Last Chapter

After feeding the triplets, burping them and putting them to sleep, Ichigo walked up the stairs to his room and took off his clothes. He slipped on his pajamas with a giant white skull on the back and slid into bed next to Grimmjow.

"Where's Nel?" Ichigo asked.

"Her room," Grimmjow replied. Grimmjow yawned and kissed Ichigo on the lips, pulling him closer as he fell asleep. Ichigo smiled at his husband's face as he slept and eventually fell asleep himself.

Chapter 21

Waking up to the sound of newborns crying wasn't new to Ichigo. He slid out from the bed, his motherly instincts telling him they needed a diaper change. Ichigo changed each of their diapers and put on a fresh one, rewarded with heavenly smiles and adorable giggles. Akari was waving her arms and kicking her legs, cooing at her mother. Mamoru was silent but had the brightest smile on his little face. Kazuki was squirming too much, but you could tell he was happy.

'My cubs,' Ichigo thought. He set them back in their cribs when they calmed down, placing a light kiss on their foreheads when he hesitantly walked out of the room when the doorbell rang.

He walked into the hall and saw his father laying in a heap on the floor, Grimmjow standing over him, his sister standing behind his dad. Karin and Yuzu were excited to see their big brother, especially their niece and nephews.

"ICHIGO MY DARLING SON, WHERE ARE MY ADOR..." Isshin was cut off by feet to the face and back. He crumbled to the floor after hearing Ichigo mutter 'shut up old man, you'll wake up the triplets.' Ichigo kissed Grimmjow, telling him good morning.

"Hey Yuzu, Karin. How's it going?" He hugged his younger sisters and led them to the babies room.

"They're so cute!" Yuzu squealed. She was looking into each of the cribs, seeing the angelic faces of her older brother's children.

They were sleeping peacefully when they caught a whiff of their mother's scent and started smiling again. Ichigo took Akari into his arms and smiled when he caught the first sight of his baby girl's light blue eyes.

Mamoru opened his eyes next, his brown almost exactly the same as his mother's as he stared at him with his. Kazuki opened his last, his light blue eyes rivaling Akari's as he stared up at his mother. The triplets did nothing but make noises in acknowledgement and closed their eyes again. Yuzu picked up Kazuki, Karin put Mamoru in her arms and Ichigo passed Akari into his father's arms, who was sitting on the couch.

"She's so beautiful," Isshin said in awe. "What's her name?"

"Akari Jeagerjaques," Ichigo replied. Karin and Yuzu sat next to their dad holding the other two. "This is Mamoru with the blue hair and this is Kazuki, the youngest."

"Congratulations Ichi-nii," Karin said.

"Thanks. Did you guys have breakfast?" Ichigo asked. They shook their heads no. Ichigo walked across the street and asked the arrancar if they would join his family for breakfast, to which they quickly agreed to.

Ichigo was in the kitchen with Halibel and Yuzu cooking a large breakfast for 10 people until shinigami made a surprise entrance. A breakfast for 10 became one for 21.

It took a few hours to finish but it was worth it. Everyone was conversing normally and were content with everything going on right now. They were getting along nicely despite past differences.

After breakfast, the triplets were the center of attention much to their own dismay. They weren't used to being around so many people at once, especially since they born two days ago. Akari and Kazuki were crying because of the loud noises while Mamoru stayed quiet in his father's arms.

As the day went by, Ichigo's friends left one by one, leaving him, Grimmjow, Akari, Kazuki and Mamoru at home, Nel deciding to stay with Halibel.

The triplets were happily playing playing with Ichigo's long hair before they were put to rest, fed and changed.