One random question before I start, what do General Beckman and Lance Armstrong have in common? You'll find out soon enough.

This chapter begins with an answer to the DC 'mish' cliffhanger, resulting in a very important 'reunion'.

The second section chronicles the triplet's first Halloween at Orion Heights, which turned out to be more about the grownups that the triplets, they are only two month's old after all. Count me as liking Chuck and Sarah's Halloween characters.

I shift to Beckman's LA Election Night Party along with the important election results.

Next is a brief scene giving us the backdrop to how things at 'Camp Insanity' are going. When turning this scene from a one sentence idea into an eight hundred word event, I was shocked at how much important ground I was able to cover, and how nicely the scene turned out.

Then, Chuck and Sarah go on a mission to Warsaw, followed quickly by another to Sydney in search of the next clue in solving the doomsday mystery. (Bonus points to Chuck fan's who know what Warsaw and Sydney have in common!)

In the final scene, Chuck and Sarah have a brief encounter with some old friends, along with a little cliffy at the end which sets up a scene to begin chapter eleven that diehard Chuck and Sarah fans have been waiting for since the Honeymooner's episode (Double bonus points to anyone who can guess what that scene might be).

As you know, I went with 'The Fabulous Bartowski's' as the title. This title is a shout out to a cheesy 80's type movie, called The Fabulous Baker Boys. I liked the movie, and I like the sound of the title, but there is no real link between the movie and the chapter other than that. Rest assured however, Chuck and Sarah are fabulous, and they're just getting warmed up in chapter ten, as they continue their own countdown to Doomsday!


Mish continued, 10/28/2012, early in the morning, Casey's Old Office, Washington DC

"Greetings, I thought you two might show up. Come here and sit. I'll show you what I have found so far. You can put those guns away, I'm still on your side." Vice Presidential candidate Beckman was looking as fiery as ever, sitting in a position of authority behind her old desk.

"General Beckman? What are you doing here?" Sarah looked confused as she asked.

"I suspect the same thing as you, looking for evidence to clear General Casey. So far, I haven't found too much. You'd better hurry, even though Wallace is grossly incompetent, by my calculations, a set of guards will enter this room at 3 AM." Beckman spoke in a worried voice, almost rattled.

Chuck replied, in a very calm tone, "I rescheduled the time to 5 AM General, it was an easy hack. So we have a little extra time."

Beckman, fully in command, said "Well done Chuck."

As they sat, Sarah looked to Beckman and said, "General, I'm worried about Casey."

Beckman quickly and surely responded, as if she had rehearsed this reply, maybe to convince herself, "Sarah, so am I. I should add so are we, as General Casey has other friends, powerful friends. He's in a safe environment for now. Plus, even if he knows something, he's not talking, which is helping to keep him alive. I'm guessing he made a deal, his silence for Alex's life, maybe even including all of your family's lives too. Sarah, we'll take care of Casey. Chuck and you have to figure this other stuff out. Many of us think that this all is pointing toward some devastating catastrophe, centered around the end of the Mayan calendar this December."

Chuck then asked Beckman, "General, we were contacted by a nameless person, who told us the same thing. We think that person might have been the legendary Deepthroat. Is it you?"

Beckman smiled then answered, "Interesting guess Chuck. I wouldn't get too hung up on who it is. I know for a fact that there are people in the 'save the world' business outside of the normal channels. It could be this person is trying to do just that, as are you. But be careful with such contact, you never know exactly who it is, or what their real agenda is." Beckman looked over her two protégées for their reaction, then she added, "Now let's roll up our sleeves and see what we can find."

Sarah askled, "What have you discovered so far?"

Beckman returned to looking serious, "It isn't good Sarah. I'm afraid whoever framed Casey did a great job. Wallace may run the NSA lousy, but if he is the one framing Casey, he is remarkable at being a bad guy. Everything points to Casey's guilt, meetings on his calendar, surveillance footage, credit card receipts, records and documents apparently in his hand writing, along with first hand testimony from others, everything."

