he might be the best spy in the world. Chuck saved my life so often in the past four years, you'd think we were on some epic TV show where the head writer was fixated on Sarah getting in trouble and having Chuck to save the day. And together, we managed to save the world a few times along the way as well." Sarah answered in a very proud manner, leaving no doubt in Cole's mind the love she felt for Chuck, not that there was any doubt before.

"No, I'll take a rain check on that conversation, I'd better be moving along. Good luck with the babies. Good Bye Sarah." With that, Cole was gone.

Sarah returned to the table. "Chuck, you wouldn't ever guess who I saw in the lobby."

"OK, let me see, uhmmm, Cole Barker?" Chuck replied in a very smug manner.

"How did you know? Were you spying on me?" Sarah looked angry, if just for a moment.

"No I wasn't spying on you Mrs Bartowski. But haven't you noticed all the familiar faces around us, especially at the hotel. I spotted Cole yesterday morning, lurking around the coffee shop, when I slipped downstairs to buy you flowers."

"OK. I guess this pregnancy thing has me really out of it. I haven't noticed a thing. But based on what Cole said, it makes sense. Why didn't you go talk to him then? And who else have you seen?" Sarah's spy mind was starting to go to work.

"He slipped away as soon as I saw him, I figured he was embarrassed to see me. And I must have recognized four or five top officials from various governments walking about, especially outside on the street around the hotel, as well as a half dozen or more agents I recognized in this general area. I assumed it was because of the Olympics. I mean who wouldn't want to see the Olympics, if you could afford it and were comfortable with the travel, like a spy or foreign dignitary?" Chuck answered.

"Cole told me he's here on a mission. That the NSA is here too. That something big's going on. Do you think we should call Casey?" Sarah for once did not want to get involved, preferring to remain a civilian and deferring to General Casey's team to catch bad guys.

"Not for now. But for the duration of the trip, spy senses should be at full alert. The two of us seem to have a penchant for trouble, don't we Mrs Bartowski." Chuck laughed at his own words.

"That we do Mr Bartowski, I wouldn't want it any other way. Well, maybe except for the next two days or two months I mean. For now, all I want is to get safely on our plane and home. Let someone else take care of trouble this week. Does that make me a bad person Chuck?" Sarah asked.

"Not at all Sarah, that makes you a normal person. Normal for the 'most interesting woman in the world that is." Chuck again was smiling that smile Sarah couldn't resist.

"Oh Chuck. Quit calling me that. At least until you show me the tape you made of what you are talking about." Sarah had the defiant 'chin up' look that Chuck so adored.

"How do you know I made a tape?" Chuck asked with a slight hint of surprise.

"I'm still a trained spy. I caught you working on the tape last night." Sarah proudly announced.

"OK. Fair enough. Lucky I didn't date you as a teen with your stealthy ways regarding my video habits, uh, uh, uh, well, forget that thought, anyhow, let me slide my chair over and show you the tape on my phone." Again, Chuck's habit of being honest, yet sticking his foot in his mouth with his wife caught up with him again.

Sarah ignored Chucks fumbling, and looked forward to watching the mix tape of the 'interesting man' commercials. The actual product did not disappoint her. "Oh my. That's so funny. Really Chuck, you think I'm like him?"

"Well, not really, but maybe you are like his even'more' interesting daughter?" Chuck knew how to charm Sarah.

"OK, now I feel a little better. Let's get going Chuck, I can't wait to see gymnastics." Sarah stated as she started the process of getting herself up off her chair.

"Sounds good Mrs Bartowski. Love you." Chuck gave Sarah a quick kiss, while he helped her up.

"Love you too." Sarah answered as she made it to her feet, and slowly moved toward the hotel lobby and taxi service.

In no time, at least for London Olympic traffic, Chuck and Sarah were back at the Games.

Childhood Dreams Redux, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, London, 10AM

"I can't believe we're here watching live. And with all the important people here, how did you get these tickets?" Sarah was leaning over the front row railing watching ever minute, like she was that twelve year old girl all over again, dreaming dreams of what she might be or do some day."

