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"I don't even need the Tetsusaiga to take on that thing, Miroku. You watch while I beat it to a pulp." InuYasha said, eyeing up the hulking grey beast that took up a massive section of the old batlefield. "That bet is on. Just don't come crying to me afterwards when you lose."

so onwards and upwards!

'Honestly,' Kagome berated, even as their feet touched the solid ground at the base of the well, 'I don't know what you were even thinking. You clearly were doomed to lose that bet as soon as it was even mentioned, so why did you even try?'

'Will you quit nagging me, Kagome?' InuYasha muttered, still arrogant despite his serious injuries, he was leaning a little heavier than he would care to admit on her with an arm over her shoulders.

'And now look at the state of you!' Kagome continued over the top of him, pretending not to hear anything. 'I should almost leave you down here, you know.'

'I can get out on my own.' He grumbled as she started on the ladder, and he leapt out, landing a little rougher than he normally would, and staggered a little sideways into the wall, resting his head against it, attempting to tune out Kagome's voice.

'So what did you lose to Miroku?' Kagome asked, appearing over the lip of the well, and hauling herself over it.

'Nothing.' InuYasha said, looking away.

'And what were you going to gain from it?' She asked, striding over to him and gingerly slipping under his left arm, avoiding his wrist.

A grin crossed the hanyou's face. 'He was gonna stop feeling up women for ten days.'

'Ooh, good one.' Kagome murmured without realizing, forgetting InuYasha was close enough to hear. 'I-I mean, you shouldn't have gone through with it!'

They started walking towards the exit, taking the steps rather carefully, and she slid the door open with a flourish, revealing the modern day Tokyo, and the Higurashi Shrine in broad daylight.

'So what? I could take him.'

'Who, the ogre, or Miroku?' Kagome slid the door shut behind them with her foot, and they walked towards the house.

'Both, that was the idea.'

'Not without Tetsusaiga, you couldn't.'

'I didn't need it.'

She gave him a skeptical glance as they approached the house. 'You clearly did. The ogre had a weapon; you needed one too to be on equal footing.'

'A club doesn't count as a weapon.'

'No, it's merely the blunt object that cracked your skull.'

InuYasha rolled his eyes. 'What's your point?'

'In two places. Seriously, you should be at the very least on the ground.'

'Only a weakling human would be.'

They reached the house, and awkwardly made their way inside, Kagome kicking off her shoes in the process.

'What about your arms?' Kagome shot back. 'Or your ribs? I don't know what could have possibly been going through your mind when you faced that thing.'

'Will you get off my back? It's over. Give me four days, and I'll be back to normal. Geez. You act like this is serious.'

Kagome missed her footing on the last step at that last remark, stumbling a few steps before she could regain her balance.

'Watch what you're doing, Kagome.' InuYasha shot, having been forced to stumble with her, managing to knock his free elbow against the opposing wall, sending pain lancing from the tips of his fingers to the base of his skull.

'How about you take your own advice?' Kagome retorted, sending a worried glance at him so fast he almost missed it.

'I'm not the one stumbling around like a klutz.'

'You're just the one who's so concussed he can't even stand up straight.'

They made it to Kagome's door at the end of the hall, and went through it, where InuYasha promptly let go of the girl, tried to take the few steps to sit on her bed normally, only to fail miserably after the first, and collapsed a little miserably into a pile upon it.

'Yeah.' Kagome said sarcastically, raising an eyebrow, looking at him. 'You're a real trooper.' She sighed. 'But I'm allowed to worry, aren't I?' She said under her breath, gazing at him, and sitting down in her office chair. 'You know, when you have a head injury, you're not supposed to sleep, alright?' She said, addressing the guy.

He gave no response, his face was hidden by his folded arms, but his triangular ears twitched slightly.

She watched for a long moment, before turning away. 'Well, I suppose a few minutes couldn't hurt.'

'Kagome?' Three girls shockedly chorused at the sight of the girl appearing through the white school gate, the bell suddenly chiming, drowning them out.