"This doesn't sound good." Chuck made a grimace as he thought about missing Casey.

"It's not. You two are even mentioned, that once Casey realized that you both were within a block of the blast sight, he had you removed as if it was life and death. Think about that one for a moment?" Beckman looked at Chuck and Sarah, and could see they were starting to understand the deception.

Sarah then dismissed the notion of doubt that Beckman was seemingly planting, "It doesn't matter. Casey is innocent. Speaking of London, from Casey's files, is there any clue about what was going on in London. And why did the bad guys decide to bomb immediately once the base of operations was discovered?"

Chuck quickly added, "And who else other than Casey knew the site was discovered?"

Beckman replied, "That's just the thing. I'm guessing once Casey realized that the bombing had been mobilized so quickly, he realized someone very high up was involved. The thing is, even if it is Black himself, Wallace is in position to be the perfect patsy. He was carefully selected to fall on the knife, should this whole thing cave in."

The team wrestled with the information for a few more hours, looking, hacking, sorting, sifting, and talking through the issues. Now five AM was fast approaching, causing them all to take pause.

Then Beckman spoke, in a manner that felt like the good old days, "OK team. Here's the plan. Chuck, you'll keep your facial recognition initiative on line for Manoosh. But we all agree that finding him is becoming unlikely, unless he comes out of hiding. Whoever is hiding him, for whatever reason, that is what we must focus on now. Along those lines, we need to understand what was going on in that London bank building. From this point on, Chuck will start to data mine for where else in the world, activity that resembles London may be going on. And if you find any such activity, you will travel there and covertly enter. Once inside, you must find the clues that they did not want us to find in London. Sarah, I want you to continue to hone your spy skills, once you figure out where you need to go, I'm guessing you will need everything you ever had and more. Chuck, it wouldn't hurt you to start training too, the next two months are going to be the most challenging you have ever faced."

Chuck took exception to Beckman's last order, "What do you mean? I've been working out. Why does everyone think I never work out. We can't all look like Sarah, or fight like her."

Sarah smiled at Chuck and nodded, "That's right General. He has. Right now, he's my best sparring partner. I'm starting to wear out Gabriel and Monica. I'm thinking of bringing in some new sparring partners. I realize I need to be sharp if we are going to survive the next two months, and save the world."

Beckman seemed to ignore the fact Sarah had slipped her hand over Chuck's as she was speaking, "Hiring those two was a great idea. Agent O'Brien is a wonderful agent, and from what I understand, Gabriel should be on the government's payroll too. Nicely done by both of you. I know it must be hard to leave those babies, but trust me, you have to."

Sarah got real serious, "Thanks General. Do you think the babies are in danger?"

Beckman tried to look reassuring as she said, "I don't Sarah, for some reason, my sources tell me, that whatever was going on regarding the babies, is no longer an issue. I have no idea why. My guess is as this mystery unfolds, you will figure that out."

"That's good news." Chuck quickly added.

They all stood up and started to leave as Beckman added, "One more thing, then we really have to get out of here. I'd be honored if you would attend my Election Night party. It's being held in downtown LA, so you don't have to travel. If we have any chance of winning, we must win California. I can't think of two people I'd rather have experience the night with me than both of you. Would you please come?"

"We'd be honored ma'am." Sarah was touched that Beckman asked her.

"Absolutely." Chuck even more so, as he never quite knew where he stood with Beckman. He was surprised with how uncharacteristically emotional the Beckman was in this request.

As they excited, Beckman watched Chuck and Sarah hop on their motorcycle causing her to say, "A motorcycle, I love it. You are fabulous. The Fabulous Bartowski's. Like television stars in a their very own series."

"How did you get here ma'am?" Sarah asked as she saw no vehicle in sight.