"I wish I could tell you that our company's influence helped, or Jack Coleshaw, or Casey. But, when I bought the tickets, I mentioned that my wife was six months pregnant with triplets, and that seating might be an issue, and this is what they gave us. Pretty cool. Huh?" Chuck was watching Sarah as much as the Olympics, as her eyes were wide open and her mouth agape, as Sarah was mesmerized by each of the skilled athletes performing epic gymnastic routines.

"Massively cool Chuck. Chuck, I used to watch Olympic gymnastics on TV as a kid all of the time. Did I ever tell you my dream was to be a gymnast?" Sarah was able to take her eyes off of the athletes for a moment as she smiled at her husband.

"Did you ever try gymnastics?" Chuck asked, as although Sarah's childhood was not an off limits discussion, neither was it encouraged from Sarah.

Sarah smiled as she responded, a smile which looked as if it could have been forced a few years ago to hide childhood scars, but now the scars have healed, "Dad wasn't much for getting me to practice, and it was far away, so I could only bike or walk, if we didn't have a con job going on. Plus, when I started to show some promise, Heather Chandler's mom got a rule passed that only those with one hundred per cent attendance could perform, so I never got a chance to perform live."

"I'm so sorry Sarah." Chuck looked sad as he answered.

"That's all right Chuck. It's long over. And I've done so much since then." Sarah then paused, as she was ready to hit Chuck with a patented Sarah Bartowski zinger, "After all, I made out with Paul McCartney in public for goodness sakes. That's far better than being an Olympic gymnast, isn't it?" Sarah started laughing at herself.

"You wha, wha what?" Sarah knew how to press Chuck's buttons.

Sarah continued, "I also walked the runway of a fashion show, and got my picture on the cover of a bunch of magazines. Then there always the part where my handsome husband and I saved the world countless times. Now I am happily married, my husband and I are wealthy and do lots of good for the world, and I'm going to be a mother of triplets. Life has been very, very, very good to me."

"OK, I get your point. Life has been very good to both of us." Chuck had already forgotten the McCartney 'tease' Sarah threw at him.

Sarah then continued to speak. "But still, I plan to be there for my kids when they are growing up. I wouldn't recommend any mom trying to pass rules which will hurt my kid's feelings. You know what I mean?"

"I do know what you mean, and I pity the woman who tries. Sarah, I'll be there for our kids too, and for you. You can count on me." Chuck was very serious all of a sudden.

Sarah, sensing that, changed the topic a bit and asked in a much more light hearted tone, "What was your dream growing up Chuck?"

"Mine was kind of dumb, but given my height, you might understand, basketball. But sort of like you, the only way to get really good at basketball is to play all the time, and my family life did not lead me towards that path. Plus, with Morgan as my best friend, between the two of us, we were barely six feet tall, so nobody wanted us on their team." Chuck laughed at his own joke.

Sarah took Chuck's hand, Sarah often wished she could have been there with Chuck (and Morgan) earlier in life, both of them were so lonely growing up, and although by age twenty five they were very different, at age twelve, they were near identical in many ways, except Chuck had Morgan, while she had nobody.

"Speaking of basketball, that's our next stop at the Olympics, the men play Spain in a little while," Chuck said as he got up and helped Sarah to her feet.

"Sounds great Chuck. I'm having the time of my life, but still, I'm glad we're leaving to go home tomorrow. I'm getting exhausted." Sarah looked a little worried that this trip was too much for her, as if even the most interesting woman in the world can't beat mother nature.

Extraction, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, London, 6PM

After the games ended that day, Chuck and Sarah arrived outside the hotel, and got out of their taxi.

"Sarah, isn't that Secretary of State Neils going into that building? He's all alone. He never goes anywhere without a security detail, does he?" Chuck was suddenly on full spy alert again.

"I think it's him. And no, especially in this venue, it's standard procedure to supply him with a Echelon 4 security detail. I have no idea why he entered that building alone." Sarah looked at Chuck, for the first time both of them looked worried.

They then blurted out at the same time, "It's time to call Casey!"

Sarah then looked at Chuck, "I'll call him, sometimes he can be a little moody when you call."

