Number One

Title by Hazel Fernandes

Chapter 1

Ichigo was lying peacefully in his bed listening when Renji came into his room through the window. He thought Renji was his annoying father, Isshin, and kicked him in the face.

"Ichigo, what the hell was that for!" Renji yelled.

"Oh, hey, sorry 'bout that, thought you were my dad," Ichigo apologized then went back to his bed. "Why are you here anyways, Renji?"

"To take you to the Seireitei," Renji replied.


"The sotaichou wants to talk to you about something. He says it's of upmost importance. Let's go."

"Can't," Ichigo said blatantly.


"I have more important things to take care of and don't have time to clean up his mess." Ichigo rolled over and went to sleep, Renji left.

In Soul Society

"Abarai-fukutaichou, where is Kurosaki," the sotaichou asked.

"He refused to clean up another one of your messes and fell asleep," Renji reported.

"We need him to help us form an alliance with the Vizards before the Winter War."

"I know. I will try again tomorrow," Renji said and politely excused himself to the sixth squad barracks.

At Kurosaki Clinic

Ichigo was deep in thought. He was really horny for the last few days and had no clue what was wrong. He asked his father but was glomped and Isshin yelled, "MY LITTLE ICHIGO IS GROWING UP!" I pushed him off me and went back to my room.

'Hey Shiro' Ichigo said to his Inner Hollow.

'What's up King?' Shiro asked.

'What the fuck is wrong with me? For the past couple days, I've been super horny. Do you know why?'

'It's mating season for Hollows. We go through it every year. You need to find your Alpha.' Shiro replied

'What's an Alpha?'

'Since you're a Beta, ya need an Alpha. Basically, 'ur a bitch in heat and ya need someone to top ya. Also for fair warnin', Betas can get pregnant even if 'ur male so be careful.'

'Well fuck me'

'Don't tempt me,' Shiro smirked. Ichigo left his Inner World to be greeted by the powerful reiatsu of the sexta Espada, his favorite opponent. Ichigo grabbed his badge and rushed to Grimmjow's position. Ichigo noticed that Grimmjow looked distressed.

"What's up, Grimmjow?" Ichigo asked, concerned about his rival. He turned around and looked at the strawberry. Ichigo blushed at the sight of Grimmjow, making his heart race at his new reaction towards the arrancar. 'What's goin' on this time?' Grimmjow sniffed the air around Ichigo and smirked.

"Ichigo, you smell like a bitch in heat." Grimmjow got closer to Ichigo and grabbed the strawberry's chin and held it up to his face. Ichigo didn't resist his touch. Grimmjow kept sniffing Ichigo all over and licked his cheek. Grimmjow asked, "'ur a Beta aren't ya?"

"That's what Shiro said. He also said…." Ichigo was stopped when Grimmjow's lips latched onto his. Again, he felt his strength leave his body the moment Grimmjow touched him and moaned. Ichigo wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck to deepen the kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Rukia and Renji were watching in shock at how submissive Ichigo was to the enemy. Grimmjow separated from Ichigo and left through the Garganta back to Hueco Mundo, leaving the shinigami in a daze.

Sotaichou- Head Captain

Fukutaichou- Lieutenant

Espada- Sword

Arrancar- To Tear Off

Garganta- Throat

Hueco Mundo- Hollow World