"I had my own covert way of dodging the traffic cams." With that, Beckman shed the clothing she had on, then she reached into the bushes, and came up with her gear. She put on a biking helmet, stuffed her clothes into a backpack, and revealed under her spy outfit a streamlined, form fitting biking suit that Lance Armstrong would be proud of, complete with sunglasses.

"General, you never cease to amaze me." Sarah was shaking her head in disbelief at how Beckman appeared.

"Amaze us you mean Sarah! Good luck with the election General, or should I say Madam Vice President."

"Chuck, I like your kind of thinking. OK then, Madam Vice President it is, and I'll see you at my victory party." With that all three departed, as if they never had been there at all.


Halloween, 10/31/2012, 6 PM, Orion Heights

The babies were in their 'triplet' stroller as Chuck entered the room. Sarah was rocking the stroller back and forth. "Chuck, I'm so excited. I can't wait to show you the costumes for tonight. Would you open them up for me, and play along."

"Yes ma'am. I sure will. Let me see." Chuck started digging through the boxes Sarah had each costume in. "I have one wonder woman. Who could that be for?" With that Chuck tickled Mary Emma as he held the costume in front of his daughter, for Sarah's and Mary Emma's approval.

"Very nice Daddy. She loves her costume, don't you Mary Emma?" Sarah was making baby faces as she looked at her daughter, an annoying habit that both Chuck and Sarah had, as do most new parents.

Chuck continued, "And next, I have an Einstein outfit. Hhmm. Who could that be for? How about Stevie, we don't want JR to think just cause he's named after me, that he is has to be the brain, now do we?" Chuck was proud of how clever he was being, as he was certain Sarah bought the Einstein costume for JR.

Chuck held the little smock and hairpiece in front of Stevie, who giggled in delight. But his younger brother, little as he was, put up a fuss all of a sudden, like he wanted the costume.

Sara frowned to display her annoyance. "JR, you have your own costume coming, it's a James Bond tux, what could be better than that?" Sarah said as she decided to play along with Chuck's idea of switching the costumes, in spite of her not liking the idea.

As Sarah spoke, Chuck pulled out the Bond tux for JR and held it up so JR could see. JR's fuss turned to full out crying, intensely. Stevie started crying now too, while Mary Emma joined in, if only half heartedly, as if to show support. "What's the matter JR, don't you like being James Bond?" Chuck asked.

Sarah then moved over to JR, and placed the Einstein costume in front of him while knocking Chuck's tux holding hand toward Stevie. JR's crying turned off in an instant. Now both Stevie and Mary Emma looked happy too. As if the three kids had some sort of telepathy going.

Sarah laughed, "I guess Einstein it is for JR. We can worry about influencing who or what he becomes another day. And, there is nothing wrong with JR becoming like his father. That worked out pretty well for you, now didn't it?" Sarah already was in Chuck's vicinity, and gave him a quick kiss, which seemed to make the babies even happier, as well as their smitten father.

So, for the Bartowski babies first Halloween, they were dressed up as Wonder Woman, James Bond, and Einstein, amazing how accurate those first costumes were in predicting the future for the young Bartowski prodigies.

"Is that it?" Chuck asked.

Sarah had a big grin on her face, "Oh no, there's more. Mommy and Daddy have to dress up too. Plus, Morgan, Alex, and Molly are dressing up, to join in. I bought costumes for everyone. Plus I added a few gadgets, you'll see."

Chuck was loving all of this, "Is there a theme to how we are dressing up?"

Sarah was not giving in to revealing the surprise, which she knew Chuck would love, "There is, you'll see, but now lets get the babies upstairs, and get changed, before the rest of the guests arrive."

Chuck didn't care, Sarah was becoming pretty good at this nerd type stuff, "Sarah, this is so cool. You're the best. Thank you. I can hardly wait. Morgan and I love this sort of thing. How many people are coming?"

Sarah turned and smiled at Chuck, as they now were upstairs in their room, "A couple of dozen. Lots of babies. The Coleshaw's are bringing Kip and Katie, while Michele Torres is bring Samantha Lisa."