Chuck nodded in agreement, "A little moody, yea right."

"Casey, this is Sarah. I'm calling from our hotel at the Olympics."

"Sarah, is everything OK. Do you need an extraction?" General Casey didn't screw around much when it came to the safety of the Bartowski's. In a sense, they were now his assets and he was was now their 'handler'.

"Casey, we're fine. We're done with the Olympics, and coming home tomorrow. It's probably nothing, but a few odd things happened, things we thought we should make you aware of."

"No, I'm glad you called. Our offices are on high alert with the Olympics anyhow, but something is going on there. We just don't know what."

"Casey, this morning I saw Cole Barker at our hotel, Chuck saw him yesterday too. He warned me to be careful, and that he was on a mission. Then tonight, just a few minutes ago, Chuck and I saw Secretary of State Neils enter the First Bank Of London Building without a security escort. Plus Chuck has spotted an abnormal amount of agent activity around our hotel."

"Agent Barker's in charge of the mission to uncover what, who, when, etc is going on. He's searching for a central meeting point, you might have stumbled onto it. Neils, that's odd. He was a Vietnam and Gulf War hero. He's considered a good guy. I hope he's not in danger, or even worse corrupt, I want him to be on our side. What I don't understand is how could you see Neils enter the building at some random point in time, when Barker's been trying to find the location of the high level secret meetings for months? That's too amazing to be a coincidence. Get your things packed, I'm getting you out of there in the next ten minutes. I'll have a helicopter pick you up on the roof. I'll pass the intel to MI6, it's their job to figure out what in the world is going on in that bank and what to do about it."

Sarah and Chuck packed all their things, and moved toward the hotel rooftop with a sense of expediency.

"You OK Sarah?" Chuck asked as he was somewhat out of breathe himself, since they were moving fairly quickly, and he was carrying a surprisingly large amount of luggage considering it was a short trip.

"Chuck, this excitement doesn't bother me. Quite honestly, I'm relieved to get a helicopter ride to our jet, and out of here as quickly as possible." Sarah was as calm as ever.

As those words were uttered, Chuck and Sarah walked through the door to the rooftop as the helicopter touched down.

Several of Casey's men jumped out to help Chuck with the luggage, while a tall, athletic, and rather scholarly looking young lady gently approached Sarah to help her aboard.

"Hi Mrs Bartowski. My name is Monica O'Brien. Everyone calls me Mo. Everything will be fine. Of course, you know that. You're a legend at the agency. Pleased to meet you, if there's anything you need just ask." Mo O'Brien was a Sarah Bartowski fan girl.

"Mo O'Brien, what a great name. Pleased to meet you too." Sarah sweetly replied.

Mo was not disappointed by the real life Sarah, she was everything Mo expected and more as she informed Chuck and Sarah of the plans, "We'll be to the airport in a few minutes. The General has you cleared for immediate take off. We'll be on our way home in a half hour or less."

"We'll be on our way home. Are you coming with us?" Chuck asked.

"General Casey ordered us to come along. He's quite protective of your wife, asked me to keep an eye on her. If you want my opinion, he mostly wants me to make sure she gets on the jet, and doesn't try to do anything on her own." Mo was laughing inside at some of the stories she had heard about Mrs Bartowski.

"You don't have to worry about that. My babies and I can't wait to land in LA. The world's messes can get along without me for a few months, can't they?" Sarah was not the least bit a flight risk.

"Indeed they can." Mo replied.

MI6 Storms the Bank Building, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, London, 9PM

After Sarah's call, Casey quickly got in touch with his counterparts at MI6. The intel Casey passed along fit the profile of what British Intelligence was looking for all along. When MI6 investigated into the building Sarah and Chuck ID'd, it became obvious that the thirteenth floor, the top of the First Bank of London Building, was the location of the odd, clandestine visits by heads of state and other very important people at the Olympic Games.

