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Day 4

Wally awoke the following morning with Dick and Robin both in bed with him. Dick was sleeping on his side, his right hand clutched up against his chest and his left arm sprawled across the pillow, his fingers just touching the tips of Wally's hair. Wally was lying facing him, both arms fairly close to his chest though one hand was lay up against Dick's stomach, and his head was leaning towards Dick slightly. Robin was settled comfortably between them, his head resting on his paws.

"Hey, Dick," Wally whispered huskily. Dick made no response. "Dick," he repeated, and brushed his hand up against the younger boy's stomach. "Wake up."

Dick whined slightly, rolling away from Wally and nudging Robin awake in the process. The puppy was up within a second, jumping at his owner in an attempt to wake him up properly. Dick groaned, stretching his arms and ignoring the puppy bouncing all over him.

"What time is it?" Dick murmured sleepily, focusing his bleary eyes on Wally.

Wally checked the clock. "7 o'clock."

Dick groaned, settling back down and pulling the covers- which were lay just around the boys' hips- up to his chin.

Wally laughed and pulled the covers out of his grip. "Come on, sleepy. We have to walk our puppy."

"We were up until three in the morning," Dick said, his complaint muffled by the pillow he'd shoved his face into.

"You're up until three most mornings."

"Not the point, dude. I'm tired."

"Well your puppy isn't."

Dick sat up and glared at Wally. Much like most mornings with Dick, Wally was far too amused by the state of Dick's hair to be intimidated.

"When did you get so wise about how to look after a puppy?" Dick grumbled.

"I googled it."

Wally and Dick sat beside each other on the park bench as Robin bounced happily around the field, trying to make friends with the pigeons and only managing to scare the off. The poor little thing wouldn't be deterred, however, and began barking happily up at the branches of the tree where the pigeons were perched.

Wally wondered whether he should go pull the puppy away now before he ended up getting pecked in the head, but he decided against it as he was much too comfortable where he was.

He could feel Dick next to him. The younger boy's arm up against his, the warmth that flowed through their jackets, the slight movements that Dick kept making, unable to keep still. Wally glanced at him, watching him as he watched Robin. His blue eyes were big and shining, a small smile spreading across his face every time Robin managed to scare away yet more pigeons.

"You okay?" Dick asked suddenly, turning his gaze to Wally. He didn't seem surprised to see Wally already watching him.

"I'm good," Wally replied, giving him a grin. Dick returned it without hesitation. "Are you?"

"I'm good too," Dick agreed with a soft smile, and leant against Wally's shoulder slightly.

Wally knew he'd been looking at his friend for too long but he couldn't bring himself to care. Dick was watching Robin again, but Wally knew he was aware of the eyes on him.

Before Wally knew what he was doing he'd already leaned over and was pressing a soft kiss against Dick's temple. If Dick found it weird he didn't say anything, only smiling and laying his head into the crook of Wally's neck.

Dick left soon after they'd finished their lunch, leaving Wally in the living room with his Aunt and Uncle.

This had been the thing he'd been dreading the most. After that episode that the pair of them pulled yesterday in the kitchen, Wally really wasn't sure whether he wanted anything to do with either of them for the next year.

It had been bad enough while Rob was there, as they kept glancing at each other and sharing so many sly winks and grins that Wally was tempted to lock himself in a closet and never come out again. He knew Dick noticed the glances too but politely pretended to be oblivious- which actually annoyed Wally more because he would have appreciated not being the only one to look completely mortified.

"So, Wally…"

Wally internally cursed. Dick had barely been out of the door for three minutes and his Aunt was already hinting something.

He paused, "…yes?"

"Why didn't you tell us that you and Robin were dating?"

It came out of his Aunt's mouth so bluntly, so carelessly, like she asking to pass the salt. She hadn't even looked at him while she said it; she was still scanning her eyes over the magazine she was 'reading'. When she did glance at him, her expression was so…uncaring, that Wally's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on, Wally," Uncle Barry said from the other side of the couch, stopping flicking through the channels for just long enough to glace at him. "We're not stupid."

He said it like he'd known it forever, like it was common knowledge, like it had always been so.

"I really don-"

"Wally." He stopped talking, seeing the expression on his Uncle's face. "We really kind of figured it out months ago."


"Why else did you think I kept asking if you liked someone?" Uncle Barry asked, a smirk on his lips. "You're really bad at lying, you know. Every time I asked you about a boy you'd practically choke on your own spit."


"And next time you want to go out and buy condoms, you don't have to act so awkward about it. I won't say anything."


That's what his Uncle thought he'd been hiding behind his back when he walked into the kitchen yesterday?

Wally was about to protest, call his Uncle out and tell him how wrong his was, but then he froze. He was stuck. He told his Uncle he was wrong, his Uncle would want to know what he did have behind his back. He let his Uncle carry on believing he was dating Dick, he would have to cope with his Aunt and Uncle freaking out every time he so much as touched his best friend.

"I- uh…I…Oh god…um…"

"It's okay, Wally, you don't have to explain anything," Barry said, still smirking. "Chill. I'm not going to make you go through 'the talk' again or anything." He chuckled at Wally's expression, and turned his attention back to the TV.

Wally laughed nervously, his face crimson, and almost ran out of the room and up the stairs.

"I'm never leaving this room again," Wally informed Robin as soon as he closed his bedroom door.

The puppy- who had previously been lay down on Wally's computer chair- sat up and stared at him with big eyes and a tilted head.

"This is ridiculous," Wally vented, pacing up his room slightly. "Why would they even think that me and Rob are dating? What even possesses them to think that?"

He groaned, falling back on his bed. "It's not like we've kissed or anything! Well, I kissed him on the head, but that doesn't count- and they didn't even see that! And sure, we were hugging, but that doesn't mean we're dating! Why can't I even hug my best friend anymore without people thinking I'm attracted to him?"

He stopped talking, fuming in silence as Robin made jumped over the gap between the chair and the bed and padded over the covers towards him. Wally didn't acknowledge the little furry head that poked its way into his vision until Robin started licking his face- at which point he really had no other choice.

He sat up, sitting Robin down on his lap and glaring at his reflection in the mirror.

"I don't even want to think about what Dick will think about this. I didn't even deny it." He glanced down at the puppy in his lap. "That was totally your fault, by the way."

He sighed and lay down on his back again. Robin sat next to him, leaning his chin on Wally's stomach. Wally stroked his head absentmindedly, thinking to himself.

When he thought about it, he realised how easy it would be for people to think he and Dick were dating. They were always round at each other's houses. They always hung out. Dick always took Wally to the movies and out for meals. Sometimes they fall asleep in each other's arms or with their head in the other's lap. They hugged a lot. And today, Wally had even kissed him on the head.

But the fact was that they were just friends, and that's all they'd ever been. They played video games, and they slept over at each others houses and watched horror movies until three in the morning. They texted each other during class to get each other in trouble, and pranked each other whenever possible.

The question was, whether they both wanted it to be only a friendship.

The answer was, no; Wally didn't.

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