"That's so nice of Michele to name Sam after you, and ask us to be her godparents." Chuck was happy for Sarah, as these sorts of things made Sarah feel normal, something Chuck knew she desperately wanted.

Sarah replied, "Yea, I can't wait to see Sam again. This saving the world hobby we have, sure cuts into my 'normal girl' time."

By now, Chuck was half way changed into his costume, and Sarah was all changed. "I can't think of anyone more qualified to handle both than you. Now, lets head for the party, before I start taking my role for the evening too seriously, and kiss you to pieces. By the way, do you know any French?"

"Un petit morceau, une goutte" Sarah replied as she raised both of her arms out even with her shoulders, which was very much in character with her Halloween costume.

"Oh Tish, when you speak French. It drives me wild." Chuck, AKA 'Gomez Adams' replied to his wife, who was dressed in a form fitting black dress with what appeared to be black spider webs flowing on the floor, forcing her to somewhat gracefully shuffle as she walked. Sarah also had on her black wig from the 'Gobbler' mission, making the costume complete. Sarah was Morticia Adams, and for the evening, the Bartowski's were the Adams Fam-a-lee.

As Sarah started walking toward the kids rooms, she held her arms out wide, while Chuck showered her arms with kisses. Sarah then said, "Later Gomez, later."

Sarah found taped funeral harpsichord music which played in the background all night long. Big Gabe was in his usual role as the cinematographer, and he caught many great moments on tape that evening.

Morgan was the perfect Uncle Fester, as proven when he walked up to Clara and said, "Pull my finger." When Clara did, the light bulb connected to Morgan's ear turned on. Clara laughed, as did all the adults at the party.

"Uncle Fester, let's dance." Alex, who was dressed up as Grandmama Adams. While Morgan and Alex danced the night away, Sarah was seeing if Chuck would get bored with kissing her arms, before she ran out of new French words to say. Sarah also brought swords, and Chuck and she had a wild, Adams style fencing match to entertain the guests.

But, there was little doubt who stole the show this evening when Sarah's sister Molly's or should I say 'Tuesday Adams' walked up to Sarah and tugged on her black dress, "Mommy, Mommy, the mail's here. I'll get it." Mo hid under a special table that she and Molly worked on in anticipation of the evening.

Everyone laughed, as Molly excitedly ran to the table and a small black box on the table opened, with a hand coming out to hand Molly the mail.

"Thank you Thing." Molly said, holding her laughter back and brimming with excitement at her contribution to the night as she ran back toward Sarah. "Here's the mail Mommy."

"Why thank you Tuesday." Sarah replied, with all the grace of Morticia Adams. "And thank you too Thing dear." Sarah added, again very much in character.

As the night wore on, Molly, Alex, Sarah, Chuck and Morgan were playing with the train set Sarah had bought special for the evening, complete with fake explosions set off by pushing a big plunger down, sending baby powder blasting throughout the room with each volley.

Morgan turned to Chuck and said, "We're missing someone tonight."

Alex added, "But he'll be with us next year. I know he will."

Molly then added quickly, "I miss Uncle Casey so much."

Sarah tossed in, "I'm going to have to find a gong for next year, a loud one. Would anyone in the world be better at stiffly walking up to all of us and saying 'You Rang'?"

Chuck finished things off, "Or all the grunts and groans Lerch made. Casey is Lerch, Ooouuurrrggghhh."

With that everyone broke out laughing, while hoping and praying that their optimism was justified.

Family and friends had a great time celebrating the triplet's first Halloween, and to this day, they all have a framed picture for posterity in their Costumes, as well as a video of them all singing the Bartowski Fam-a-lee theme song.

As Chuck and Sarah finally said farewell to the last of their Halloween party guests, they went upstairs to check on the kids, who were sleeping soundly in their cribs.

Then Chuck and Sarah went to their room, and Chuck said, "I have a surprise for you. Come on, walk out onto the bedroom balcony with me." Sarah still had on her costume, as did Chuck.