Within an hour, the team commanded by Cole Barker stormed the building. As they entered the floor, they found nobody there, even though it was the middle of the day. Before they could investigate for clues, they realized the floor was rigged to explode. Cole Barker's last act on this earth was jumping on the explosive device, trying to save his team. It did no good, as the explosion was so powerful, it took out the entire floor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Secretary of State Neils was meeting with his counterparts from China, Russia, Great Briton, Germany, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Japan, signing a peace accord which claimed to be ushering in a New World Order, the kind of cooperation and trust that the Olympics signified. With the explosion that occurred at the bank building, the rest of the world hardly noticed the news about the New World Order.

Mo O'Briens's Dilemma, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, Over the Atlantic, 9:30PM

Mo was sitting alone in her seat, looking outside the jet window. Sarah came walking up the isle from the restroom and asked Mo, "Where's Chuck?"

"He went up front to talk to the other agents. I think there's some bad news from the First Bank of London, an explosion. I can go up there and find out if you want me to." Mo got up to go find out what Chuck was doing.

"No, that's fine. I'm going to sit here and rest." Sarah plopped herself down.

Mo then slowed from moving toward the front and turned to ask Sarah a question. "Mrs Bartowski, I was wondering, if I could talk to you about something. I need a little advice. It's about a very sensitive, personal subject. If you want me to go away, just tell me." Mo looked quite shaken.

"I've been through so much the last ten years, the last twenty years really. I'm pretty sure I can handle just about any question. What's troubling you dear?" Sarah was not the least bit flustered. Yet.

"Uh, I don't know, this is a bad idea. Just forget it." Mo started to move toward the front of the jet.

"Agent O'Brien. Mo. Sit. Right here next to me. That's an order. You don't want me to tell General Casey you disobeyed me, do you?" Sarah gently, with half humor and half forcefulness, convinced her new young charge to sit down.

"You might not want to hear this question, if you don't want to talk about, tell me to leave. OK. The question is about my upcoming 'Red Test'. I know what it's all about. I've been told all agents have to take it. I assume you took it. I don't want to do it. Any advice?" Mo had a way to get straight to the point, in a clear, concise manner, once she set her mind to it.

Sarah was stunned. Maybe it was the pregnancy, maybe it was the time away from the Agency, maybe it was how much time Sarah spent with Chuck, but after sitting quietly for a few seconds, which seemed like hours to Agent O'Brien, Sarah answered, "It was the worst day of my life at the time. Since then, I've had worse, but none I regretted more. My advice …...". Sarah paused, gulped, then said, "I wouldn't do it. I'd knock the guy out cold, handcuff the fellow up, and place a cardboard sign on his chest, 'I won't'. You see Mo, I've had to kill. Kill in cold blood. Kill to protect people and save lives, some might call it murder, certainly executions. But that was my job. But the red test, no way. It's the NSA's version of an outdated fraternity prank run amok. Don't do it." Sarah was now near in tears, tears of anger not sadness.

Just then, Chuck approached the two woman.

"What's going on up there?" Sarah asked before Chuck could ask her about the tears.

Chuck was clearly shaken himself. "We got word the top floor of the bank building blew up. Official word has no injuries, and that it was a failed terrorist plot. But, unofficially, we have no idea what went on. We probably won't hear for a while, given our civilian status. You both looked intense when I walked up, is everything OK Honey?" Chuck asked.

Sarah paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and answered, "Agent O'Brien asked me about Red Tests. I gave her my opinion on how I'd handle one today. A little different than I did at the time I was her age." Sarah put her hand on Mo's arm.

"Yea, mine almost got me killed. I couldn't do it. But I wish I would have left my guy incapacitated, he almost killed me. Luckily, Casey had my back that day." Chuck's words reinforced Sarah's to Mo, and showed the young agent what a perfect team the Bartowski's were.

"Thanks you two. The General was right about you, you are the best agents the government ever had. I hope to get to work with you someday, assuming they don't fire me." Mo looked sad at that prospect.

Chuck looked at Sarah, who nodded at him, then he said to Mo, "If the NSA can't use your services, you come to LA and give Sarah or I a call."

"I really appreciate that, you really mean it?" Mo loved being an agent, but if she could no longer be, working at Carmichael Industries would be the next best thing.

