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Searching Through The Shadows

Chapter One

I looked up to see a dark silhouette standing above me, as I sat up the soft light shining in from behind the curtains on the window illuminated her beautiful face. It was my mother.

She was saying something but I was still half asleep so I couldn't make it out, I looked over at the clock to see it read 6:00am and thought she was waking me up as she did every morning to get ready for school, but suddenly she was leaving with a suitcase in her hand. I looked down and stared at the suitcase swaying beside my mother, "Mommy, where are you going?"she stopped for a mere moment but quickly continued out the door and down the hallway. I threw the covers off of me and followed hastily after her, down the stairs and out the door into the driveway. She slipped the suitcase into the backseat before getting into the driver's side of the car, the tears welling up in her eyes were glistening in the early morning light. I called to her again, "Mommy? What's the matter, don't cry." Suddenly the rattle of the car engine started as she quickly backed into the street.

I watched as the car started to drive off into the city taking my mother with it, I started to panic wanting desperately to know what was going on. I ran as fast as I could after the car yelling for her to come back when I saw it, she must have not been paying attention when it happened, "Mommy, look out!" was what I had yelled when a huge semi-truck collided with the tiny car, pushing it across the wide intersection like dust being carried across the floor by a broom.

I knew right then that she wasn't coming out of that car, that I wouldn't see that sweet, gentle smile of hers ever again, feel her warm embrace or hear her comforting words.

I wished in that moment I had heard the words she had spoken to me just minutes ago. I fell to my knees onto the hard asphalt of the city street, bringing my head down into my hands as the warm tears began to stream down my cheeks.

She was gone.

It was the day after my mom's funeral, at least 2 weeks since the accident. I was sitting in the kitchen when my dad came down the stairs and looked in the cabinets for another bottle of liquor, "Daddy, why did this happen? Why was mommy leaving?" I asked curiously wanting to know what had made her upset to the point where she had to leave.

He stood there for a few seconds before he turned to look at me, his eyes were full of hate and pain as he stumbled over to me, whiskey bottle in hand, "It's all your fault." he growled. I looked up at him with a confused expression on my face as he stood above me, "You caused all of this, Chelsea! If you weren't here she would still be with me! She would still be alive!" his words were dripping with venom, he held the whiskey bottle up above him in the air and brought it down hard across the side of my head. I fell to the ground, felt large pieces of glass cutting and getting embedded into my pale skin, hot blood trickling down the side of my head.

I blacked out.

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