There, Chuck had a bottle of fine champagne on ice, with two fine glasses waiting on a small serving table. Chuck poured a glass for his wife, then for himself, they locked arms, and Chuck toasted, "Here is to yet another fine Bartowski family tradition."

Sarah smiled, a deep, intimate kind of smile, and replied, "Indeed yes. Tradition."

The happy young couple sipped champagne, while engaging in a non stop rehash of the evenings events, the kind of night when time passes quickly due to pleasurable conversation. Yes, sometime between Vicky Vale and Morticia Adams, Sarah was becoming a real honest to goodness normal girl. And both she and her adoring husband, were enjoying every minute of their time together.


Election Night, 11/6/2012, 8 PM, LA Grand Regent Hotel

True to their promise to Beckman, Chuck and Sarah went to Beckman's election night party held in LA.

"Sarah, I think this election's going to be really close." Chuck was driving the Hummer to the hotel.

"Chuck, I'm shocked that the Casey thing sort of blew over. At the end of the day, this might end up being who people like more, Nixton or Black." Sarah was much more a Beckman supporter than the rest of the family. She tried to hide it, but Chuck certainly knew.

"Sarah, Nixton might be the nicest person I've ever met, but I wonder if he has the chops to be the President. Black on the other hand, he has the chops, I just wonder if he has too many." Chuck countered back.

"I hope Black is not the one behind all this Doomsday mayhem. If he is, we are in for a heap of trouble trying to stop him, win or lose tonight." Sarah said.

"Yea, I was wondering the same thing. If he loses, will he get more desperate. And is Casey in more danger?" Chuck asked.

"Well, it can't get any crazier than ending the world on December twenty first. I suppose at that point, Casey is dead either way, along with most everyone else." Sarah answered.

"Let's just enjoy the night, and we'll worry about saving the world in the morning." Chuck said as he pulled into a parking spot.

"Sounds like a plan Mr Bartwoski. Did I mention you look very good in a tux?" Sarah reached over and kissed Chuck.

"You mean Stevie would be proud of me?" Chuck asked.

Sarah burst out laughing, "Exactly. Now lets go mix it up with the high and mighty."

"After you Mrs Bartowski." Chuck watched his wife move in front of him as he called out after her, "Did I mention the way you fill out that dress …. wowsers!"

"It's about time Charles Irving Bartowski, I was beginning to think you've stopped noticing." Sarah gave Chuck a sly smile, as she was teasing him.

"Not in this lifetime, not in any lifetime Mrs Bartowski." With those words, Chuck and Sarah arrived at the party.

Chuck and Sarah had a great time. Beckman introduced them to nearly every person at the party. And, people at the party were lining up to meet Chuck and Sarah. Chuck and Sarah were new to the world of the rich and famous, and they were quickly becoming both very rich, and very famous.

As night had turned to early morning, the fate of the election was in California's hands. The vote in California was too close to call.

Chuck and Sarah finally got away from all the attention, and had spent the last hour or so dancing. Mostly slow dances, the kind only people in love can enjoy.

Then the music stopped playing. One of Beckman's aides walked to the stage, and said "Attention people. All the major news networks have announced, the State of California has been officially called, and may I present to you, this nation's next Vice President, Diane Beckman.

Chuck lifted Sarah straight up into the air, while Sarah let out a loud "Squee," a noise befitting a fangirl of a popular TV show.

The audience came alive with chants of Beckman, Beckman, Beckman, Beckman.

Vice President Beckman waved to the crowd for several minutes, But at one point, she stopped waving, and made eye contact with Chuck and Sarah. She gave them a thumbs up, then she held her heart as she looked at them while mouthing the words "Thank You."

Chuck and Sarah enthusiastically waved back.

Vice President Beckman's time to speak then came, and she began "My fellow Americans ..."

Chuck turned to Sarah and said, "We did it Sarah. Beckman won. She did it."