"Mo, if we aren't there, give the new president of Carmichael Industries a call, her name is Bess Brickhouse. I'll mention you to her. She'll take good care of you." Sarah then gently placed her hand on her stomach, "As you can see, Chuck and I are going to be quite busy the next few months."

"Thanks so much. I'll leave you alone now." Mo laughed at Sarah's joke, then made her way to the front with the rest of the security detail.

A Little Fun, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, Over the Atlantic, 10PM

Chuck and Sarah's jet began steadily cruising toward LA. After a few minutes of idle talk, Chuck asked Sarah, "Sarah, you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure." Sarah loved watching movies with Chuck, especially now that she had slowed down due to the pregnancy.

"Anything in particular?" Chuck asked as he rifled through the choices.

"No, I love those nerd-fi movies of yours, anything you want really." Sarah laughed at herself, and making up a new word to describe Chuck's taste in movies.

"Nerd-fi. Sarah made a funny. OK. How about 'Mayan Doomsday Prophecy 2012' to satisfy your craving for nerd-fi?" Chuck flicked his dancing eyebrows.

"Couldn't be better than that, Mayan Doomsday stuff, the Oscar's better get ready." Sarah probably had as much fun with Chuck before such movies started and then again after, than during the movie itself.

"You know Sarah, the fun part for me, is I can tell you're a nerd down deep too, much as you try to hide it." Chuck replied before breaking into laughter as Sarah stuck her tongue out at him while giving her husband the evil eye.

"Oh shut up and watch the movie with me." Sarah smiled a very loving smile, as she repositioned herself. These days, Sarah struggled to stay in the same position for more than a minute or two. She already had gained a fair amount of weight due to her pregnancy, and more was coming soon such that even the most simple things like sitting were starting to become a major chore.

"We'll see Chuck. I can't wait when our kids turn out to be normal, no nerds in the bunch, all jocks and cheerleaders. What does Mr Nerd have to say about that?" Sarah was having fun with Chuck already.

"Since when are jocks and cheerleaders normal? Anyhow, with three kids on the way, I'm predicting one nerd, one jock, and one who is pretty much good at everything, like their mother." Chuck was quite proud of his answer.

"You're good with the sweet talk Mr Nerd. Must be all that time you spend with me. OK, Mr know it all nerd. What would you do if you knew the world was coming to an end like in this movie we're watching? Isn't the real Mayan prophecy for doomsday coming up this December. Would you buy billion dollar tickets for all of us to get on an arc?" Sarah loved challenging Chuck in this manner.

"I don't think so Sarah. That's not how this world was meant to be lived. I'd prefer to invest my time and resources in saving the world we have. But that's just me." Chuck loved when Sarah challenged him about such things, but this time seemed more real, more serious.

Chuck's response impressed Sarah as usual, "You're so brave and kind, I wish you were the man in charge of everything, you wouldn't let bad happen to anyone, would you? It's the people really in charge of the world that I'm worried about." With that, Sarah started to get up to refill her bowl of ice cream.

"Sarah, sit, I got it. Anything you need, just ask." Chuck quickly got up and headed to fetch Sarah ice cream.

Sarah called up to Chuck as he was heading toward the galley. "OK, how about you be the one to carry around our babies and an extra gazillion pounds around in your belly for the next few months?"

"Sorry honey. That one's on you. But you know I would if I could." Chuck returned to Sarah as he answered, and he gave her a kiss on the forehead to show his affection.

"Thanks Chuck, but I need ice cream. Go." Sarah turned to watch her husband gait off to get much needed nourishment for her.

Big Bad's Bide Time, Sunday, July 29th, 2012, London, 11PM

Two of the most powerful men in the world were having a quiet dinner back in London. "Those darned Bartowski's, they meddle with our plans, even when they're on vacation. What are we going to do about them?"

"Nothing for now. I want Mrs Bartowski to give birth to three very healthy children. I have plans for their kids in my New World Order. But I do have an idea how to slow down the US government's efforts to stop us just as we did with MI6 today, when the time is right."

That's it for now, the end. The next chapter is titled 'Chuck vs Labor Day', any guesses what that is about?