Kagome didn't seem to hear them, instead opting to distractedly shifting her gaze from her a point about three feet in front of her to the school's main doors.

The three girls approached her nervously, only one of them being brave enough to lay a hand on her shoulder ('Kagome?'), only to see the girl start, and spin to face them.

'Wh-oh, hey guys. What's up?' Kagome responded, stopping walking and turned to face them.

'We could ask you the same thing.' Yuki said, looking her up and down.

'Are you okay?' Eddi said, 'You're looking a little distracted.'

'Are you waiting for the test results to come back?'

'Test?' Kagome exclaimed, suddenly looking slightly ashen. 'What test? Was it big?'

'Well apparently it was something to do with your bones or something. You should drink more milk, Kagome.' Ayumi said.

'Oh, that. Uh, yeah, they were fine.' Kagome replied, returning to her normal colour.

'So what are you so worried about?' Eddi said.

'Is it something to do with your family, or your guy or something?'

'Oh, uh, it's nothing.' Kagome said, then looked around suddenly. 'Hey, didn't I hear the bell a minute ago? We'll be late!'

And with that, she scuttled off, leaving her friends to chase after her.

Ten minutes later she was inside her classroom, staring aimlessly out the window, barely listening to the announcements for the week.

Images of the ogre she had seen not three days ago were flashing through her mind again; it's surprisingly thick skin making enough of a defense to get a few very decent swings in before InuYasha drew his sword.

She shook her head. How could he be so thick headed?

Blinking, she looked around, to see Ayumi next to her shooting her a worried glance, as the announcements entered her hearing.

'... will be open next week. Just a reminder that First Aid training will be available to anyone who wants it. Today's the last day for signing up; it's a one-weekend course happening this weekend. The tennis club will be having...'

First Aid training? Kagome thought. That could be useful, in case a certain blockhead wants to do something stupid again.

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was a good idea, and it brightened her morning considerably as she went through her morning classes.

Between that and worrying about InuYasha himself, Kagome forgot completely that her friends would attempt to corner her the first chance they got, and as soon as the first bell rang for lunch, they turned on her.

Upon leaving the classroom they cornered her, and their faces clearly weren't taking no for an answer.

'What's wrong, Kagome?'

'Oh, uh, nothing. I'm just a little stressed at the moment.'

'About what?' Yuki said.

'You look like someone's been in an accident.' Ayumi said, 'are you alright?'

'Well, yeah.-'

'Really? Who?' Eddi said.

'It wasn't your grandfather, was it?' Ayumi said.

'No, no, he's fine.'

'Then who was it?'

'Was it your boyfriend?' Yuki said, crossing her arms.

'Uh, yeah,'

'What happened?' The three said in unison, staring at her intently.

An ogre? No, I can't say that. 'He, fell down a flight of stairs.' Kagome said, her eyes settling on the nearby stairs.

'Is he okay?' Ayumi said worriedly, but Yuki and Eddi clearly looked unhappy at the lack of excitement.

'Yeah, he'll be fine. Give him a few days and he'll be back to normal. He's a fireball of energy.' Kagome said, feeling sure of that if nothing else.

However the predicament she had found herself in a few days ago had been just a little heart-wrenching.

There had just been so much blood...

'Well that's good to hear.' Ayumi said, cutting across her thoughts. 'Maybe you should sign up for the First Aid class?'

'I was just about to do that. Now, if you'll excuse me,' Kagome said, sidling past them and over to the notice board on the other side of the hall, where the signup sheets were gathered.

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Ps, also a shoutout to my other story I'm putting up here called "The Tale of Magnir", which is sort of a crossover between InuYasha and Aah! My Goddess! (spelling varies on that one, lets see if I can slip them all in! :P), however there is absolutely no required knowledge about Ah! My Goddess! necessary to understand what's going on, the entire thing's in the world of InuYasha, and everything about Oh! My Goddess! is explained completely, only some of the main characters even appear at all (and they only make a cameo, rather than an actual role.). I only created an OC from the world of Aah! Megami-sama!, and he plays a larger role, he's one of my favourite oc characters I've ever written about :P