Sarah had tears flowing down her cheeks, more than tears actually, Sarah was flat out crying. "I'm so happy Chuck. Happy for her, happy for our country, happy for us, and happy for the future. General Beckman is going to make a great Vice President."

Moments later Chuck and Sarah slipped out of the hotel, got in their SUV, and started for home, leaving as General Beckman was just starting her speech.

A dark shadow opened up the back of the SUV before they pulled away.. "Mr and Mrs B, don't turn around. I know you're happy for tonight's results, but this is not over. Not by a long shot. Re-double your efforts to find Manoosh, to find out what was being done in London, and who is going to end the world on 12/21 and how."

Then everything was silent, the voice disappeared.


Camp Insanity, 11/12/2012, 6 AM, Orion Heights Kitchen

Chuck and Sarah came downstairs, as was the usual tradition, at six AM sharp.

"Sarah, you look particularly sharp this morning, better than usual, if that's possible."

"Thanks Chuck. The workout routine I'm on has me feeling great. I haven't worked this hard on my skills and moves, since my early academy days." Sarah spoke as she was preparing bottles for the babies, while Chuck was manning his traditional diaper changing post.

"Sarah. I'm not trying to upset you. But in case you haven't noticed, the staff is getting a little beat up?" Chuck said this very carefully, as Sarah had sharp knives within her reach, and was not beyond throwing them.

"I don't understand. What do you mean Chuck? It's for their own good. They're getting so much better than they used to be, Gabriel in particular, with a few more months of training, he might be able to even take Casey on." Sarah looked perplexed.

"If Big Gabe survives the week with you." Chuck mumbled.

"What's that Chuck? I didn't hear you. Anyhow, I don't know why the MMA fighting club didn't come back, they gave me a real spirited workout." Sarah was even more perplexed.

"I think they closed for a week, something about too many members in the hospital?" Chuck kept his eyes low, trying to get his point across.

"Really, I wonder why?" Sarah was having none of this line of thinking.

"Maybe the flu." Chuck laughed as he spoke, thinking this might get Sarah to see his point.

"Probably. They were pretty soft as a group. Anyhow, our team should be showing up shortly. How's your search for secret labs coming along?" Sarah asked, as the topic of her training regime hurting people was boring her.

"Better Sarah. I'd suggest you get packed and ready to leave in a moment's notice. That's how close we are." Chuck was glad to change the subject as well.

"Already packed and ready." Sarah said confidently, just as if not more confidently that the old days.

Soon enough, seven AM rolled around, and Chuck and Sarah opened the kitchen door to the outside world. Emma and Molly came down first, always at seven, not a minute before or after.

"You know mom, you can come down anytime. You and Molly don't have to wait until seven." Sarah smiled at her mother, who had been a lifesaver for her and the babies.

"We know Sarah. But that first hour is important. For Chuck, you and the babies, as well as for Molly and me. Sarah, do you remember, that's how we used to start every morning, when you lived with your dad and me?" Emma asked.

"I didn't mom. That's so funny. Once Chuck and I got together, we've been doing that every morning. I never knew that's where I got it from." Sarah was happy to know she inherited mothering skills from Emma.

Chuck then added to the conversation, "And trust me, you don't want to try to sleep in on Sarah. When she says 6 AM sharp, be there, she means it."

"I'm so proud of you, both of you. You are excellent parents. But I do look forward to coming down at seven, as I love my grandkids, and love taking care of them. And when you aren't here, trust me, Molly and I have them up and in the same routine as you do." Emma smiled at her daughter and son in law.

Next came the Awesome's. Since Ellie and Devon both worked, Clara usually spent the day at Chuck and Sarah's house. Molly and Clara, despite the age difference, were on their way to growing up like sisters. They were almost inseparable.

"Devon. What's wrong? You look like you've been beaten up in a street fight." Emma asked.

"It's not that bad Emma. I volunteered to spare a few rounds at 'Camp Insanity'. I thought Beckman had me trained on self defense, Sarah has proven to me that it's best to leave hand to hand fighting to the professionals." Devon poured himself a cup of coffee as he spoke.

"Chuck, you look like you haven't a mark on you. I thought you've been training too." Ellie asked.

Just them Mo limped in and answered Ellie's question, "General Casey taught Chuck how to beat Sarah. He's the only one who Sarah has trouble with."

"I don't know about that." Chuck modestly said.

Big Gabe now walked in the room, he was wearing sunglasses, maybe to cover his pair of black eyes, "Chuck's just being modest. He uses self defense as his weapon, keeping the fight to a draw, until a mistake is made. Epic strategy."

Sarah then said, "Enough fighting talk, let's get everyone fed and going. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy day. And a warning to everyone ..."

The whole room drew silent, as the group was afraid Sarah was going to tell them she was going to ramp up the training routine at 'Camp Insanity'.

Sarah looked confused by the reaction, "I just was going to tell you, Chuck and I are likely to be leaving on a mission shortly, and that everyone needs to be ready to pitch in watching the babies and such."

A collective sigh of relief was heard in the room, as Emma spoke up for the group, "Leave when you must, I'm here, and you can count on everyone else here to help me."

Everyone in the room nodded at Emma's words, maybe wishing Sarah would release her vengeance on bad guys rather than sparring partners, as they all dug into eat breakfast. For the rest of the breakfast hour, the room filled with light banter, the type of banter found in normal families all across the globe.


Warsaw Mission, 11/16/2012, 8 PM, Warsaw, Poland

Chuck came running into the family room area, where he found Sarah, Emma, and Molly taking care of the babies. "Sarah, I got it. I found the most likely spot. You ready?"

Sarah looked down at the babies. She was not going to look pouty or whiney or weak in front of them again. "I am Chuck."

Chuck and Sarah each said their goodbyes to the babies, giving each a kiss and a hug, and off they went.

"What made you decide on Warsaw, Poland?" Sarah asked as she flew the stealth jet toward Europe.

"I wrote a computer program to track people's movements. The program gave me a sixty five percent probability that Warsaw has such a lab, based on the parameters I fed in. That is three time more than any place else. Let's hope I'm right. We're running out of time." Chuck looked confident, as did Sarah.

Once they landed, they covertly made their way into the city. They found the spot the building was supposed to be, but nothing was there.

"There used to be a building here Sarah. See." Chuck showed Sarah some satellite photos taken oone day earlier.

Sarah tried to comfort Chuck, "You had the right idea. It's still smoldering. We're just a step or two behind. We'll catch up. Any other ideas Chuck?"

Chuck was pounding away on his hand held computer, "As a matter of fact I do, Sydney, Australia. It's likelihood has quadrupled since we took off from LA."


How About Sydney?, 11/18/2012, 4 AM, Sydney, Australia

Chuck and Sarah took turns flying the stealth jet to Sydney, as the flight was a long one. As was now the Bartowski's custom, they landed in a small airport on the outskirts of town, then they rode Chuck's motorcycle into the heart of the city, where they walked to their destination. Chuck had a route picked that left them completely undetected, even using all of the day's best technology.

"I love Sydney Chuck. Other than LA, it may be my favorite place." Sarah said as she and Chuck were holding hands.

Chuck replied, "There sure are lots of the rich and famous congregating in the city right now. The main reason given, is to attend, believe it or not, a Jeffster concert."

Sarah freaked out, "Jeffster is here? That means Carina can't be too far behind. I can't wait to show her how much I've sharpened my spy skills. If she smarts off to me this time about how I look or about your spy skills, I'll show her."

"Sar-rah" Chuck scolded Sarah, trying to get her to settle down.

Sarah replied, "I'm sorry for being that way Chuck. She makes me so mad."

All Chuck had to say was "Oh Boy."

Chuck and Sarah kept walking for a couple more blocks.

"Are we almost there?" Sarah asked.

"If my calculations are right, we are heading to that building right there." Chuck pointed as he spoke.

"At least this one is still standing." Sarah said.

"A big investment banking house. Makes for a perfect cover for the rich and famous to go visit." Chuck observed.

Sarah added, "This should be an easy mission Chuck. The building looks deserted."

Chuck and Sarah easily made their way to a lab insdie the building, and found a locked cabinet. It was more like a vault actually. Sarah quickly opened the vault and found thousands of vials.

"Chuck, this must be a serum of some sort. There are thousands of them." Sarah said, as she searched through the vault to see if anything else was in there.

As far as I can tell, that's all that's in here. Sarah said as she emerged, with a handful of the vials.

Chuck hacked into the lab's computer system and was downloading all the files on the system. Sarah had the vials on the lab counter, as she bent down to open up her backpack.

Then something went wrong. All the lights went on in the lab, and the big screen TV lit up. On the screen Chuck and Sarah could see Jeff, Lester, and Carina, all helplessly hanging from the ceiling. Each prisoner had a man pointing a machine gun at them.

A voice spoke, "Do as I ask, or your friends will be shot. I have a security team moving in the room as I speak. Put your guns down, set those things that don't belong to you back down, and surrender. You can join your nosy friends downstairs in a moment."

Chuck and Sarah did as they were told. Luckily they did as within seconds the room was filled with about fifty armed guards.

"I only have one set of cuffs," one of the guards announced.

"Just handcuff them together for now. They can hang on the ceiling that way for all I care," the voice over the TV replied.

Just before Chuck and Sarah were handcuffed together and led away, Chuck, in an out of character sort of way, weakly kicked at one of the guards. Far from his best kick.

The guard returned the favor with a butt of the gun shot to Chuck's head, which sent Chuck sprawling.

Chuck got up and Chuck and Sarah were handcuffed and led downstairs, to join their friends. A few minutes later, Chuck and Sarah found themselves hanging by their hands from the ceiling, along with Jeff, Lester, and Carina. Chuck and Sarah were back to back, with now both hands handcuffed together, with a heavy chain slipped underneath the pair of cuffs, which was used to pull them up in the air.

Carina was on the warpath, same as when she last saw Chuck in action, "Chuck, I saw that girlish attempt at kicking, Jeff could do better than that. You're really, really, really a bad spy. You're finally going to get us all killed."

Sarah meekly accepted all of Carina's crap on the last mission, but not any longer, "Carina, the only person who is getting us all killed is you. How could you be so stupid to bring Jeff and Lester along here. Chuck and I have this under control, in spite of your clumsy interference."

Chuck, trying to settle things down a bit, said in his normal comical way, "Carina, when we said 'hang out' with Jeff and Lester, we didn't want you to take us literally."

Carina was merciless in her verbal attack on Chuck and Sarah, "I'm not surprised you two were caught, you're the world's two worst spies. Why don't you stay home and take care of the babies, and leave the spying to us professionals."

Sarah was livid, "Oh, and like you have this situation under control. Had you not interfered, Chuck and I would be on our jet half way home by now, sipping champagne and figuring out the next step in order to save the world. I gave you one simple task, and like usual, you can't get it done because you overstep your ability. Now sit back and watch how the professional spies work …"

Sarah then turned her attention to Chuck. "You all set Sweetie."

Chuck smiled back at Sarah, a very 'James Bondish' type smile, which was becoming more and more common from him these days, "Not quite yet Sarah, let's hang out with 'Jeffsterina' for a few more minutes, I have a plan."


Did Chuck just call them 'Jeffsterina'? Carina couldn't have liked that?

Title of the next chapter is Charles in Charge (or is that Charlesss?).

I can't wait for the next scene, can never have me enough of the Charlesss in action.

Some bad news, a good guy dies in the next chapter. This death will impact Chuck and Sarah's long term future immensely, as well as the world in 'general.' (That was a clue by the way). Any guesses who?